Bioscopewala Movie Director: Deb Medhekar

Bioscopewala Movie Star cast: Danny Denzongpa, Gitanjali Thapa, Adil Hussain, Tiska Chopra, Brijendra Kala

Bioscopewala Movie Introduction:

In 1892 Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s Short Story ‘Kabuliwala’ was published, when it was published, it was a very big treat for readers. This story was told years ago. Through the books, the story was also told to the students in school. Then in 1957, a Bengali film was created with the same name, which was directed by Tapan Sinha. Also in 1961, Bimal Roy made Hindi film productions, in which Balraj Sahni and Usha Kiran played the key role. The film was highly appreciated, after which many TV shows were made on the basis of this story, and now in the year 2018, the film has been made about 126 years after Rabindranath Tagore’s work, which has been released in the name of ‘Bioscopvala’. Deb, who has directed many advertisements, is also debuting with the film as his director in Bollywood. You know what the film is like and how it is and how it’s a movie.

Bioscopewala Movie Story:

In the history of fairytale films, there is a mini-film maker (Gitanjali Thapa) who lives in Kolkata with her father, Robi Basu (Adil Hussain) in Kolkata. Robbie is a famous fashion photographer. The relationship between father and daughter is not very good since childhood and Robi’s wife also does not stay with her. One day Robbie dies in a plane crash from Kolkata to Kabul. Minim was fulfilling the formalities related to the death of the father that the domestic servant Bhola (Bridgender Black) brings him to the new guest Rahmat Khan (Danny Denzongpa).

Mini finds out that her late father has been released early in the murder trial by trying to get rid of Rahmat, because Rahmat is alzheimer’s disease. Mini, hurt by the death of the father, does not want in the beginning at all that Rahmat lives at his house, but while digging his father’s room, Mini knows that it is no one else but it is a bioscope who comes to his house in his childhood. , Whose gold memories are still fresh in his mind. Once, Rahmat also saved the life of Mini by playing on his own life.

Bioscopewala Movie Review:

In fact, he used to see the glimpse of his five-year-old daughter Rabia in the mini, which she left Afghanistan in difficult days. Excitedly excited about the sudden opening of his childhood memories in the form of Rahmat, he finds out the reason behind going to jail and meeting with all the people in Kolkata and with the help of Gajala (Maya Sarao) and Waheeda (Tisca Chopra), Rahmat Afghanistan also goes to explore the family. Does Mini know about the family of Rahmat? You will have to watch the movie to know what is the crime of Rahmat and finally what is the consequence of the film.

Why watch the movie?:

The story of the film is based on the short story of Rabindranath Tagore whose memories are still fresh in the hearts of the audience. The story of the movie is fine. The screenplay is well written and as well as the way the story is shown, the style is wonderful.

Actor Danny Denzongpa, who has appeared on the big screen after a decade, has shown with great acting that he has a lot of rest in him. He has played the role of youth and old age very well. Once again, the question arises in the minds of why do not do dining movies after all. After a long time, he appears on the big screen, he should do more and more films because he is a well-known actor.

National award winner Gitanjali Thapa has played the role of Mini beautifully. Adil Hussain has always been as good as on the screen, while Brijendra Kala and the rest of the co-stars have made an intuitive and wonderful act. Direction and editing of the film is also very tremendous. Because of this, the movie ends in just one and a half hours. The music of the movie is kept in mind, due to which the title track comes from time to time and also forces you to think.

Weak links:

The weak link between the film is from time to time flashback and present-day scene, which is quite ahead behind. If they were to be corrected then the film would also have crisps.

The film’s writing could have been better. Due to the low budget, the film has not been promoted too much, due to this, the film may have to face the absence of viewers.

Box Office:

The budget of the film is being told about Rs 4 crores. The movie has not received the mass release. It would be special to see how the audience is trending towards this story.

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