A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog’s Purpose

A dog’s purpose is a beautiful movie which portrays the relation between a dog and his owner. This movie is an insight into the world of dogs and what humans mean to them.

A dog’s purpose in which a dog tries to understand the purpose of his life after living the life of various dogs and is finally reunited with his original owner. This movie is based on the novel A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. The protagonist of this movie is a dog and he lives the lives of five dogs and is on a quest to find and understand the purpose of a dog.

A Dog’s Purpose Movie Introduction:
A Dog’s Purpose is a movie which is based on the novel A Dog’s Purpose. This movie is directed by Lasse Hallstrom who was nominated for an Academy Award for his works My Life as a Dog as well as The Cider House Rules. This movie is distributed by Universal Pictures and has been released worldwide on 27th January 29, 2017. The music of this film is composed by Rachel Portman. The runtime of the movie is 120 minutes. This movie is also on the internet and you can watch A Dog’s Purpose Free Online.

A Dog’s Purpose Movie Synopsis:
The movie features a dog which goes through four incarnations to understand the purpose of his life. The movie starts with four puppies which are born to a stray dog and she teaches them to be afraid of humans. All the dogs are caught and put in a large fenced yard along with other stray dogs. An old woman names the puppy Tino. The first life of this dog is thus as a stray dog named Tino. Tino struggles to survive amongst other stray dogs and has to lose his life in a fight due to a fatal wound.

The protagonist is then reincarnated as a golden retriever named Bailey. Bailey is adopted by a small boy named Ethan. The hero begins to enjoy his life with Ethan and spends most of his time with him. The movie also shows us Ethan’s life and his love story with a girl whom he met on a vacation. The name of the girl is Hannah. Hannah and Ethan have a really good time together but soon Ethan has to leave. Hannah promises Ethan that she will write to him every day and they can still be with each other. This does not happen and Ethan is left heart broken. Bailey is with Ethan through all the ups and downs and heartbreaks. Bailey helps him in times of need. However, Bailey eventually falls sick and soon dies.

After the chapter of Bailey is closed the protagonist is reincarnated again as a German shepherd. This time it is a female dog named Ellie. Ellie grows up to be a search and rescue dog and undergoes training with her master. When Ellie is on her death bed she believes that she believes that her purpose in life is finally completed and her search has finally ended. She believes as a dog she has done everything a dog could do and now if she dies she will never come back.

The hero is proved wrong as once again he is born as a black Labrador pup. He starts to wonder why was he reborn again as his purpose in life as he believed is completed. He again is reunited with Ethan who calls him Buddy. Buddy does not believe that he is reunited with the same Ethan who he had met earlier because Ethan has become old now and looks nothing like what he used to as a kid. As he is reborn again the hero or Buddy in this life believes that he still has a purpose to fulfill and his ultimate quest for finding the purpose of a dog has not been fulfilled yet. Buddy soon finds out that his old friend Ethan has not married Hannah who was the love of his life. Buddy decides to reunite Ethan and Hannah. He wants Ethan to be with Hannah and this he finds, is his new purpose. He becomes successful in doing that and Ethan finally marries Hannah though they both are very old, but they are definitely happy together.

The hero feels that his life as a dog has been completed. He has fulfilled the purpose of being a dog successfully. He then starts to remember all the beautiful memories which he had shared with all the people and at all the places where he had gone. He looks back at all his lives as a dog and on this note, the movie ends.

A Dog’s Purpose Movie Star Cast:
A Dog’s Purpose has some amazing star cast with Josh Gad voicing the lead role of the dog. The role of young Ethan is played by K.J. Apa and the role of old Ethan is played by the talented actor Dennis Quaid. Young Hannah is portrayed by the actress Britt Robertson and the part of old Hannah is played by Peggy Lipton.

A Dog’s Purpose Movie Review:
A Dog’s Purpose is rated only 33% based on 66 views of the viewers. Critics say that the book is anytime better than the movie and it leaves more impact on the audience as compared to the movie. Except that the movie is full of fun, drama, and emotions and beautifully portrays the relation between a dog and humans.

A Dog’s Purpose: Focus on News
“A Dog’s Purpose is more than the sum of its scandals”
A Dog’s Purpose was caught in a scandal due to a leaked video which showed harm being done to the German shepherd. This movie faced many riots and protests from the animal lovers due to the leaked video but it has still managed to release on 27th January. The budget of this film is $22 million and till now in three days it has managed to recover $6 million.

A Dog's Purpose, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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