Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe

Don’t breathe, you may be caught.

‘Don’t breathe’ is an American horror film and going to be released on 26th august this year. The movie is an artwork of famous director Fede Alvarez, whose debut was ‘Evil dead’.

If you have an interest in horror movies then you must have watched the famous horror drama; ‘evil dead’, the movie ‘Don’t breathe’ is also an artwork of the same renowned director Fede Alvarez. Alveraz and his companion Rodo Sayague have written the script of the movie. Jane levy, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto are the casts of the movie. Actor Stephen Lang is playing the role of a blind man in the story, which becomes the reason of scare for them and all. This feature film is a product of Ghost House Pictures and Good Universe. Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Alvarez have jointly produced this movie. The premier of the film has been released at South by Southwest on march 12, 2016 and the movie is going to be released on 26th august, 2016.

Rocky (jane) and his sister Alex (Dylan) promises each other to refuge away from the company of their neglectful parents and the dysfunctional family. Now they have the paucity of cash and resources, so they have to procure some and for this, Alex’s boyfriend Money (Daniel) suggests a sinister plan to rob some money from an almost estranged house. The house was merely occupied by a blind person (Stephen). The house is supposedly has a safe in the basement and they entered surreptitiously in the house to get the cash, but what happen next is beyond their imagination. The blind man is not as helpless as they thought and this turns the movie in a cat and mouse game and the blind man is willing to kill the trio. What will happen next? Will the three teenagers ever be able to come out of the house or that place will turn out to be their tomb?

Director alveraz has notified that the movie is a reaction to his earlier super hit horror debut ‘evil dead’. This time the movie is replaced with a blind man rather than a ghost, because the director thought that the idea of ghosts in the movie has become obsolete. Alveraz believes that sometimes a normal person can be more dangerous than a ghost, if he decides to be so, we just have taken his eyes out to make the story and sequence a bit more interesting, horrifying and even more challenging one. Whole cast and the crew is very hopeful for the worldwide release of the movie and engaged in promotions.

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