Cars 3

Cars 3

An animated movie is taken from the Cars franchise which tells how the outcasts cars fulfill their dream of becoming racers and beat all odds.

This story is the third part of the much loved Disney franchise Cars which revolves how Lightning McQueen tries to beat all odds and get the old racing cars back into business and overtake the hate given to them by the new race cars of the new generation with better technology and ways.

Cars 3 Movie Introduction
It is a movie which is Pixar animation studios and is the 3rd movie of the Cars franchise following Cars 2 which was released in 2011 and Cars which hit the screens in 2006. The movie is directed by Brian Fee. It is a 3D animated motion picture. Brian has directed some of the most successful Disney movies like Ratatouille, Cars, Cars 2, and Wall-E. You can watch cars 3 free online on multiple websites now.

Cars 3 Movie Synopsis
Years after the original race cars have been in the game, the people start to get tired of them and their old tricks and as a result their sponsors and companies let them go and take away their dreams and happiness. In the movie, we see that one of the classic racers, Lightning McQueen tries to overtake Jackson Storm, the new generation racer with amazing technology and speed which results not only in Lightning losing the race badly but also gets him injured quite dangerously.
Four months into recovery, Lightning is watching a footage which shows Doc Hudson, his late mentor and how his career ended and feels remorseful. He then proceeds to tell his girlfriend, Sally that he would not accept being forced to retire and end his career like Doc was and then starts thinking of ways in which he could regain his lost thunder and get back up on his feet and get into the racing business again.

Lightning is in the Rust-Eze Racing team owned by Rusty and Dusty who send him to this new racing center where he learns that Rusty and Dusty have sold the Rust-Eze to Sterling. Sterling sends Lightning to his new trainer Cruz Ramirez to learn the new ways and ideas of racing. Lightning is seen losing his patience to Cruz’s ideas and ways and tries to find a solution on his own. He ends up trying to use the new generation high-end technology and damages all the equipment severely.

After this event, Sterling makes up his mind and is sure that Lightning is no longer suitable for the racing business and wants to use him for endorsements. Hearing this, Lightning decides to offer him a deal which states that if he loses the first race of the new season in Florida, he will do whatever Sterling asks him to do. Sterling ends up accepting the deal.
Lightning is seen turning the game around as instead of brushing up his own skills, he is seen teaching Cruz a thing or two. Lightning then takes Cruz to Doc’s old track on which he competed in a Demolition Derby. Cruz ultimately ends up winning and this gets Lightning to rage and yells at him. Cruz is then seen showing her vulnerable side to Lightning and tells him that she had always wanted to be a professional racer and that she could not because she always felt like an outcast and that she wasn’t good enough to race.

Lightning sees a report on Storm’s new speed record and contacts his friend, Mater for some guidance. Mater tells him to go to Doc’s mentor, Smokey. Lightning and Cruz then travel to Thomasville and find Smokey. Smokey tells Lightning that Doc never raced again after his accident but he could relive his moments while he was training him and that is where he found his happiness. Lightning and Cruz are in middle of a practice race where Lightning has a flashback of his days with Doc and ends up losing to Cruz.

During the Florida racing season, Lightning and Cruz are both seen on the track. Sterling notices Cruz and is not happy with the situation and orders her to come back. Lightning then calls her back and gives her his number and lets her take his place. Lightning is seen encouraging and tutoring Cruz throughout the race which she ultimately wins.
Cruz quits her job to become a professional racer and is then hired by Dinoco.

Cars 3 Movie Star Cast
Cars 3 had some of the best actors in the business. Owen Wilson voices the main Character of the movie, Lightning McQeen, Armie Hammer is voicing the arrogant Jackson Storm, Cristela Alonzo as the shy Cruz Ramirez, Chris Cooper as the wise mentor, Smokey, Nathan Fillion as Sterling. There are much more characters in the movie played by more amazing actors. You can watch Cars 3 free online on multiple platforms now.

Cars 3 Movie Review
The movie seemed to have a very positive feedback from almost everyone. Pixar, as always nailed its job at animating. The movie has been given 7.4/1o ratings. It seems to have impacted young adults. It has a 66% approval rating based on 118 reviews. You can now watch cars 3 free online in HD.

Cars 3 Movie: Focus on News

“Cars 3 has an unexpectedly poignant story to go with its dazzling animation, suggesting Pixar’s most middle-of-the-road franchise may have a surprising amount of tread left.”
Cars 3 portrays its message and story beautifully and has positive feedbacks from the audiences all over the globe.

“Can Children relate to the movie?”
Kids all over the globe have felt empowered and loved the movie. They feel inspired after watching a movie they can actually understand and enjoy.

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