Born in China

Born in China

A wildlife documentary, about the journey of three animal families in the obscure wilds of China.

Born in China is a true life venture film which takes us to a journey in the wilds of China where only a few people have ever visited. Focusing on the life of three animal families, a mother panda bear instructing her growing baby, a two-year-old golden monkey who sets out with a group of free-spirited monkeys and a mother snow leopard raising her two cubs in one of the harshest and most difficult environments of nature.

Born in China Movie Introduction:
Directed by Lu Chuan, ‘Born in China’ is a documentary film of the wildlife scenario in China. “It took three years for the Disneynature team to film the entire movie”, as told by the head of Disneynature movies. With Collaboration between production companies like Disneynature and SMG Shangshi Pictures, the film was released on August 12, 2016 in China and on April 21, 2017 worldwide. It has a running time of 76 minutes and was recorded in two languages, Mandarin and English. Watch ‘Born in China’ free online to know more.

Born in China Movie Synopsis:
The documentary starts with the introduction of three animal families. The first are the panda duo of a giant panda mom, YaYa, and her baby, Mei Mei. The second are a troop of golden snub-nose monkeys, but the film follows one particular two-year-old primate, Tao Tao. The third are the trio of an imperial snow leopard, Dawa and her two cubs.

The giant panda mom, YaYa, and her offspring, Mei Mei, are shown as an adorable pair in the movie. YaYa is visible as an over-protective mom. YaYa starts her daily routine by scratching herself, eating, munching and then focusing on her newly born daughter. The mother panda bear guides her growing baby, Mei Mei, as Mei Mei begins to explore and seek independence. YaYa protects her offspring and teaches her the ways to survive in the woods from predators. Apart from teachings, the YaYa and Mei Mei are always seen cuddling and hugging each other and showing their love.

The movie then shifts to the troops of golden snub-nosed monkeys and among them is Tao Tao a two-year-old primate who has been the favored son of his family for a couple of years until his sister was born. Poor Tao Tao feels rejected and has lost the sparkle in his eyes as the love and affection which was once bestowed upon him now seems to overshadow his newly born sister. So Tao Tao joins the so called “lost boys”- a careless troop of mostly males who enjoy swinging through the forest, making a game out of breaking branches and champing for edibles. Tao Tao enjoys playing with his new friends but still he misses his family.
Then comes the life story of a majestic snow leopard named Dawa and her two cubs struggling to survive in China’s harsh mountainous environment some 14,000 feet above sea level. The mother leopard is shown first taking care of her two cubs and later she is seen shooing away a herd of deer’s and other animals from her part of area. She then hunts a sheep down from its herd to feed herself and her cubs from it.

Dawa doesn’t make it to the end, due to the injuries sustained when she gruesomely bites into the neck of a baby yak, only to have mommy yak chase her off with her powerful head-butting. The cubs of the snow leopard were left to survive without a mother. Tao Tao is seen saving her sister even though he was violently casted out by his father.

Born in China Movie Star-casts:
There are no human actors in the movie and only the animals in the wild play a major role in the screening, yet there a two notable people to add in the screenplay, and they are John Krasinski and Xun Zhou who made a great impact in the movie by their impressive narration on behalf of the animals that gets the viewers to understand the whole scenario of the documentary. Watch Born in China free online to know more about their applauded work.

Born in China Movie Review:
The documentary was rated 84% based on a total of 40 reviews on rotten tomatoes. Average rating of the movie was 3.5 out of 5. Overall it’s a wonderful movie which lets you a glimpse of the life of animals in the wild. It also received an “A” Cinema Score from opening day audiences in theatres. An appreciable effort by the Disney team in filming the footage of animal lifestyles 14,000 feet above sea level with such harsh conditions. The plot was good and the movie gives many thought provoking instances to the viewers to think about. We will rate the movie 8 out of 10.Watch the movie ‘Born in China’ free online to know about a newer side of china apart from the stereotypical views about China as the great wall of China, kung Fu, dragons, skyscrapers and buildings.

Born in China: Focus on News

“Born in China moviegoers help protect wild pandas and snow leopards”
A part of the opening day collections of the movie “Born in China” will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for the protection and care of the wild pandas and the rare snow leopards. To help pandas and other species survive the WWF will protect 495,000 acres of forest to establish and restore key corridors, improve the management of existing protected areas.

“Born in China, best Disneynature debut in five years”
‘Born in China’ was Disneynature’s one of the top documentary films in the recent years. The movie collected a handsome amount of nearly 4.8 million dollars. It was the largest collection for an opening film for the Disneynature in last five years. Dominating the collections of previous Disneynature films like ‘Monkey Kingdom’, ‘Chimpanzees’ and ‘Bears’, “Born in China” bagged this position.

Born in China, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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