The Bye Bye Man

The Bye Bye Man

When a group of three young college students accidentally release a paranormal entity, their life turns into a living hell as they try to save their lives from the horror they unleashed.

This is the story of three college students who come across a mysterious and supernatural entity as they move into a house which is off campus. The unknowingly unleash the entity and their life turns bizarre. Known as The Bye Bye Man, the figure preys upon them and they soon find out that the entity is the main cause of vile and sinful acts of man. When The Bye Bye Man takes possession of his prey, can the victim survive?

The Bye Bye Man Movie Introduction:
The Bye Bye man is a horror movie written by Jonathan Penner. The movie is based on a chapter in the book The President’s Vampire by Robert Damon Schneck. Stacy title directed this movie. The release date of the movie changed several times and finally it was released on 13 January 2017 in the United States by STX Entertainment. The principal photography of the movie began on 2 November 2015 in Ohio.

The Bye Bye Man Movie Synopsis:
The movie begins with a mass murder in the late 1960s. A man turns into a serial killer and murders many people in his area while chanting the phrase, “Don’t think it! Don’t say it.” He prohibits everyone to call out “the name” continuously. Before killing his neighbors, he enquires if any of them spoke “the name”.

Fast forward to the modern time, a group of three college students- Elliot, Sasha (Elliot’s girlfriend) and John- move into a house near their college. Soon, they notice mysterious things happening to them- Sasha gets an inexplicable cough while Elliot finds puzzling coins that reappear all the time. On further investigation, he discovers writing which says “Don’t think it. Don’t say it.” Again and again and a name was written at the end: the Bye Bye Man. The name gets mentioned during a séance.

Sasha’s health declined further while Elliot and John started seeing hallucinations and bizarre activities. Elliot started suspecting that Sasha and John are having an affair. Virgil, Elliot’s brother becomes skeptical. Elliot starts investigating into the matter; Kim is killed after she is struck by a train. Elliot is suspected of Kim’s murder but he goes off the hook when Kim’s suicide note uncovers that she had murdered her roommate and intended to kill Sasha, John, and Elliot.

Elliot meets Mrs. Watkins, the librarian who gives him detailed information about the Bye Bye man. There were incidents before related to the Bye Bye man: a teenager murdered his family and claimed to a reporter that the Bye Bye man forced him into it. It turns out that the same reporter commits a mass murder in the late 1960s after he investigated about the Bye Bye man. He soon committed suicide when he realized that people already knew about this Bye Bye man. Elliot pays a visit to the reporter’s widow who informs Elliot about the Bye Bye man. She tells him that the curse causes lunacy, hallucinations and ultimately death. When he arrives, coins reappear mysteriously and people can hear sounds of trains. The only way to prevent him from possessing you is to not speak his name or think of him. If anyone knows about the Bye Bye man, they must die and the first person to know must kill themselves as well.

Elliot hits Mrs. Watkins by his car in an accident. She was on her way to kill Elliot and had already killed her family. He escapes the wreckage and goes back home to protect Sasha and tries to come up with a plan to avoid thinking about the Bye Bye man.
At the house, John and Sasha are victims of strange hallucinations. She hallucinates John to be Elliot while John hallucinates Sasha to be the dead body of Kim. When Elliot reaches home, he was mortified to see that Sasha was being stabbed by John. He fights back with John and shoots him. But it turns out that it was not John whom he just killed- it was Sasha.
Elliot sees another hallucination but this time he kills himself with the gun. Virgil and his daughter leave the house just before it bursts into flames.

Alice retrieved the same coins with a note but was unable to read its contents. John is severely wounded but alive. Detective Shaw appears and murmurs “Bye Bye”. Watch The Bye Bye Man Free Online and feel the spookiness and horror of the Bye Bye Man.

The Bye Bye Man Movie Star Cast:
The movie stars a small cast and features Douglas Smith, Cressida Bonas and Lucien Laviscount as Elliot, Sasha, and John respectively. They are the main protagonist of the movie while Doug Jones plays the role of the main antagonist- The Bye Bye Man. Carrie-Anne Moss plays the role of Detective Shaw and Faye Dunaway was portrayed as Widow Redmon. Elliot’s brother, Virgil was portrayed by Michael Trucco. Cleo King plays the character of the librarian, Mrs. Watkins, while Kim and Alice were portrayed by Jenna and Erica respectively. Watch The Bye Bye Man Free Online and watch the superb acting skills of these actors.

The Bye Bye Man Movie Review:
The Bye Bye Man was endorsed with negative reviews in general. Based on a total 47 reviews, the movie received an approval rating of 28% on the Rotten Tomatoes and 3.7 out of 10. Based on the 20 critics, the movie managed to bag a score of 35/100 on Metacritic. It received an average “C” based on a survey of the audiences on CinemaScore. The film was too bad and did not have a strong storyline. We will give the movie a4/10 rating. Watch The Bye Bye Man Free Online and see for yourself whether the movie is the right movie for you or not.

The Bye Bye Man Movie: Focus on News
The movie was made on a total budget of $7.4 million. Though the movie was subjected to negative remarks, it managed to gross $16.6 million as of now. It made $13.4 million in the Canada and United States box office and about $1.3 million elsewhere. In the opening weekend, the movie grossed $13.4, which was more than the expectations and bagged 5th position at the box office.

The Bye Bye Man, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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