Baby Driver

Baby Driver

A getaway talented driver who finds himself working for a crime boss is sucked into the vortex of the dark side and eventually faces a challenge that is impossibly difficult to complete.

This is an action comedy movie and has a lot of edge-of-the-seat moments. The film revolves around a talented, young driver who is forcefully made to work for a crime lord. The driver meets a girl while working for the kingpin and immediately has a liking for her. This is his chance to leave the dark side of crime and deceit and start his life anew. But things escalate quickly when an impossible heist is assigned to Baby and he is on the verge of losing everything he has.

Baby Driver Movie Introduction
The movie has been written and directed by Edgar Wright released in the year 2017. It was co-produced by Working Title Films and Big Talk Productions. The Sony Pictures distributed the movie worldwide while the TriStar Pictures distributed in the US. The movie had its premiere on the 11th March 2017 in South by SouthWest and was released globally on June 28th, 2017. The director Edgar Wright is known for his comedy trilogy Three Flavours Cornetto which consists of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End.

Baby Driver Movie Synopsis
The film is lead by the character named Baby who lost his parents and has severe tinnitus due to a car accident. Ironically, the young boy takes a strange liking for cars and hones his skills as an extremely talented driver. He blocks out the constant ringing in his ears by an assortment of songs that are saved on the playlist. Baby has a weird habit of recording the everyday conversations and converting them into songs with the help of vintage audio equipment. He stays with his deaf foster father, Joseph and cares for him very much.

Trouble comes when Baby steals one of the cars of a heist planner named Doc. But Doc catches him and makes a deal with Baby in order to pay the debt of stealing his car. Doc says the next heist that will be planned will pay off his debts. Around this time, Baby meets up with a girl who is a waitress and instantly becomes great friends with her. The much-awaited heist of Doc is finally put into place and a team is put together. But the heist turns out to be a failed attempt and the team flees the spot after a car chase on the Interstate Highway. Doc instructs Baby to abandon everything and states that his debt is paid. Then Doc tells him to get rid of the car which has the body of one of the team members. He was killed due to his carelessness on the field.
Baby now thinks he has a chance to leave the criminal background and starts working as a pizza delivery man. But his past catches up with him when he runs into Doc in a fancy restaurant where Baby was supposed to have a quiet and uneventful meal with his waitress girlfriend Debora. Things go for a toss when Doc threatens to physically hurt Debora and Joseph and Baby reluctantly accepts his next task.

Apparently, this task happens to have a very small margin of success with a chance of the whole team getting killed. Irrespective of all the odds stacked up against him, Baby has to deal with the assignment in order to secure the safety of Debora and Joseph. The next heist is a plan to steal boxes of money orders. The team that has been put together has the same members which were there for the previous tasks. With Baby as the driver, the team consists of a couple Buddy and Darling and a fourth accomplice named Bats. The team goes to a weapons dealer named Butcher to acquire the necessary arsenal for the heist but they realise some of the comrades of Butcher are actually police.
Bats opens fire on the Butcher’s team killing off most of them and also ends up injuring Darling. The group then halts at the restaurant where Debora works and an argument between Bats and Buddy escalates into a fight. Baby intervenes and stops Bats from drawing his weapons. Back at the lair of Doc, the team is berated for their immaturity. Doc says that the comrades of Butcher were actually paid off policemen who would see to it that the heist would be successful without any mishaps. Doc immediately calls of the heist but changes his mind when Buddy reveals he has a better plan.
During all this, Baby tries to flee with his girlfriend but is confronted by Bats and Buddy who eventually find out about Baby’s recorded material. The team members realise that Debora works in the same restaurant where they had stopped after the failed attempt at the heist.

The team successfully completes the heist during the second attempt and Bats shoots one of the security guards while getting into Baby’s car. A furious Baby kills off Bats by driving into him and impaling him on some overhanging rebar. During the attempt to flee, the police catch the trio and kill Darling. Baby steals another car and drops Joseph in an assisted living home and goes for Debora. He finds Buddy waiting there to avenge the death of his wife, Darling but Baby shoots him and flees the spot with Debora.
Back at Doc’s place, the crime boss reluctantly hands them over the tape and a bag of money. At that instant, Butcher’s men ambush them and Doc kills them off. At that time, Buddy who steals a police car runs over Doc instantly killing him. Then Baby attempts to kill Buddy by pushing his car off the ledge but he survives and fires at Baby ears temporarily deafening him. Debora knocks off the gun from Buddy which is retrieved by Baby. He then shoots at Buddy’s knees which makes him fall off the parking garage towards his imminent death.
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Baby Driver Movie Star Cast
The Baby character is extremely well played by the actor Ansel Elgort. The character of Doc is portrayed by the evergreen actor, Kevin Spacey and Debora is played by the actress Lily James. The roles of Bats, Buddy and Darling are played by Jamie Foxx Jon Hamm and Eiza Gonzalez respectively. Although having a small screen time, all the other characters have made specific impacts throughout the movie.

Baby Driver Movie Review
The movie has been accepted widely globally. With an IMDb rating of 8.3 and 96% Rotten Tomatoes rating, it has already grossed 75 million $ in the box office worldwide. With the likes of proficient actors like Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx, the movie was ought to become successful at the box office. The core plot of the movie has been executed brilliantly and we would give Baby Driver a rating of 8 on 10. With all the technology, one can already download the movie or watch and rent Baby Driver online.

Baby Driver: Focus on News

● A Sequel for Baby Driver: The Man Driver
The VanityFair has released the news of a sequel in the making. The original movie had a budget of 34 million USD and it has already surpassed the figure and done exceedingly well at the box-office. The Herald Sun compares the movie with the famous franchise Fast and Furious. It says that earlier, the first thing that comes to your mind when one hears about car chases, races, crashes was unanimously the Fast and Furious series. Now, the Baby Driver has been giving some serious competition to it with acclaimed actors playing their roles to the perfection. The director also states that before the sequel is out and on the floors, the public can *watch Baby Driver online.

● ‘Baby Driver’ stirs nostalgia for iPods
The instrumental flashback showcases a scene in which Baby is listening to songs from the first version of iPod during the car crash that takes the lives of his parents. As a habit, he has quite a collection of antique iPods which he uses for recording purposes also. This brought a huge nostalgia amongst the movie-goers seeing the old Apple products. Some fans even came up with a query that how come Baby had so many different and rare versions of the iPod. The director answered this question stating that the lead character had collected these music players from different cars he had stolen over the years.

Baby Driver, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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