Bad Santa 2

Bad Santa 2

This is a black comedy movie based on a theft on Christmas evening. This is the sequel of the Bad Santa which casts the team of the two criminals Willie and Marcus, who plan to rob a charity raised in Chicago on Christmas.

Bad Santa 2 Movie Introduction:
The movie is created in the direction of Mark Waters while, produced by Andrew Gunn and Geyer Kosinski. The story is brought forward by Johnny Rosenthal and Shauna Cross and was released in theatres on 23rd November this year. When Bad Santa 2 came into theaters after so long, in the holidays, it was surely meant to take everyone by surprise with its comic as well as offensive content.

Produced by Broad Green Pictures, Miramax and Ingenious Media, it is a mixed effort to give the little kids a treat on Christmas. They expected something as unique and effective as it was back in 2003. The first installment of the movie took $60 million from the domestic box offices.

Bad Santa 2 Movie Synopsis:
The movie as sequel of the previous one begin at a funny note as showing Willie Soke, employed as a valet at a club. He loses his job as he bump into a stand as, he was distracted by a woman breastfeeding her child. He being disappointed by his ever screwed up life, attempts to suicide in many failed ways. He is shown hanging himself, putting his head inside an oven and numerous ways to end up his life. He got alone as he loses Sue, whom he thought his everlasting and forever love, he got jobless and finds no reason to continue. However, then comes the character of Therman, his forever companion. Kelly plays dumb enough to follow him all the time and everywhere. After a while, Willie meets his old companion in crimes Marcus, who got out of the prison but, had a plan. Willie being tried to be killed by Marcus before, denies the offer but, later joins in to rob a charity foundation in Chicago. Marcus’s mischievous plan also includes Willie’s mother, who never got along with her son and both had issues with each other. According to the plan, Willie was to divert the audience and Marcus was in charge of getting the knowledge about the keys to the safe, where he realizes that the manager, Agent Hasting was already planning to rob the whole money himself. Meanwhile, Willie beats up a man whom he feels was making a move on him and gets arrested later. As the story moves forward with lots of wicked comedy, Willie gets to know that Marcus was about to deceive him and take all the money with him so Willie tries to run away with all the money.

The twist comes when Sunny shoots Marcus and even tries to shoot his own son for the money however, Willie gets saved by Therman. His mother gets arrested and somehow again he was saved from going to jail. The manager’s wife falls for Willie and Willie finds his happy ending and gets his revenge from Marcus as he was hospitalized and in a helpless condition.

Bad Santa 2 Movie star cast:
The movie star casts are Thornton playing as Willie, Brett Kelly as Therman, Christina Hendricks as the mother and Tony Cox as Marcus. The two academy award winners, Kathy Bates and Billy Bob Thornton.

Bad Santa 2 Movie Review:
The movie got 4.1 rating on a rating scale of 10. The movie have got disappointing reviews from the general audience as it received a C+ on a scale till F. Though, when we talk about people who have waited for it and who have waited for a long time, this movie has a lot of Christmas gifts for them. Being funny is one part and you just don’t have any problem there because there’s a “bad” in Bad Santa. The only place people have failed to relate are the jokes offending everyone. It is a sequel after a dozen years so expectations were a little too high but in a nicer way. A star cast having academy award winners is promising enough to keep the previous bad Santa as it is.

Most of the film critics have also felt it a little too much. So the first Turkey of the session is served but unfortunately it is not funny.

Bad Santa 2: Focus on News
“The Billy Bob Starrer Falls on Box Office”
A movie that was supposed to have success story just like its prequel failed even after a month of its release. Bad Santa 2 took $26 million to make it to the big screen and after a month’s effort, it has only made approximately $15 million. The same old dirty tricks to get humor has failed on screen. Last chapter of Bad Santa back in 2003 was nice whereas this one is a little too much naughty.

Bad Santa 2, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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