Blair Witch

Blair Witch

To unravel the mystery around his missing sister a young man along with his friends finds their way through the Black Hills Forest in Maryland. At the night a visit from a suspicious presence makes them believe the age-old legend that the forest is inhabited by a witch named Blair.

The movie Blair Witch is a psychological horror film. It is the third film in the series named ‘Blair Witch’. Blair Witch is a direct sequel to the movie ’the Blair Witch Project’. The film was first screened at Comic- Con in San Diego on July 22nd, 2016 and also premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2016 on September 11th, before the film was officially released in theaters on September 16th, 2016 in the United States.

The actor James Allen McCune teams up with the director Adam Wingard. The production duty of the movie is shared among Keith Calder, Jessica Wu, Roy Lee, and Steven Schneider. The screenplay is done by Simon Barret who won the best screenplay award for the movie titled “A horrible way to die”. The screenwriter is renowned for his collaborations with the director Adam Wingard who worked together for 4 movies before this project was taken up namely, ‘A horrible way to die’,’ V/H/S’, ‘V/H/S/2’, ‘You’re next’, and ‘The Guest’.

Blair Witch Movie Synopsis:

James Donahue discovers a video that has his sister Heather who disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville nearly 20 years ago. She was investigating the legend of Blair Witch. James along with his friends Peter Jones, Ashley Bennett and Lisa Arlington start their journey into the woods. With a belief that Heather is still alive, they head out to find his missing sister. They are accompanied by two of the locals Talia and Lane, who found the footage and uploaded the video of Heather.

After settling down in their tents at night, Lane and Talia discuss the mysterious happening in the area along with the disappearance of Heather and her crew. They link the happenings of the region with Blair Witch. The group hears loud voices in the night and upon waking up late in the afternoon they find oddly looking stick figures hanging from the branches of the trees in the vicinity of their camp. Startled by the situation the four friends decide to leave though Lane and Talia were reluctant to do so. During this discussion, Lisa notices a twine that is hanging out of Lane’s backpack. Upon questioning them, Lane and Talia admitted to creating the stick figures and abstained from traveling together with the group.

After hours and hours of walking, all four of them arrive at their original camp location due to a faulty GPS. To obtain the details of their present location, Lisa pilots a drone but it crashes into the trees due to an anomaly in the functioning of the device. Ashley was wounded on her leg which causes her to become sick. The group is forced to camp as Ashley is ill. Peter who went to fetch firewood was chased by someone and a tree falls on him and he is severely wounded. James upon hearing Peter’s cries runs to rescue to him but Peter is nowhere to be seen.

James and Lisa hear loud noises in the night. Lane and Talia meet the group saying that they have been wandering for days but they have not seen the sunrise. The next day James and Lisa are shocked to find out that it is still night. They discover even larger figures surrounding their camp. Ashley accuses Talia of creating those figures and snaps it in half. Immediately Talia’s body is also snapped in half. Suddenly their tents rise upwards in the air and separate the group creating panic among them. Ashley who stops to tend her wounded foot finds the drone on the tree and in the process of recovering it while climbing the tree she falls to the ground thereby causing her to die.

Caught in a rainstorm, Lisa and James find Rustin Parr’s cabin. James sees his sister like figure in the house and enters it. Peter is shown in the house that James enters. James notices that something is following him and locks himself in a room upstairs. Lisa is horrified upon finding an odd humanoid creature coming from the woods and runs into the basement. There is trapped in an underground tunnel by Lane who was under the control of the witch. Lisa who was trying to escape is again attacked by Lane and she stabs him in her defense. Lisa runs upstairs being chased by someone and reunites with James. They notice a very bright light shining through the windows and cracks in the walls. James apologizes to Lisa for their fate when he feels someone entering the room. He is killed when he turns around believing that he heard Heather’s voices. Lisa who turns backward when she hears James’s apology again is attacked and the screen is turned black.

Blair Witch Movie Starcasts:

James Allen McCune plays as James Donahue the lead role in the movie. Callie Hernandez is portrayed as Lisa Arlington who is a film student and wants to shoot the search for a documentary. Brandon Scott is given the role of Peter Jones who disappears after being wounded in the woods. Corbin Reid plays Ashley Bennett who is a friend of James. The characters of the locals Lane and Talia are acted by Wes Robinson and Valorie Curry respectively.

Blair Witch Movie Review:

With a budget of 5 million dollars, the movie has grossed around 20 million dollars in North America as of October 23rd, 2016. Blair Witch has received negative as well as positive reviews from the critics. Few of them did not find the movie scary while the others felt that the movie is a game-changer for people who love horror movies.

Focus on News: Blair Witch

After the movie Blair Witch was released there were many reviews that were a mix of both positive and negative. A reviewer of IGN, Chris Tilly stated that “Blair Witch is so good that you’ll forget Book of Shadows has ever happened”. Mark Eccleston, a reviewer of Glamour has commented that “The movie is quite scary and has a remarkable surprise that makes it worth watching in a multiplex”. A reviewer of Consequence of Sound, Michael Roffman has written that “There is nothing in the film that is remotely disturbing and what happens next in the film can be easily guessed”.

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