Commando 2

Commando 2

A black money eradication film finally helping the needy. A movie bringing meaning to the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupees note brought by Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi.

This is a story of a commando involving in bringing back a black money launderer who traveled to Malaysia. Home minister appoints skilled cops for this mission. How they travel to Malaysia and how black money reaches to poor people is the rest of the story. It is explained to people with good action sequences.

Commando 2 Movie Introduction:
This story directed by Deven Bhojani is a sequel of Commando released on 2013. It is a Bollywood film whose soundtrack was earlier released on 13th February 2017. The music composers of this movie are Mannan shah and Gourov Roshin. The songs created a healthy start for this movie’s marketing. This movie is produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and the production companies are sunshine movies and Pen movies. The movie is widely distributed by Reliance environment. The movie was released on 03rd March 2017 and it is successfully running in theaters.

Commando 2 Movie Synopsis:
The story of the movie involves Vidyut Jammal playing the role of Captain Karanvir Singh Dogra. Vidyut Jammal has done an impressive role in this movie. Vidyut Jammal has made his muscles look as much muscular it can be. He has more stunt and running sequences in the film. His gym body has made him look extremely stunning. This new age latest hero of Bollywood is the lead hero of this movie. His cool looks with action sequences really show the hard work done by him. He is assigned to work with other three cops to head to Malaysia and bring the black money the villain has with him in an unknown account.
Adah Sharma plays the role of Inspector Bhavna Reddy in this movie. This beautiful actress is known for her roles in Hindi movie 1920 and had done romantic, action-thriller movies in Tollywood. She comes in short skirts and plays good glam quotient. Though she comes only for few scenes, she does her role perfectly. She comes mostly with the hero and does romantic scenes with Vidyut. The song sequences are really good and the costumes of Adah Sharma is perfect in the movie.

Freddy Daruwala reprising the role of Assistant Commissioner of Police, Bakhtawar in this movie. As he is tall and manly, he suits for the cop role and has done his part well in this story. Shefali shah well known for her supporting roles in many Hindi movies plays the role of Home minister of India in this movie. With pleated saree, short hair and framed oval spectacles, she exactly suits for her role. Mostly she comes in the movie talking to cops over the phone for monitoring cops activity in Malaysia.

Esha Gupta familiar for her successful role in movie Jannat 2 plays the role of Maria in this movie. With her curly hair left on either side of the face, she looks trendy in this movie. She plays a negative role in this movie. She plays as the wife of Vicky chaddha, who takes the black money and flies to Malaysia.
Thakur Anoop Singh plays the role of Vicky chaddha in this movie. Vicky chaddha can be called as the main villain of this movie. He plays as the laundering agent of black money of this movie. He along with his wife Maria has been arrested by Malaysian police and kept in a safe place. Home minister orders Assistant Commissioner of Police, Bakhtawar to start the mission of bringing Vicky chaddha back to India. Karanvir, Bhavna reddy and Zafar Hussain, the hacking specialist altogether travels to Malaysia to make this mission successful.

There are few twists in this movie. Karanvir talks to Vicky chaddha’s wife and starts to attract her towards him. Bhavna reddy advises Karanvir not to listen to Maria’s words. But Karanvir starts to lure her towards him in order to gather all information about Vicky chaddha and finally gathers. He identifies that 1000 billion has been transferred to an unknown account. Karanvir joins with Vicky chaddha’s team and gathers all information. Both Maria, Karanvir cheat among themselves and finally who wins? Watch movie Commando 2 free online to know what happens?
The twists are the most favorite in the movie. It is known fact there are thousands of farmers dying each year because of their inability to manage debts caused by farming Agriculture. We see many tough working laborers hurting their physique to make their family live. In order to make them all happy, there should be an equal preference to all in the society. The black money should be brought down by talented cops to do this. Prime minister’s demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupees note is done to do this only. We all need to support this and that’s what the movie is all about. To know the conclusion of this story watch movie Commando 2 free online.

Commando 2 Movie Star-casts:
The movie crews are amazing in this movie. Vidyut with his packed body matches to his role. Adah Sharma and Esha Gupta do their roles good along with good glam quotient. The background music by Mannan shah suits perfect for this movie. ACP Bakhtawar also looks great.

Commando 2 Movie Review:
Times of India have rated this movie 2.5 out of 5 and Hindustan Times has rated 2 out of 5 for this movie. Hence it is a decent and an average movie. Though the entire cast and their performances are very superb, the story is dragging for more stunt sequences it had in the movie. If you are a person who loves action movies this will surely delight you. Watch movie Commando 2 free online to watch this. We rate this movie 2.5 out of 5.

Commando 2 Movie: Focus on News

“More actions won average audience”
Commando 2 was made in a budget of 20 crores and managed to get 45 crores as of now. This 124 minutes movie won fair success and fair collection in the box office.

“Good cast won average margin at box office”
Commando 2 managed to get 45 crores out of the production budget of 20 crores. This is an average movie with a fair rating. Worth watch for the good stunts in the movie.

Commando 2, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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