A drama film of a single man raising a seven year old intellectually super smart and gifted girl who is his niece in relation.

This is a story of a single man raising his niece who is gifted with extraordinary mathematical abilities. The character Frank plans for a normal school life for his niece but that, unfortunately, will not work when the grandmother of the child comes to know about her special abilities. It is a movie that explores every dimension of the relationship. It is not just for maths lovers but also for each and every individual who cares about the bonds in their life! Rent Watch Gifted Free Online get to know more about it.

Gifted Movie Introduction:
The movie is directed by Marc Webb and was released on April 7th, 2017. Gifted is distributed by Fox Searchlight. Written by Tom Flynn, Gifted is a movie of a single man and his struggle to maintain the bond and relation with his niece cum daughter. The production companies of the movie include Film Nation and Grade A Entertainment.

Gifted Movie Synopsis:
The story depicts the bond between a single man and her niece who is being raised by him after her sister commits suicide. The seven-year-old young girl Mary lives with her uncle Frank in the town of Florida. Frank takes care of her niece. Mary is a young girl with special mathematical abilities for which she gets a scholarship from a school but her uncle plans a normal life for his niece and rejects to take the scholarship and regard Mary as a special child. Frank does not want Mary to get enrolled in school for special children. He is very much firm about getting Mary enrolled in a normal private school like the other children of her age.
The story takes a turn when the special mathematical abilities of the young girl Mary come to the notice of her grandmother. The grandmother has a different plan for Mary after knowing about her abilities. But her plans are a threat to the relation of Frank and Mary and might work in separating them.

The story beautifully portrays every dimension of a relation. The story then depicts the custody battle of Mary between her uncle and her grandmother. Bonnie, a young woman who plays the role of Mary’s teacher will eventually come closer to her uncle Frank by having concerns for her student. Watch Movie Title Free Online know about the story.

The movie displays the bond between Frank and Mary. The story is all about a single man and his fight in raising a special kid. Frank in the way of demanding a normal schooling for her niece struggles and faces many things. The story projects every dimension of the relation between Mary and Frank. The movie is not only for people crazy for maths, it is a movie for everyone. Frank who wanted Mary to develop as decent human being and not with her special brain powers stand against her mother who wanted to raise Mary and let her study in a special private school. Frank’s mother Mary to polish her abilities and continue in the special school and develop further with the special abilities.

The story also projects the battle of custody. Frank’s mother takes him to court in order to get the custody of Mary so that she can raise Mary with her as per her intentions that were strongly opposed by Frank. The story projects the feelings and mind status of a seven-year-old special girl who gets to in a battle of custody after her mother’s death. It is all about the life of a special girl and her uncle who fights a battle with his mother to get the custody of Mary.

Gifted Movie Star Cast:
The casting of the movie Gifted is excellent. The story revolves around the life of Frank played by Chris Evans who did full justice to the role. The character of Mary is done by Mckenna Grace who very cutely and beautifully portrayed the role of a seven-year-old young girl. The role of grandmother is done by Lindsay Duncan. Watch Movie Title Free Online to know more about the casting.
There are other characters also in the movie that did justice to the role and made the movie successful. One of such role is done very elegantly by Jenni Slate who did the role of a Young lady, Bonnie. The other cast members are Octavia as Robert Taylor, Julie Ann Emery as Pat Golding, Jona Xiao as Lijuan and Keir O’Donnell as Bradley Pollard. Watch the movie to know about the roles and get to know yourself about each and every character in the movie.

Gifted Movie Review:
The film Gifted was rated 64% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 89 reviews. The average rating of the film on Rotten Tomatoes is 6.3 out of 10. The movie got an audience score of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average of 4.1 on a scale of 5. The film has scored an average grade of A on CinemaScore. All the characters in the movie did justice to their role. The movie scored 7 out of 10 on the IMDB ratings.

Gifted Movie: Focus on News
“Gifted’ is a movie gift”
The movie attracted many attentions and introduces the viewers with one of the best kid actresses. The movie very beautifully depicts the bond between Mary and Frank. Frank takes care of the seven-year-old kid after her mother commits suicide. The movie has an excellent casting with awesome and amazing acting. The movie projects every dimension of the relationship and also displays the struggle and the hardships of it.

“Gifted’ movie earns rave reviews from Lima residents”
The movie written by Tom Flynn gets to be a huge hit among the local residents of the Lima as Tom Flynn is a native of the same place. The movie is thought to be awesome and amazing by all these Lima residents who attended the premiere screening of the movie.

Gifted, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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