As the trailer suggests Haraamkhor is “A love triangle with too many twists” between a 15-year-old girl, a boy of the same age and her much older teacher.

In Hindi, the term “Haraamkhor” is used as a word to abuse someone for their excessive slyness. Usually, the title is either about the plot or about the hero. Be it Bollywood or Hollywood, the heroes are well celebrated. Unlike a regular movie, the very title of the movie Haraamkhor abuses the protagonist instead. Not just that, the protagonist of this film has certain qualities which will make you loathe him and still manage to make you laugh. Isn’t that interesting?

Haraamkhor Movie Introduction:
Haraamkhor is another product from the makers of The Gangs of Wasseypur and Lunchbox. It is Shlok Sharma’s directorial debut which deals with a very sensitive issue in a comical manner surrounding children. The film stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Shweta Tripathi in lead roles. The music was composed by Jasleen Royal. One of the most startling facts about the film is that it was completed in 16 days.

Haraamkhor was first screened at the annual New York Indian film festival and then at the Indian film festival of Los Angeles. The first look was released way back on 8th March 2015. Haaramkhor released on 13th January 2017, alongside Aditya-Shrradha starrer OK Jaanu.

Haraamkhor Movie Synopsis:
We are directly thrown into the middle of the story where we slowly discover about the background. Sandhya is a fifteen-year-old, abandoned by her mother, raised by her father who is a police officer but more importantly an alcoholic. Shyaam is a mathematics teacher, married to a woman who was once his student. Haraamkhor marks the romantic relationship between a teacher and a student, Shyaam, and Sandhya. What adds to the twist is Kamal’s love for Sandhya. Kamal is Sandhya’s tuition mate and throughout the story, he tries hard to woo her. The movie eventually jumps into an abrupt and dark climax, delivering the message that Passion is irrespective of age but sex with a minor is punishable.

As we can see in the trailer, Kamal is infatuated by Sandhya, he is so desperate to win her that he even peeps into the room when she is changing, believing that she would be left with no option but to marry. This is just an insight to show Sharma has picked up sensitive issues which are very much the reality in a comical manner which makes us laugh but at the same time makes we realize that is what is happening all around.

On one hand, Sandhya has a father who keeps secrets, is having a relationship with another woman; on the other hand, she has a crush on her teacher who is, as the title suggests a “Haraamkhor”. On the top of that, she is constantly stalked by Kamal. All these things affect Sandhya when she is an adolescent that is the time when we form our personalities and so it is her personality which is stained. This is again something happening to every other girl in our society. Watch Haraamkhor free online and have a better movie time with your family.

Haraamkhor Movie Star Cast:
Nawazudin Siddiqui delivers yet another award winning performance. His acting is phenomenal; the sense of reality he has brought to the movie is commendable. His character is such that you despise him yet you cannot stop laughing at his jokes.
Shweta Tripathi has delivered applause-worthy performance. Wikipedia says that she is double the age she is playing and yet she successfully dons a 15-year-old who is confused, stressed, alone and vulnerable. Other than these actors, Irfan Khan of Chillar Party fame has done a good job at playing a boy infatuated by her classmate. Other people who support the star cast are Trimala Adhikari, Harish Raghuvir, and Mohd Samad. Watch Haraamkhor free online just for the acting and that is a relevant point.

Haraamkhor Movie Review:
This movie deals with a very sensitive issue in a funny sort way which is but the reality in many rural places. Many situations become funny because of the desperation which each of the characters begets, which again marks the harsh reality.

The idea of romancing one’s own teacher is a little too odd to digest, especially for our society, digressing these constructions Haraamkhor promotes the idea that age is just a number. At the same time, it says that Sex with a minor is punishable. Sharma shows this harsh reality through a child’s perspective which is furthermore engaging.One key point is that Sandhya’s background makes her more vulnerable to the situations she was put in. The director has done a good job in interspersing the character’s background to the main plot, which is crucial to the plot.

Talking about the public reaction, the response was mixed. As mentioned earlier, the subject matter is new and different from the typical Bollywood movies. The newer generation is more accepting and hence they welcomed this change in bringing up such a subject but that is not the case with everyone.

The climax is the only negative point, which is abrupt and dark. The plot went directionless towards the end.

There is just one song in the film “Kidre Jawaan”, which is well received and the background score has supported the film well. The film has been rated 7/10 by Wikipedia. Enjoy a meaningful movie, watch Haraamkhor free online.

Haraamkhor Movie: Focus on news

Nawazudin Siddiqui is making headlines for his acting abilities than the movie itself. Shweta Tripathi is also being applauded for the transformation she has brought into herself as a 15-year-old girl. The movie is also making headlines for the social taboo it raises, which is not a child’s play, as our society has defined rules for everyone. It is brave on Sharma’s part, to begin with, something so controversial and yet appreciated.

Shyaam and Sandhya’s prohibited love story saw 15% occupancy on its opening day, which is okay considering its budget and the fact that it was released alongside the star-studded Ok Jaanu.

To conclude, Haraamkhor is not the kind of movie which releases every Friday, it is the kind of movie which comes once in a blue moon and sweeps away all the awards for its radical approach.

Haraamkhor, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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