Finding Dory

Finding Dory

A beautiful and emotional tale of finding a child fish: Dory.

There was Finding Nemo and now there is Finding Dory. Pixar has created a masterpiece yet again with their incredible way of expressing through animated characters. The box office saw a relief after having a worthy sequel in summers.

Finding Dory Movie Introduction:
Andrew Stanton has directed the sequel of Finding Nemo that features some very good voices like Ellen DeGeneres, Ed O’neill, Albert Brooks and many more. The animated movie covers up 103 minutes and is entirely targeted to family entertainment with cert U. The film won over Cars 3 and Toy Story 4 and came after 13 years from its prequel. Pixar’s concept was released 29 July 2016 and made a very high mark on box office as well as received positive critic reviews. It was released in 3D so that you can enjoy the beautiful visual treats.

Finding Dory Movie Synopsis:
The opening of the movie is from Dory herself who is shown failing in recalling her childhood memories. She has no idea where her parents are and she is looking for them since childhood. In the beginning, Dory is a small child and we get know more about her with few flashbacks shown. Dory is shown rather cute which kids will find good, however, some adults may not not like the over cuteness of the character.

People who will try to find logic in a kid’s movie will be disappointed. Dory had a memory loss as a child and even after that, she easily found a way to travel from California to Australia by herself. You will see truck hijacks from fish and you will even see fish flying with birds.

Nemo is there to help dory find her parents along with Marlin. Dory finds it hard to get any info about what has happened due to her short term memory issue. After that, Marlin and Nemo are separated from Dory due to Marlin’s concerns for his son.

Dory now meets the new character of the movie named as Hank- an octopus with seven tentacles. Dory is caught and her tag shows that she will be transferred to Cleveland permanently to live in the aquarium. On the other hand Hank had a traumatic life in ocean which makes him happy in aquarium. So he deals with Dory to get the aquarium tag if he finds her parents. The next step of the plot, Dory also encounters her friend from childhood Destiny who is a whale shark. She communicates with Dory through pipes. Dory is constantly having flashbacks of her family. There comes the twist when Marlin and Nemo get back to rescue her by getting little help from sea lions and a loon. Meanwhile Dory figures out how she was separated from her parents.

Dory meets Marlin and Nemo again. They figure out that Dory’s parents left to find Dory long ago and never came back. Finding this, Dory thinks that her parents are possibly dead. She accidently falls in the drain system that leads to the ocean.

In the ocean, she follows a trail of shells as she used to do in her childhood when her parents were their with her. Putting this all up into a sweet manner, Dory meets her parents in the end of the trail. They explained that how they spent years to make this trail in a hope that one day Dory will look at them and come to them as she did.
On the other side, Nemo and Marlin accidently end up in the same truck that was headed to Cleveland. Dory gets help from destiny and Bailey to get them out of their.

Finding Dory Movie Voice Cast:
Dory’s voice has been given by Ellen DeGeneres and she has done her job perfectly flaunting every expression through her voice rather perfectly. Albert Brooks gives Marlin’s voice while Hayden Rolence gives Nemo’s voice. Others like Hank by Ed O’Neill have perfect voice pitch according to their characters. In the previous version, Nemo’s voice was from Alexander Gould but since the movie is quite old, he has hit from puberty now. So Hayden Rolence came into play.

Finding Dory Movie Review:
The overall performance of voice cast is quite well and all the monologues are pretty well written. It has certainly played well as the sequel of Finding Nemo. Targeting the kids, plot is light and healthy showing a loving mother and a caring father. You can describe the whole movie as a beautiful tale with perfect visuals.

When Dory is feeling low in her life, director takes us into her head and shows what she is feeling. We can relate to the characters easily and it is a good watch with your kids. Writing is pretty thoughtful and character design is brilliant.

Focus in News: Finding Dory

“Finding Dory Reaches $1B Worldwide Milestone”
Finding Dory has left behind Disney’s Zootopia in terms of earnings and now stands among the three movies earning $1B worldwide. The sequel of Finding Nemo is now second highest grossing movie of the year after Captain America: Civil War.

“Animated Creatures Ruled Box Office”
Only Marvel’s Captain America stands above this year’s major animated hits. From Finding Dory to The secret life of pets, every animated movie has been a big part of box office. Only lost character was manny and friends of Ice Age: Collision Course where it only earned $370 million worldwide.

Finding Dory, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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