Almost Christmas

Almost Christmas

A broken family get together for celebrating Christmas.

A person who lost his wife a year ago tries to reunite his four grown up kids and his grandchildren. Screen flashes about the comedy and all the drama that happens when a messed up family comes under a roof. It is almost a kind of miracle if all those people in the house could act as one family, for Christmas holidays.

Almost Christmas Movie Introduction:
The director and the writer of the movie David E. Talbert actually sold the script to Universal Pictures in April 2015. It was also decided that David E. Talbert would direct the movie with Will Packer. The film title “Almost Christmas” also has a short journey to be known.

Initially the script has the title “A Meyers Thanksgiving” then it was changed to “A Meyers Christmas” to be plotted around the Christmas holidays and then to the current tittle “Almost Christmas”.

Almost Christmas Movie Story:
Main character Walt Mayer lost his beloved wife last year and after he is not able to get out of that trauma because the house he lives in always reminds of her. He decide to sell the house but before that wish to celebrate Christmas last time with his family. To reconnect the family he informs his two daughters Cheryl(Kimberly Elise), Rachel(Gabrielle Union) and two son Christian(Romany Malco), Evan (Jessie T. Usher) and Aunt May(Mo’Nique) his sister in law.

Christian visits the house with his kids and wife Sonya(Nicole Ari Parker). Cheryl comes with her husband Lonnie(JB Smoove). Evan is recovering from a recent football injury. Rachel is a single mother and struggling financially, she feels stuck in a job of waitress and wish to be lawyer. While Walter to recall the memories of his wife and somehow feel her presence tries to make a sweet potato pie that his wife knowing the recipe and talking about her. Aunt May who as a profession is a backup singer is busy stirring her cocktails. Cheryl and Rachel are always occupied with their arguments.

Along with it, some friends of the family member and neighbor also join the house, as Christian was running for congress and was very serious about his campaign so he came along with his campaign manager (John Michel Higgins). In additions to others there was Evan’s best friend Eric (DC Young Fly) and Evan felt something for Aunt May, Walter’s neighbor Malachi (Omar Epps), and it doesn’t stops here even a local grocery store cashier Jasmine(Keri Hilson), somehow she has connection with two of extra members of the family. All these characters almost trying to kill each other describes title of the movie very well as if they don’t end up killing someone it would be Almost Christmas for them.

Almost Christmas Movie Star Cast:
You can undoubtedly give the cast a full on full marks. They deserved a way better material than this. Glover is brilliant in holding his dignity. In a scene, he refers to his line from Lethal Weapon, saying that “I am too old for this shit”. It seems that he really meant to say that and that was not part of the monologues anywhere. Physical comedy is not where actress feels safe and the scene where half naked character stucking in the window is a proof of that. People were though expecting Mo’Nique and Smoove to get into their incredible comic delivering which didn’t happened in the movie but in the end credits. Kimberly Elise, Romany Malco, Omar Epps, Nicole Ari Parker and all other member of “Almost Christmas” were great at their roles.

Almost Christmas Movie Review:
Almost Christmas is a comic movie that radiates a social message to us that if not always, then at least on get together occasions we must just reconnect with our friends and family, leaving our daily life wrangles aside. Along with the director, all the actors did their best and this makes it worth one watch.

There have been positive as well as negative reviews from critics. However, people are accepting it and going with their families. Honestly speaking, film has failed in mixing broad comedy with emotional sadness. There are both these elements present there but separately. Some will even try to stick logic in where they will fail. Almost every character of the movie tries to fix the santa claus statue in the roof but falls without even having a single scratch. Family members can burst anytime into a dance without any reason and specially there are cute kids always throwing wisdom on adults. On a scale of 10, we will rate 5 because of its cast and a good family time.

Focus on News: Almost Christmas:
“Doctor Strange and Trolls to Beat Every New Release This Week”
Almost Christmas and Arrival will nearly going to crash in front of Marvel and Dreamwork Animation. Despite of having a good story, it is the time of their release that has a big competition from one of the two top grossing ones of the year.

Almost Christmas, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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