Fist Fight

Fist Fight

Fist Fight is a Hollywood comedy about the fight between two high-school teachers after one gets the other fired.

The story takes place at Roosevelt High School. The entire movie is a series of incidents that take place on the last day of the academic year. The senior students are wild and out of control of the teachers. They play a lot of pranks on fellow students and teachers leading to various funny moments. The movie revolves mainly around two of the high school teachers- Andy Campbell and Ron Strickland. These two end up having a fist fight after school hours which is the main plot around which the story revolves and is the reason for the movie title.

Fist Fight Movie Introduction:
Andy Campbell is a meek English teacher at Roosevelt High School whereas Ron Strickland is the History teacher. The students are completely out of hand as it is the last day of school and the teachers have a very hard time trying to bring some control. Various pranks and funny moments bring Strickland and Campbell against each other. When Strickland loses his job because of Campbell, he challenges Campbell to a fist fight after the school hours. The entire series of events are hilarious and make one laugh out loud in their seats. Watch Fist Fight free online to enjoy a hearty laugh.

Fist Fight Movie Synopsis:
The teachers have been informed that they will be evaluated and based on the results some of them may lose their jobs. Campbell is expecting his second child with his wife and does not want to lose the job. On his way to class, Strickland asks him to help out with the audio-visual equipment. Campbell helps him out and realises that a student is messing around with the remote control. Strickland smashes the cell phone of the student while he uses another phone to continue the prank. Strickland loses his cool and destroys the desk using a fire axe. The students run out terrified.

Principal Tyler threatens to fire both the teachers if they do not tell the truth of the entire incident. Campbell caves and blurts out that Strickland is to blame. Strickland loses his job and in anger challenges Campbell to a fist fight. Campbell tries his best to avoid the fight including getting Strickland his job back. But the fight is still on.
Campbell calls 911 but gets mocked at for his meekness. He falls down because of a prank played by the students. He finally decides to get Strickland arrested for false drug charges. He also has to reach on time for his daughter’s school performance. He buys a substance which is said to be molly from a student and tries to set up Strickland. But the sniffer dogs do not find the drugs and later while trying to prove Strickland guilty, both Campbell and Strickland get arrested.

Campbell tricks Strickland in jail and tries to get him beaten up but fails. Strickland beats up the other man in the jail. Strickland gets angry that Campbell does not even have the guts to fight him. Later it is found that the molly was, in fact, aspirin and so the two get released from jail. But they get informed that they have lost their jobs. After all the confusion and chaos Campbell finally leaves for his daughter’s school. Campbell reaches late for his daughter’s performance but somehow manages to handle the situation.

Even Campbell’s wife feels that it is high time he stands up for himself. His meek behaviour and fear to face confrontations make him an easy target for others.
After the performance, Campbell rushes off to the fight. He manages to stand his ground in the fight but is at last knocked out by Strickland. At that moment his phone goes off with the news that his wife has gone into labour. Strickland takes Campbell to the hospital where he has his second child.
Later he tells his wife the whole story of the day and decides to stand up for himself in the future. Later Tyler calls up Campbell and offers him his job back. Campbell and Strickland also become great friends after all that they have experienced together. Campbell says that he will come back only on one condition. To know more about what happens Watch Fist Fight online free.

Fist Fight Movie Star Cast:
The star cast of the movie is very appealing. Charlie Day plays the role of Andy Campbell. Ice Cube plays the character of Ron Strickland. Tracy Morgan and Jullian Bell play the characters of Coach Crawford and Counsellor Holly respectively. Principal Richard Tyler is played by Dean Norris. JoAnna Garcia plays Campbell’s wife. All the actors have played their parts well bringing life to the different characters. Watch Fist Fight free online to see the performance of the lead characters.

Fist Fight Movie Review:
The film has received a rating of 32% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 75 reviews. It also received an average rating of 4.1 out of 10. Based on 24 critics, the movie has a score of 37 out of 100 on Metacritic. CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of B. The movie grossed $14.5 million in the United States and a worldwide total of $16 million. The movie has some amazingly funny scenes and laugh-out-loud moments. Watch Fist Fight free online to see the movie for yourselves. We have rated the movie a 5 out of 10. You can watch the movie online to see it for yourselves.

Fist Fight Movie: Focus on News
This is the second time that Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan have come together for a film. Jillian Bell also said that she was very apprehensive about meeting Ice Cube.

The movie was also in the news for the fact that the movie was pitted against The Lego Batman at the box office. Though it did not make much money, it caught the attention of the audience and critics alike.

Fist Fight, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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