Baaghi 2

Baaghi 2

Ahmad Khan directed films like Lekheer in 2004 and Full and Final in 2007. Now after 11 years, in his directorial film Baaghi 2 has been released. The first rebel found the audience’s love very much. The film also did a good business at the box office. Baaghi 2is a Hindi remake of Telugu film Momhim. The momentum did a strong business in South, which was decided to make a Hindi remake. After all, this film is made, let’s review.

Baaghi 2 will be released on 4000 screens, 7 reasons to watch the movie

Baaghi 2 Movie Story

The story of the film is of Ronnie (Tiger Shroff) and Neha (Direction Patni). Ronnie has teamed up with the Army and for some reason, she has to return to Goa on Neha’s say. A girl named Riya, who knows Neha, is kidnapped. Under this case, Ronnie meets Osman Bhai (Deepak Dobriyal), DIG Shergill (Manoj Bajpayee), LSD Randeep Hooda, and is in the midst of serial incidents. There are many fluctuations in the story, which also includes the entry of Shekhar (Darshan Kumar), Sunny (Pratik Babbar). Can Ria finally find or not? What happens in the climax? You can only know about it after going to the theater.

Why can not you see the movie?

The most amazing thing about the film is its excellent action and dialogue. Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda’s presence further enhances the film. Randeep Hooda’s style and Manoj Bajpayee keep interest in the story. Choreography, direction, and cinematography of the film’s action is very good. It can be called Tiger Shroff’s best performance so far. The manner in which Deepak Dobriyal has played a Hyderabadi character is appreciated. Darshan Kumar and Direction Patni have also done fine work. The songs of Asif Aslam coming from time to time make the story interesting. There are many such mementos when there is a smile on your face along with the whistles and applause. You have become a great song, Mundya.

Weak Links

The film’s weak link is predictable story and length. If Sharpe Editing was done then it would have been even crisper. Additionally, the climax of the film could have been even better. The songs could have been slightly better.

Box office

The film’s budget is being reported to be about 75 crores. There are 60 million production costs, about 15 million films have been promoted on marketing and marketing. In India, the film is being released at approximately 350 screens and 625 screens abroad. The film is being released on 4125 screens. It is being released simultaneously in 45 countries. Looking forward to advancing booking, it can be Tiger’s biggest opening film.

Baaghi 2, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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