Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge

World war 2 true story of a soldier who refused to pick up a weapon but opens up on a battle ground.

The movie Hacksaw Ridge is a story of an US Army medic Desmond Doss never wanted to pick a weapon because his beliefs stopped him. His commanders pressurize him but it is a war between him and his beliefs. This war hero is not like all others we have seen. A strict leader and a bunch of diverse fellow soldiers is what Doss gets with a father who was a veteran from World War 1 and a fiancee Dorothy who has quite a little role.

Hacksaw Ridge Movie Introduction:
Director Mel Gibson is back after a long ten year break as a director since his last masterpiece in 2006 Apocalypto. Hacksaw Ridge is a movie where you have a war hero but the bravery he finds comes from pacifism. The story is based on a real life war hero Desmond Doss played by Andrew Garfield. Director Gibson has taken all the characters and have displayed them perfectly as different colors under same roof.
Visual effects from Chris Godfrey, editor John Gilbert and cinematography from Simon Duggan take the combat scenes to a very high level. There are moments when the only thing you see on the screen is human destruction portrayed perfectly.

Hacksaw Ridge Movie Synopsis:
From Desmond’s childhood to the day he is enlisted, everything is covered nicely by Gibson. As a very untidy kid, Desmond is born and raised in Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. As a child, he gets indulged in a fight with his brother and knocks him out hard and causing him an injury almost serious. This incidence comes to his life as a lesson and that kid grows up with certain moral values and devoted Adventist. Desmond’s father is a very abusive, mean, drunk and a first world war fighter Tom (Hugo Weaving) who has turned this way because of the loss he and his buddies has faced that time. Once Tom takes all his anger out on her wife Bertha (Rachel Griffiths) and Desmond grabs in front of him to stop this fight. This is when he swears never to touch a weapon again.

The early scenes show his meeting with a beautiful nurse from Lynchburg Hospital Dorothy (Teresa Palmer). Desmond quickly declares his desires to marry her. At the same time, this uneducated young mind develops quite an interest in the field of medicines when his ability of reacting quickly saves a boy’s life at an accident.

Their father never wanted them to enlist. However, defying him, Desmond’s brother Hal (Nathaniel Buzolic) joins army soon after Japanese take on Pearl Harbor. Desmond also follows him but training camp becomes a tough challenge for Desmond. After not getting comfortable with all the rifle training, he insists to strictly serve as a medic. Captain Glover (Sam Worthington) didn’t liked it at all and he immediately orders Desmond’s Commanding Officer Sgt. Howell (Vince Vaughn) to make it that hard for Desmond that he leaves army himself. Furthermore, the fellow soldiers makes fun of his principles and call him coward.

Desmond takes down everything ironically and refuses to be faded away. He stays determined to his terms. There are military hearings over Desmond’s offenses. Characters of Dorothy and Tom keep it in a good grip of emotions side by side. The second half of the movie takes you to same action scenes you usually see in gut-wrenching combats.

Every scene holds viewer strongly and it is hard to guess what will be coming on the next scene. Someone having a knowledge of World War 2 will be already aware of what’s coming in next frame. The scene in which corpses are lying all around and blood is spilled all over the battleground, Gibson shows us his immense skill as a director.

Hacksaw Ridge Movie Star Cast:
Andrew Garfield’s performance as Desmond is one of his best till now. Every other character such as father played by Hugo Weaving and Captain played by Sam Worthington are strong. Teresa Palmer comes way prettier as Dorothy.

Hacksaw Ridge Movie Review:
The movie is shot in Australia with perfect shots and cast’s comfort zone of shooting as Americans. Everything came nicely from director Gibson and looks like every character has played as per the director wanted them to. Andrew Garfield was on a striking side of his acting. All the movie tightens its grapple when it comes to the war. Ridge comes from the battle scenes. It takes an atmosphere totally different from its genre. The shredded limbs make you actually feel the pain of WWII soldiers. Gibson shows why this body is just a meat that will be lying around someday for everyone.

Hacksaw Ridge has gathered appreciation and positive reviews from all the sides. Viewers as well as critics came in favor of Gibson for choosing Garfield to play Desmond. It succeeds on every step and this was a quite a comeback for Director Gibson.

Focus on News: Hacksaw Ridge

“International Buyers Said Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge Performed As Expected”
The international market of Hollywood was having a war movie after a long time and buyers knew that Gibson will be presenting something extraordinary after ten years. With high hopes from Gibson, every buyer seems satisfied from the Apocalypto director.

“Australian Box Office Saw a Defeat of Hacksaw Ridge from Doctor Strange”
Australian box office has seen Mel Gibson’s movie fail after marvel’s Doctor Strange on which the controversial figure of Hollywood Gibson said that he wanted to keep his heroes real than a comic character. He stated that
“You get all the bells and whistles if you are making a hero story in spandex, but not a real hero story.”

Hacksaw Ridge, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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