Atomic Blonde

A story about how Lorraine Broughton, an agent, single handily beats all odds to complete the task given to her, successfully.

This story is about how Lorraine Broughton successfully grabs the thing she has been sent by the MI6 from the KGB but with lots of twists and turns of the way. The story has an incredible plot with a plot twist at the end which leaves the viewers spell bound.

Atomic Blonde movie Introduction

The movie is based on a novel titled The Coldest City by Sam Hart. It is an action spy classic thriller directed by David Leitch. The movie is officially released by Focus Features which have also released some of the best movies in the past like The Danish Girl. You can now watch Atomic Blonde free online on multiple platforms now as well.

Atomic Blonde movie synopsis

The starts in 1989 on the even when the Berlin Wall collapsed and the all the super power alliances shifted. An MI6 agent, James Gasciogne is killed by a gun shot with now, a rival agent from the KGB named Yuri Bakhtin because he needed some classified information which was in James’ possession. It was the list of names of all active field agents in the Soviet Union which was stored in a microchip inside his watch.

After that MI6 calls in Lorraine Broughton, a top level spy who is then interrogated by the MI6 executive Eric Gray and CIA agent Emmett Kurzfeld who brief her about her mission in Berlin.

Lorraine is sent to Berlin to find and recover the list which was previously stolen by the KGB agent at all costs and she is also told to assassinate the Satchel who is a double agent and stabbed Gasiogne in the back.

As soon as she steps foot in Berlin, she is taken in by the KGS agents who work for Aleksander Bremovych, an arms dealer, and the KGS associate. Lorraine then meets David Percival. She finds no leads and begins to think that she is going to fail at her task.

She chooses to raid Yuri Bakhtin’s apartment in hopes of finding the list or any more useful information. She does not find the list but ends up seeing a picture of Yuri and David together in his apartment which causes her to think of David as the satchel and beings suspecting him. Lorraine also meets Delphine Lasalle, a French agent and ends up falling for her and begins to date her.

Yuri clarifies that he will send the precious list to the highest bidder and is greedy for money, this results in David killing Yuri and taking the list for himself which he plans to pass onto the KGS associate in the future. When he meets the KGS associate, Delphine somehow manages to click a picture of it to pass it onto to Lorraine. David finds out about it and threatens the defector to come clean but ends up killing Delphine. Lorraine tries her level best to keep Delphine alive but ends up failing to do so and Delphine ends up losing her life over a picture for her lover.

Lorraine then discovers the photo which her now deceased lover took which confirms her doubt about David being the Satchel and now plans to kill him for good which she does eventually and takes the list away from him.

Lorraine then comes back with the photo of the list and portrays David to be the actual problem and pretends that she does not know where the original list went which forces the case to be closed because of the lack of leads.

Later, she meets Aleksander Bremovych in Paris and tells him that she is the Satchel. She gives him the fake list and he admits to knowing that he knew that she set him up from the beginning. She admits and kills him. She meets Kurzfled and then reveals that she is an American triple agent sent in by the CIA and returns to Langley.

Atomic Blonde movie star cast

The star cast for the movie is surely a total plus point with Charlize Theron as Lorraine, James McAvoy as David Percival, John Goodman as Emmett Kurzfeld and much more. You can now watch Atomic Blonde free online in HD!

Atomic Blonde movie review

The movie has a 76% approval ratings based off of 149 reviews which are quite a good one as compared to other movies that have just come out.

The movie has a score of 63/100 as an average review of over 44 critics. You can now watch Atomic Blonde online free online!

Atomic Blonde focus on the news

 “It’s the fight scenes that count – and they’re astonishingly good, from a mano-a-mano beatdown involving Theron’s stiletto heel and a thug’s jugular vein to a climactic free-for-all in a swanky hotel suite where 99 Luftballons scores every gunshot and gut-punch.”

The movie has given their full attention to the VFX and has taken it very seriously to make the scenes look as realistic as possible.

Borrow from Bourne and Bond. Rinse and repeat. This is the recipe for the quite ridiculous, ultra-violent and deliriously entertaining Atomic Blonde”

The movie sure has the essence of the classics the Bond and is surely inspired by it but it makes it a lot different with a female protagonist to work with.

Atomic Blonde, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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