Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

The movie is a very beautiful conversion of the fairytale of a beastly looking prince and a very beautiful princess.

Fairytales have always been a great part of our childhood. Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful adaptation of one of the epic fairy tales of our childhood. It is a story of a beast who is the prince and the princess who is very graceful. The story revolves around their lives, the difficulties they face and despite being such a weird couple they make sure that they are unique.

Beauty and the Beast Movie Introduction:
Beauty and the Beast is the conversion of an epic fairy tale into a movie done by director Bill Condon and is produced by David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman. The movie is produced by the production house Bollywood Mandeville Films and they have made sure that they fulfill every part of the fairytale. The movie was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures across the United States and other countries in the world. The movie is an animated one which was made in the budget of $160 million and earned around $780 million at the box office.

Beauty and the Beast Movie Synopsis:
The story starts when an enchantress enters a debutante ball and offers a rose to the prince in exchange for shelter from the storm. This makes the princess arrogant and curses him to be a servant to inanimate objects and beast who is inhumane. She takes away all his worldly pleasures as a prince. Princess says that if he wants to break the curse, he has to love the princess. The beast has to love the princess till the last petal of the rose that princess offered withers. This makes the love story even more interesting.
Gaston is yet another major character from the movie. Back in the village, Gaston is cheered up other villagers to help him get over Belle’s rejection. Meanwhile, Maurice jumps in and portrays his misconception of Belle stuck in hostage by a Beast and requests Gaston to help her. While no one in the village is ready to believe him, Gaston sees this as an opportunity to get Belle to marry him. Maurice, thinking his voice a waste of time, goes all the way in search of Belle. He is obviously unaware of what Gaston is up to. While Gaston orders LeFou to stand on the porch until Belle and Maurice, who is supposed to find Belle return. During the same time, Belle uses the magic mirror to reveal the presence of Beast, which in turn, lets the villagers frightened.

Further, Belle assures of the Beast’s kindness and how he is a friend of her. Gaston grows jealous of their relationship and tells the entire crowd that Belle is crazy. Despite Belle’s efforts to portray Gaston as a sexist torturous existence (the kind he actually is), he convinces the mob to take down the Beast and his castle.

With the help of the talking teacup and other miracles in the house, Belle and Maurice escape the cellar plan made by Gaston to reach the castle to protect the Beast. The villagers and Gaston on one end and Belle and the Beast on the other, the situations gets ugly. At one point, Gaston attacks the Beast from the rooftop. Having given up the hope to see Belle once again, Beast fails to defend himself. After Belle arrives at the castle, the Beast gathers his will to stand against and fight Gaston. The princess, Belle, and The Beast keep on protecting each other and loving each other. The beast fights in every way possible to make sure that the princess is unharmed. The war moves to a point where Gaston’s neck is in the Beast’s hands and him begging for his life. Softened by Belle, the Beast promises kindness and lets go of Gaston. Gaston, being a narcissistic existence, stabs the Beast while he climbs the balcony. Gaston falls down to death.

In the end, the beast takes a bullet in the back and dies. Till the time, the last petal of the rose withers and the beast fulfills his promise. The enchantress breaks the curse and the beast turns back to the prince.
The prince and the princess then host a ball for all the people of the kingdom. They live happily ever after.

Beauty and The Beast Movie Star-casts:
The lead role is played by Emma Watson who plays as Belle. The Beast is played by Dan Stevens. There are other actors who have also played a significant role in the movie. Gaston an important character which is portrayed by Luke Evans. Emma Thompson plays the role of Mrs. Potts.

Beauty and the Beast Movie Reviews:
The movie has gained heavy popularity because the people already knew about the fairytale from their childhood. We can see the popularity from the earnings that the movie has made at the box office. The movie was released on March 17 in 2017 and has also made the critics give the best reviews. People on IMDB have given a rating of 7.9 out of 10.

Beauty and the Beast: Focus on News

‘A beast in feminist clothing’
Disney has never been able to work well with clothing. There is something about the costume that the Beast wears. Critics and many other viewers have found it very feminist. In the recent years, the issue of gender discrimination has become outrageous. In such an age, to dare and assign such costume to one the lead roles in the movie.

‘Beauty And The Beast’ Clocks $400M+ Overseas; Global Box Office At $751M
The movie has been one of the most awaited movies for the kids of 90s. This definitely the success of the movie at the box office. The movie was made for less than $200 million but the producers and the animation artists did such a great job that the movie could reach around $800 million. It is one of the best-animated movies in 2017 and lot of people are still left to watch it.

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