Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Badrinath Ki Dulhania

A story about an odd couple who seek to find love and success in a peculiar manner and in the process wreak havoc on their family. They fall in love despite of their contradictory views on gender and life.

A brat son (Badrinath aka. Badri) of a business tycoon in Jhansi falls for a success oriented woman (vaidehi) of a middle class family in Kota. Irrespective of different views on marriage, gender and life Badri’s inexhaustible desire to get this woman lands his family into convincing vaidehi. Vaidehi at last ditches badri only to attain success overseas in an airline giant as a stewardess. Badri approaches her for avenging his respect but finally falls for her again and this time for eternity. Will vaidehi accept his proposal?

Badrinath Ki Dulhania Movie Introduction:
The film Badrinath ki dulhania is a spinoff of the 2014’s Humpty Sharma ki dulhania both directed by Shashank Khaitan, produced under the banner of Karan Johar’s Dharma Production. This movie promises to be a must watch for all the members of the family. A comedy movie with a grave message of eradication of dowry as well as women empowerment. The film’s star cast and line team have shown immense enthusiasm and underwent strenuous efforts to get this movie on the screen. An enriching romantic comedy story set to win your hearts.

Badrinath Ki Dulhania Movie Synopsis:
Badrinath bansal aka. Badri belongs to a well off rich family in Jhansi. His father is a business magnate and owns an automobile company in Jhansi. Badri is not well educated and supports his Father and brother in their business. He is eagerly waiting for the women of his dreams but is petrified by his father who wants him to marry a girl of his choice belonging to an aristocrat who would offer them a handsome amount of dowry. Badri’s brother has suffered because of his father’s greed and doesn’t want that to affect him as well.

His friend Somdev runs a matrimonial company. He is a partner in crime to badri in finding his perfect dulhania. Badri meets an eccentric girl Vaidehi at the wedding of an ally who seems very witty and exuberant. Badri tries to outwit vaidehi but loses it to her flamboyance. Badri continuously approaches her irrespective of her rejecting him. Vaidehi who is a success oriented woman and belongs to a middle class family in Kota holds an altogether different approach towards life and career contradictory of badri’s goals. She wants to be an air hostess in a giant firm while badri’s wish is to marry her.

Badri has simply no ambition in life and has found his niche while vaidehi is an ambitious woman who sets to make her parents proud of her one day. Badri approaches his friend and family to convince vaidehi to marry him on one condition that he gets her sister married before her. Badri and his friend search for a man who is a spiritual singer and works along with his father. Both her sister and the singer gel up well and eventually decide to marry each other. The singers father asks for 20 lakh Rs. In return for the marriage and vaidehi gets agitated by it. Badri makes arrangements for the money to commence the marriage on time. Vaidehi agrees for her marriage with badri. Badri gets very happy for his marriage life to commence but at last uncertain to everyone vaidehi ditches him to travel overseas to become an air hostess.

Vaidehi calls her parents one day out of anguish to know their welfare. They are intimated about her training at an airline academy. Badri’s parents are informed about the same. Badri and his father gets agitated and gives him ordnance to bring vaidehi back only to hang her and avenge what she has wreaked upon the family. Badri along with his friend Somdev embark on a journey to Singapore where vaidehi is undergoing training.

Badri abducts her on her way back from office during the midnight but was not able to harm her as he still loves her. They are caught by the police and had to face a trial before their release. Vaidehi tells him to go back to his city but badri out of his wretchedness and fear of his father is unable to go back. Badri and somdev gets into a feud and end up drunk in front of vaidehi’s apartment and get their passports confiscated. Vaidehi offers them her abode for the time being. Badri and vaidehi become friends again and enjoy their time together. Badri falls for vaidehi for one more time.
After receiving their passports badri and his friend travel back to India where his father is waiting to get him married. On the occasion of his sister in law’s baby shower badri visits the place being totally drunk and unconscious. His friend somdev supports him during the occasion but instead of his support he starts talking and indulging into altercations with his family members, inflicting all his agony on his father.

Suddenly vaidehi appears out of nowhere and approves badri’s proposal. They both get married after two years. Vaidehi started a training center for girls aspiring to become an air hostess. While Badri still being the notorious one. Badri and vaidehi travel down the road cherishing all the memories.

Badrinath Ki Dulhania Movie Star-casts:
The cast of the movie is set to win your hearts. Varun dhawan as Badrinath is as notorious and exuberant as badri and in a way epitomizes the character. Alia bhatt as Vaidehi is an outlandish girl and is the best suitable actress for the character. Sham vaid as somdev is a naughty character and supports badri at each and every phase of life irrespective of his mistakes. Sham vaid’s comic timing will win your heart and you would probably end up laughing even after the movie. Varun dhawan’s and alia bhatt’s chemistry showcases a different approach towards the modern cinema. Other characters such as Rituraj singh as badri’s father, yash sinha as badri’s brother and gauhar khan as laxmi Shankar a sergeant in Singapore bonded very well to make this movie a success. Along with these actors many more are associated with the film that deserves a pat for its success.

Badrinath Ki Dulhania Movie Reviews:
The movie got good to medium reviews with Nitin Bhave giving the film 3.5/5 points stating that the film “is full of rucksack of radioactive social issues handled cautiously”. Rohit rats from Hindustan times gave the film 2.5/5 points and noted that varun dhawan’s acting reminds him of the versatile actor govinda.
The Indian express gave the film a 3/5 stating that “Alia bhatt is pitch perfect for the character played in the movie and varun dhawan compliments the character in a very well manner”. The film has been lauded by both audience and the critics.

Badrinath Ki Dulhania Movie: Focus on News

“Alia bhatt and varun dhawan’s ‘Badrinath ki Dulhania’ makes it to the 100 Crore club.”
The romantic comedy starrer has crossed the Rs. 100 Crore mark in the domestic box- office. The movie collected 100.74 Crore till 16th of March. Film producer Karan Johar backed the fans support towards the movie and said “Thank you for the abundant love”. Badrinath ki Dulhania is the 4th biggest movie grosser of the year after Raees, Kaabil and Jolly LLB 2.

“Molestation scene controversy”
Varun dhawan is snowballed into a controversy surrounding the molestation scene in the movie where varun can be seen picked up and molested by a queer group. Alia bhatt’s character laughs it off but the scene has been panned and criticized by many viewers who seem to be aggravated by it. Varun dhawan quoted that “opinion of 2 out of 10 people doesn’t count into a mass opinion and everybody is entitled to their opinion” but he is very happy by the response and don’t care for the controversy.

Badrinath Ki Dulhania, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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