Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker

An American romantic drama with a twist of erotica. The movie follows the events of “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, where a wounded past threatens the protagonist’s life and turns a normal relationship into a twisted one.

The story revolves around the life and relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Where Anastasia on her conditions resumes her relationship with Christian and attempts to learn more about his damaged past. While at the same time Ana meets Elena Lincoln and uncovers several disturbing truths about her lover.

Overview of Fifty Shades Darker:
This 115 minutes long erotic romantic drama is based on a novel, with the same name, written by a British author E.L.James and directed under the experience of James Foley, who takes pride in directing a lot of blockbusters like ‘perfect stranger’, ‘who’s that girl’ etc. The actors chosen are Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey respectively. The principal photography of the movie began on February 9, 2016, in Paris and Vancouver. The movie is filmed under the production of Universal Pictures. On its release, one may watch fifty shades darker free online.

The release of the movie is scheduled to be on February 10, 2017, by Universal Pictures. After the release, one may watch fifty shades free online.

Fifty Shades Darker Movie Synopsis:
The first part of the sequel ends at the sad refusal of Ana to remain Christian’s girlfriend. This sequel ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ begins at a point when it’s been three days since Ana left Christian. Anastasia has started her job as the personal assistant of Jack Hyde, an editor at Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP), who asks her out continuously. Later she receives an email from Christian reminding her of her friend José Rodriguez’s gallery exhibit in Portland. Later the pair attends the exhibition and spends a great time together. Finally at dinner, Christian reveals that he wants Ana back in his life. She agrees at resuming the relationship on her condition of no rules and no punishments.

At this point, Christian finally reveals that he has bought SIP, which makes Ana agitated cause she feels that Christian is interfering with her career when he cancels Ana’s overnight business trips with Jack. This action of Christian leaves Ana furious but he explains that Jack was famous for harassing his last five assistants and he was trying to save Ana from any unfortunate happenings. Though at beginning Ana doesn’t get convinced but later on when Jack tries to threaten her and asks for sexual favors in return, Ana finally realizes Christian’s concern. Christian fires Jack and ceases his work computer.

Around this time, Ana meets Elena Lincoln at Grey’s residence and finds out about Christian’s and Elena’s partnership in a salon business. Ana feels aghast on finding out that Christian is still in partnership with this female who apparently seduced him and introduced him to BDSM lifestyle when he was only 15 years old. When Elena realizes that Christian sees Ana as his girlfriend and not a submissive, she tries to create conflicts into their blooming relationship.

Around the same time, Ana gets stalked by one Christian’s previous submissive, Leila Williams. Ana finds out that Leila has been suffering from a mental breakdown since her lover died four months ago. Ana’s fear intensifies when Leila breaks into her apartment and threatens her at the gunpoint. Ana discusses it with Christian and ends up having dominant/submissive love making. Ana gets worried that Christian may never want a vanilla relationship and opens up her feelings about leaving him. Knowing this, Christian proposes to Ana, but she still has to consider it.

Jose visits Ana, but Christian still sees him as a romantic rival and following his jealous commands tells Ana to meet him only in Escala. Ana gets scared when Christian goes missing while flying from Portland to Seattle. Though Christian returns but he explains about his engine going bad, which is suspected to be deliberate. Ana realizes that she would not be able to live without Christian and finally accepts his marriage proposal.

The next day, Grey’s throws a grand birthday party for Christian at their mansion. At the party Christian announces his engagement with Ana, infuriating Elena. Elena confronts Ana about Christian and warns her that Christian would never be happy in a vanilla relationship. She further adds that BDSM lifestyle is his way of living and Ana must back out from this marriage. Grace Grey overhears them talking and insults Elena for manipulating Christian’s life and preying on her 15-year-old son. Christian dissolves his business relationship with Elena.

Towards the climax, Christian fetches Ana to a boathouse, decorated with flowers and soft light and proposes her properly. Ana accepts. During all this while, Jack Hyde is shown staring at the mansion, confessing sabotaging the plane and swearing on taking his revenge from Christian Grey.
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Casting, Filming, and Marketing:
The cast of the movie is definitely a big hit and is totally working in movie’s favor. Dakota and Jamie’s couple was already appreciated in the first part of the sequel.
Principal photography began in February 2016, in Vancouver and the studio North Shore Studios was booked for the film. In 2015, universal studios had announced back-to-back filming of both the films, ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ and ‘Fifty Shades Freed’.
The first official trailer was released by Universal on September 15, 2016. The trailer successfully secured 114 million views in just 24 hours of its release. It broke all the previous records of star wars.

As it’s known, music is the life of any good movie. On December 2016, Zyan and Taylor Swift gave its theme song, ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’. In January 2017, ‘Not Afraid Anymore’ by Halsey was released.

Rated R like its previous part for extremely explicit and erotic content, nudity, certain graphics and language, which is found unfit for the young audience.

Fifty Shades Darker, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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