Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

A neurosurgeon, Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange who becomes the most powerful sorcerer in the world.

Doctor Strange starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, is a Marvel Production that is based on the Marvel comic of the same name by Steve Ditko. Along with Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong, Michael Stuhlbarg, BenajaminBratt, Scott Adkins, Mads Mikkelsen and Tilda Swinton have starred in the movie.

Doctor Strange Movie Synopsis:
Talking about the movie, the story revolves around the Neurosurgeon, Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange who becomes a powerful sorcerer. Dr. Strange loses the functioning of his arms when he met with an accident. The cocky neurosurgeon who lives the life of luxury, risking his patients’ heads and occasionally flirting with his one-time lover Christine Palmer becomes an erratic, disturbed and slightly dysfunctional human. But being the stubborn, arrogant man he is, he doesn’t quit until he finds a way to restore the functioning of his hands. He travels to Nepal and stumbles into Mordo and there he is introduced to the Kamar-Taj. This search for a solution drives him into places of questionable existence.

Under the expertise of the Ancient One, Dr. Strange is able to channelize his powers and is now open to new, out of the world problems that he has to deal with. His medical knowledge, along with the magical knowledge, added to the martial arts and athletic abilities, Dr. Strange goes on to become the most powerful sorcerers in the world.

Doctor Strange Movie Star Cast:
Coming to the protagonist, Benedict Cumberbatch being the perfectionist he is, plays impeccably the role of Dr. Strange. Although seeing him as a hero with super powers can be a little displacing after his popular role as Sherlock Holmes. His admirable precise pronunciations of the spells or the finger tutting that he learnt from the dancer Jayfunk are all small features that constitute for a great portrayal of the character.

Seeing that the movie revolves around the protagonist, Dr. Strange definitely is an enchanting character because of the human flaws that he has, although it is quite similar to Sherlock, it is very endearing and adds a touch of humanly characteristics into the super human. His martial arts, showcase psychic abilities (Sherlock again) and athletic side has also been beautifully done.

The other actors – Rachel McAdams plays Christine Palmer in the movie as a sweet, almost girl next door roll, not much to say there. The relationship although does provide a necessary break in the movie, and acts as a connector of the doctor to his old and his new life. Swinton on the other hand is top notch, and already looks like she is from outer space, added to that, her role of a thousand year old wizard makes her appealing. She has done a great job. She is enigmatic, powerful and bewitching. Wong plays the character of Wong and Ejiofor plays the role of Mordo and both of them shine shine as the unlikely stability that occurs in the plot. You can almost see their halos. They are salient but don’t overpower the most powerful sorcerer in the world.

Doctor Strange Movie Review:
The not so new Marvel concepts of parallel universe, powers that control the world, the personalized ideas of the eye and the three sanctums come into play and deepen the plot. This in turn ravels the hero into dilemma and debate about wrong and right and its subjectivity. The character of the protagonist is put under limelight and his decisions are of course catastrophic.

The script is brilliant- especially the spells (not that Cumberbatch’s diction is any less important), as expected. And the timely humor is a great add on. The chemistry between Dr. Strange and Christine Palmer is also commendable.
The carry out the story, beginning from direction, director Scott Derrickson has done a brilliant job, after all it took almost forever for the movie to come into form (1986) and begin with the direction. The production and shooting had to adhere to Ben’s schedule, and he has definitely put in his soul to fulfil the demands of the role. After a series of screenwriters, directors, and producers, the story finally saw its movie version become a reality.

Speaking again about the graphics and the animation, a superhero magical-fantasy movie requires an exceptional output to make it seem realistically fantastical. It must seem like something that could exist, and the team has done just that. The fight in the sanctum is just amazing. Portals to other dimensions, the battles and the stealing of the levitating coat, Marvel has outdone itself in true sense and the visual fireworks are baffling. They do not shy away from the magic. It makes quite an impact on the viewers.

The story is predictable, by the time of the climax the audience knows what to expect and the story of his origin is pushed. This may seem lopsided, but the climax is visually captivating. The graphics are out of the world and so is the hero’s life. The changes that he goes through almost brings out a ‘Tragedy hero’ effect that novels use. The action, the creation of the supernatural universe are worth the watch. In spite of the predictive features, the movie does not cease to amaze you at any point in time.

Focus on News: Doctor Strange
The movie held its premier in Hong Kong on October 13th and was released in the US on the 4th of November.
The movie hit the screens and saw an overwhelming turnover of $87.7 Million dollars and has received huge numbers of positive responses. The responses are justified to a great deal. Let’s begin with the trailer of the movie itself.

The trailer is very interesting, or rather intriguing. It sure, it got all the Cumberbatch fans excited and also managed to grab attention to the amazing animation and graphics. The glimpses of the movie proved to be promising to a good extent, it received an enraging response and predicted hype around the movie.

Doctor Strange, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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