God Bless the Broken Road

God Bless the Broken Road

God Bless the Broken Road swims into that troublesome inquiry. It portrays the battles of a lady who feels as though she’s lost everything, depsite having put her trust in God.

The story pulls no punches with regards to uncovering Amber’s profound bewilderment after her significant other’s lamentable demise. Moving minutes enable us to feel her torment. Indeed, even the scenes where trust starts to bloom once more, for example, Amber going on her first date with Cody, delineate her feeling that she is some way or another selling out her decesased spouse. In these ways, this Christian film sensibly investigates the abrasive, despondency filled result of a horrible misfortune.

Golden’s good natured companions once in a while offer scriptural guidance that feels somewhat shallow or two-dimensional conversely. All things considered, they’re doing their best to help her as they endeavor to help their companion reconnect with God after her confidence is broken. What’s more, for a few watchers traveling through comparable misery themselves, God Bless the Broken Road could end up being a true to life impetus to enable them to make their next strides along that hard way.

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