A Cure for Wellness

A Cure for Wellness

A horror thriller with a dash psychology, a cure for wellness is about an executive who is sent to get the CEO of his company back from a wellness center, but soon he finds things are not what they seem to be like.

A Wall Street stockbroker, a highly ambitious and young executive, is sent to a one the shady areas of Swiss Alps to retrieve the CEO of his company back, but soon he suspects every action at that place. Later was tested too, when he tried to disentangle the wellness center’s terrifying secrets, but he is shocked to know that he is diagnosed with the same illness. Every scene of the movie a cure for wellness seems to unleash a new secret and makes the movie worth watching. Watch a cure for wellness free online today!

A cure for wellness introduction:
A cure for wellness is a film written by Justin Haythe and directed by Gore Verbinski. The film was first premiered on 10th of December 2016 in Texas. But hit the theaters a year later on 17th February 2017, by 20th Century Fox. The 20th Century Fox hit the news, later, for allegedly creating fake news and rumors for marketing and promoting the movie.

A cure for wellness synopsis:
The movie is about Lockhart and his transformed life after he takes the place of late boss Morris who died of massive heart attack while working. Lockhart is a young but highly ambitious man who works as a stockbroker at Wall Street, New York. Soon Lockhart is sent to a one the shady areas of Swiss Alps to retrieve the CEO of his company back from a place that seems like a wellness center. This getting back is prompted when one of the ex-board members of the company receives a letter that soon turns into a troublesome one. The company was covering some unknown deals in business which several partners of the business want to pin on Pembroke, the CEO.

With the deadline nearing, Lockhart decides to go the wellness center and get Pembroke back. Lockhart arrives at the center with hope to get the CEO of his company back but soon suspects the actions and treatments that are going on in the spa. Ignoring all these, Lockhart succeeds in convincing Pembroke to get back to New York along with him, but their journey had to be halted due to a car crash in which Lockhart broke his leg and had to be treated at the wellness center. The spa owner and the head director, Dr. Vollmer, suggest Lockhart try few of the spa therapies and treatments while he recovers. Soon, due to their therapies and treatments, he starts having deadly visions that were worst that any dream nightmare. Lockhart was diagnosed with the same illness as the rest at the wellness center, in his sanity tests. His world shatters!

In between all these, Lockhart meets a mysterious girl named Hannah. The girl too drinks a mysteriously strange fluid from a secret cobalt bottle, like Dr. Vollmer. Lockhart comes to know about several interesting yet scary facts about the spa. He comes to know that the spa was built on the ruins of a castle that was burnt 200 years ago. The baron, the sole owner of the ruined castle, wished to have a son of his own pure blood and married is his sister. That’s cruel. Later when he came to know that she can’t conceive, the baron started performing deadly experiments on the peasants, who lived near his castle. One night all the peasants revolt and burn the castle and they cut the womb of baron’s sister and try to vanish the baby. Few claimed that the baby was tossed into the aqueduct, yet survived.

On further investigating, Lockhart discovered that the transfusion building of the spa is a front for all hellish experiments where the eels are left to sink through the human body to produce the mystery fluid and the cure for Volmer and Hanna. When Lockhart comes to know that Dr. Vollmer is descendent of the cruel baron, he is poisoned by Volmer. From the prison, Lockhart writes to employers in New York that he doesn’t want to return to the company, but want to stay there forever. During his stay in the prison, he discovered that his leg actually never broken. After realizing this fact, he breaks open the prisons and goes in search of Hannah. In the due course of time, Hanna gets her first menstrual cycle and Volmer and the entire spa was celebrating it. Lockhart pins Hannah in a room and prepares to rape her, but is shocked to know that she is Vollmer’s daughter. Later Lockhart burns Volmer that indeed burns the entire castle.

Lockhart and Hannah manage to escape the place on a bicycle when they collide into a car that is traveled by his employers, who came there to take him and Pembroke back to New York. Lockhart denies doing so and prefers to run away with Hannah, his love. Watch a cure for wellness Free Online.

A cure for wellness Star cast:
The movie certainly had an amazing star cast. It starred Dana De Haan as the young and ambitious Lockhart Jason Isaacs as the evil Volmer, Mia Goth as the mysterious girl, Hannah and Harry Groener as the CEO Pembroke.

A cure for wellness Review:
A cure for wellness got mixed reviews from both, audience and critics. It was praised for the screenplay, visual effect, and acting but was criticized for the lengthy plot and too many elements. The movie got an average rating of 5.4/10; thought the picturization was too good. The movie can certainly be watched once. Watch a cure for wellness free online.

A cure for wellness: Focus on News

A cure for wellness, review: “its failure is total”

The plot seemed to be too lengthy with too many elements at one place. The plot seemed to be monotonous too as every second scène had eels in it! The big director definitely succeeded in disappointing the audience.

“20th Century Fox used fake news to promote a cure for wellness”
20th-century fox created several fake news sites as a part of marking campaign to promote its latest movie a cure for wellness. These sites displayed the fake content and story line of the movie highly few sensitive issues like abortion, cutting the womb, impure vaccines etc.

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