Blood Father

Blood Father

A rescue of a daughter by her ex con father.

Blood father is a French action thriller flick; the story is based on a novel of the same name. The lead role is played by Mel Gibson who amused us in many earlier blockbusters like ‘brave heart and the patriot’.

When a father decides a rescue operation of his child then no power of the universe may avert his end. ‘Blood Father’ is a French action thriller, based on a famous novel of the same name, written by the novelist writer Peter Craig. The movie is directed by versatile director Jean Francois Richet and this time it seems that he has put all of his best guts in his performance.

The movie starts with a blunt end as John Link (Mel) comes home from jail after serving a jail sentence because of his past social misdeeds. The movie starts with his heavy held past burden and his guild laid shoulders which compels him to take care of his daughter Lydia Link (Erin Moriarty), roaming somewhere in the downtown. His daughter may be more unfortunate then him because she is living in an eternal hell. She has been in the clutches of drugs and its dealers for past some time but her escape from the world of drug is a sizzling issue. Both characters are very strong, bold and savage. Lydia is stubborn and disrespectful for her father; maybe she has reason for it. Drug dealers are dwindling behind the girl, as they have some score to settle with her. The father, out of his fatherly love and responsibility, rescues his daughter from the hell on the earth. The movie is an action thriller but it is actually an emotional theater that emboldens the relationship of the duo.

The star cast of the movie includes Diego Luna, Michael Parks and William H. Macy. Principle Photography of the movie began on 5th June 2014 and the movie took less than a month on 7/3/2014, to be shot completely. The movie has been released on 12th of august, this year in US. The movie is chiefly shot in Albuquerque and New Mexico. Mel Gibson has been spotted at Albuquerque jail while playing his defiant ex con character.

‘Lions gate’ productions has acquired its US rights in 2014 and the movie is produced by Chris Briggs and his team.The movie is earning good accolades from the critics. Movie critic’s website, ‘rotten tomatoes’ has given 7/10 points to the movie and it has earned 84% positive remarks on the website. Another similar website ‘Metacritical’ has received 66% positive remarks for it. The movie has received and overall favorable review on the part of the critics and it is running successfully since its release. Hope you enjoy the movie, holding your heart firm.

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