Bridget Joness Baby

Bridget Joness Baby

The 43-year-old Bridget Jones gets pregnant and wants to keep her child but thoughts revolve ardently in search to find out who is the child’s father her ex, Mark Dacy or the billionaire Jack Qwant.

The movie Bridget Jones Baby is a sequel to the film “Bridget Jones-Edge of Reason”. The movie is not just romantic but also has humor involved. The movie was first written by the famous Helen Fielding, David Nicholls, and Fieg, only to be changed by Emma Thompson later. It’s been based on the fictional columns by Fielding and is the third film in the charter. The movie was officially released on 16th September 2016.

This movie has been based on the columns of “The Independent” by Helen Fielding. Produced by Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan, Bridget jones baby has been directed by Peter Cattaneo . The 2009 announcement by Variety for the making of the movie ended on 14 October 2016 release.

The movie was released in UK /USA on September 12,2016. This movie has a twisting plot engaging around how an independent women’s life struggles and how momentary pleasure messes up her life. It is a romantic comedy movie and will keep you gripped till the very end.

Bridget Jones’s Baby Movie Synopsis:

On Bridget’s 43rd birthday her mother wakes her up explaining how Bridget’s time of having a baby is passing away. Bridget bumps into her ex Mark Darcy at times and often part ways.

Working as a television producer Bridget is offered by her close friend Miranda as to take her out for her birthday. They both go to a concert wherein Miranda challenges Bridget to sleep with the first man she comes across. Bridget falls in the mud but is helped out by a random stranger who later turns out to be the man she ends up having sex with on that very night. Next day she finds herself alone in the bed and tries not to let the loneliness hamper her. While coming back home she visits the baptism ceremony Jude’s little child as she has been asked to be the Godmother alongside Mark being the Godfather. Mark explains Bridget that he and his present wife are planning on divorce which ends up on Bridget and Mark have sex. Bridget realizes how things didn’t change between them and keeps a note in his room that she cannot reconnect with him as it is painful.

Soon Bridget realizes she has been gaining weight lately. She finds out she’s pregnant and makes a decision to keep the baby. She visits the Gynecologist, Dr. Rawlings wherein she realizes she is unaware of the father also she has no contact with that stranger. Bridget comes to know that the stranger is a billionaire by Miranda and is a runs a popular dating site. Miranda and Bridget plan on taking hair samples of his hair by calling him on the show and using it as DNA samples to find out if he is the father of her baby. She insists on Gynecologist Dr. Rawlings meet both Mark and Jack separately.

In one such party, Jack and Mark confront each other and enjoy each other’s company. They plan out a dinner wherein Bridget comes and makes them understand that she’ doesn’t know the father of them both. Jack takes it casually but disappointed Mark moves out the restaurant.

As this goes on often Mark would find Jack and Bridget happy on many instances and would feel bad and walk away home. Jack asks out Bridget to move in with him but if Mark is the father of the child he would have to reconsider this idea. Soon Jack explains to her that Jack had made Mark feel he is doubtful to become a father and made him sure about this idea. This is when Miranda gets sad and visits Mark but seeing him with his wife she leaves.

In the ninth month of her pregnancy, Bridget is found all alone with no money, unemployed, tired and agitated. She stands in the rain feeling dejected when Mark enters and explains to her his wife had come to take away her belongings. They are having a divorce. While about to kiss, Bridget’s water breaks. Jack gets there and both Mark and Jack take her to the hospital. They have a son and name him William.

A year later Bridget and Mark get married.

Bridget Jones’s Baby Movie Starcast:

Renee Zellweger plays the lead Bridget Jones doing justice to her role. Colin Flirt marked the character Mark Darcy. Patrick Dempsey plays Jack Qwant. Sally Phillips shows up as Sharon. James Callis plays the role Tom. Sarah Solemani being Miranda in the movie, Neil Pearson plays Richard Finch. Emma Thompson comes up on the screen as the gynecologist Dr Rawlings and Jim roadment plays Mr. Colin Jones.

Bridget Jones’s Baby Movie Review :

The movie has received both good and bad reviews. Though it has faired well in the box office. This movie did not receive a great turnover from the audience worldwide. Even though the release dates differed, the movie turnover was general.

Focus on News: Bridget Jones’s Baby

Starting from Bridget Jones-Diary to Bridget Jones-Edge of Reason to now Bridget Jones-Baby viewers have found how movies have changed over time with the outlook of the society. Preferably made independent womanhood movies prove as a great upliftment for the society as a whole and how the people have started to appreciate and enjoy it.

Even though this movie has not had great turnovers as the rest, but is a happy one.

Bridget Joness Baby, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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