Allied is a romantic thrilling love story of world-war II about two assassins from different countries who meet each other during a mission. The story have lots of ups and downs and it keeps the curiosity of the viewer intact till the end. Actress in the movie gets convicted of being a German spy and the story is all about the mission taken up by his husband, the lead actor to prove her innocence.

The movies is a love story from the time of second world-war so the scenes are created in the same old times of that time period. The story of the movie follows an interesting line as it holds drama, romance and a lot of action. The two protagonist fall in love despite of being serving as assassins for two different countries. Life of the two goes on smoothly as they get married to each other and then even have a baby together. Suddenly life of the two agent’s changes as the actress gets into trouble by being accused of working as a secret agent and a spy to the Germans. The actor though does not believe the authority and stand for her, to prove her innocent and leads a secret and a risky mission. Thus, the story holds a lot of action for the viewer and surely promise time worth spent.

Allied Movie Introduction:
Allied is a romantic thriller starring Brad Pitt as Max Vatan, the lead actor playing the lead role as an assassin opposite of Marion Cotillard who is another assassin from different country as Marianne Beausejour. The movie is directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Graham King, Robert Zemeckis and Steve Starkey. The thriller story is written by Steven Knight. Movie was released in the theatres on 23rd of November this year by Paramount Pictures.

Allied Movie Synopsis:
The story starts with a secret mission of 1942 headed by Max Vatan a Canadian intelligence officer who meets another French resistance fighter Marianne Beausejour in the same mission to kill a German official. They end up falling in love with each other in the same mission where they work together against the enemy. As soon as the mission gets over they get married in London and in some time, become parents to a baby. Though the life does not go smoothly forever and so the twist starts. Marianne Beausejour gets accused of being a secret agent who is been working and spying for Germany against the Canadian and all the marriage and the relation was just the part of the plan. Max gets into a serious dilemma that, if his wife is found guilty he will have to kill her or otherwise will be executed for going against the national orders. Max is convinced and sure that his wife is innocent and is being plotted wrongly. So in order to prove her guiltless he goes for a very treacherous and life risking mission where the action part of the movie starts. The movie surely promises romance, love and a lot of adventure and action. This was all a two person show. Harris has a serious role whereas Lizzy is not doing much in the film being Max’s sister.

Allied Movie Star Cast:
No one is unknown to the fact that Brad Pitt brings his best in these sort of roles and his versatility in acting is visible in this one too. Opposite to Brad it is Marion Cotillard, who is amazing but still lack to show the special bit of attention on the monologues. Other than that, there are Jared harris, camile Cottin, Simon McBurney, Matthew Goode, Lizzy Caplan and August Diehl.

Allied Movie Review:
The movie lacks in many places. It is though enjoyable but still the sluggish pace is what makes it bit boring. Moreover, there is not a solid foundation for romance. For a movie like Allied, it was important that they focus more on central romance but the love between two characters Max and Marianne fails to produce that real sparks.
This was all about the romance. Now if we move to action, then first of all you have to wait a lot for it. And even the action lacks emotional investment. But here we have to praise Cotillard for covering up beautifully on all the occasions leaving us astounded and sometimes leaving us in a doubt about her loyalty. The move was shot perfectly. There are colors representing the stylish period of time. Production designer Gary Freeman brings perfect details in the film. There is only one place when you feel it is all artificial when it is nighttime air raids going on in London.

Focus in News: Allied

“The Best Example of VFX: Allied”
Allied is a World War II thriller and to describe its VFX, you just have to know that 776 out of the total 954 shots contain effects. This might not be the first time that a movie has used this much VFX but the thing is, today movies are relying heavily on VFX, more than the audience can even imagine.

Robert Zemeckis was good enough to stay with the budget of $85 million and that is why rather than taking his crew to remote areas like Sahara for shooting, he preferred VFX.

Allied, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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