Bleed for This

Bleed for This

This upcoming American movie is about a renowned world champion boxer, who one day meets a misfortune and gets hit by a car accident. The fatal accident gets him major injuries to his neck, due to which he was unable to walk for rest of his life. But despite of his doctor’s recommendation of not getting into the boxing ring again, he still gets into the game again.

The movie is about, how his passion for boxing and dedication to win helps him come out of impossibility.

Bleed For This Movie Introduction:
The movie is inspired by a real story of an implausible comeback in the history of Boxing, which is created in the direction of Ben Younger. Produced by Bruce Cohen, Emma Tillinger Koskoff in the production house of Magna Entertainment, Sikelia Productions, and the Solution Entertainment Group and Verdi productions the movie was released on 18 November of this year. The music of the movie is given by Julia Holter.

Bleed For This Movie Synopsis:
The movie starts with the stardom of the world boxing champion Vinny Paz, he won two world champion boxing titles and got popular among the public. However, life plays its troll and he meets a car accident which gets him into trouble almost leaving him paralysed for life. Doctors tell him to retire from boxing as he will never be able to get into the ring again. Vinny suffers a lot of pain and mental agony due to his accident but denies his conquest to the physical loss he got into. His determination and love for the game does not let him give up. When everyone left his side and advised him to retire, a famous boxing trainer Kevin Rooney comes forward to help, to change the impossible into possible. He trains him against all odds, when everyone believed that nothing can be done of Vinny and his undying passion to win, Rooney helps him get up on his feet and fight again. Vinny put himself through everything he could, to get back to the ring and almost in a year, stuns people by his antique comeback in the world championship of boxing. Where all thought it can be the last fight of the renowned boxer, Vinny changed all the notions and possibilities by victory in the finale game.

Bleed For This Movie Star Cast:
The lead role Vinny Pazienza is played by the eminent actor Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart plays the role of his trainer in the movie as Rooney. Katey Sagal plays as the mother while, Father’s role is played by Ciaran Hinds of the lead role.

Bleed For This Movie Review:
The movie received a positive feedback and the film has been given 6.2 out of 10 on the rating scale. Miles Teller’s amazing performance is praiseworthy in the movie and is being the topic of critic’s discussions. Coming to the audience which gave A- on a scale till F, which clearly confirms the success of the movie.

Bleed For This Movie: Focus in News
“Miles Teller Honored with Granite Award from Stonestreet Studios”
The “Bleed for this” star, Miles was honored with Granite Award on the 25th anniversary of Stonestreet Studios. Celebrations went down in Chelsea where they honored many actors, directors, producers and screenwriters who came in the industry through this acting conservatory.

Bleed for This, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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