It Comes at Night

It Comes at Night

A Psychological Thriller about a man and the limits he would go to protect his family from a world terrorised by an unknown threat.

This is the story of a man who in order to safeguard his family and survive against the unknown terror that is terrorising the outside world, fortifies his home located deep in the hidden vicinity of the woods and establishes a tenuous order which is put to test when a family comes to his doorstep seeking refuge.

It Comes At Night Movie Introduction
Written by Trey Edward Shults, the story of It Comes At Night is set in the backdrop of a desolated world terrorised by an unknown contagious virus that turns people into walking dead. Krisha fame director Trey Edward Shults’ second feature film, the psychological horror It Comes At Night was screened on April 29th, 2017 at The Overlook Film Festival in Mount Hood, Oregon where its world premier has garnered a critical response from the film critics. The film is scheduled to be released on June 9 in most of the countries and would be distributed by A24, a cemented distributor of chilling horror thrillers.

It Comes At Night Movie Synopsis
A major part of Shults’s latest psychological thriller was shot at a small brick house tucked away alone deep inside the woods. It is where Paul, played by Joel Edgerton, with his wife Sarah, played by Carmen Ejogo, and his son Travis, played by Kelvin Harrison Jr., have taken refuge from the highly contagious transmissible disease terrorizing the world. Casting aside his ‘trust no one’ approach, Paul agrees to take another family under his roof that has come to his doorsteps seeking refuge from the horrors of the outside world.
As the days go on, the tenuous manner that Paul has established to keep the family safe is put to test. Paranoia and mistrust starts growing inside each one of them and the limits that each character is willing to go to keep his or her family safe is also tested.

It Comes At Night Movie Star Cast
The casting for Trey Edward Shults It Comes At Night is definitely a win win with a very few cast members set together with an epic suspense story combined with the amazing visual and sound effects.

It is not only Paul’s Family that Shults’s experiments with. Even with Will, played by Christopher Abbott, and his wife Kim, played by Riley Keough, and son Andrew, played by Griffin Robert Faulkner, you get the experience that tells you that though the thought of a disease is scary, losing a loved one is even scarier. Every character is determined to protect their family at every cost and that is what makes It Comes At Night a especially intense, powerful mystery. Shults’s experiment with every character makes it clear that a hidden monster resides in each one of them and this combined with the visual effects, closed lonely setting and eerie lights gives you the chilling creeps deep to your bones from the start to the finish.

It Comes At Night Movie Review
Film was rated only 83% based on a total of 12 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Average rating on RT is 8.2 on a scale of 10. Trey Edward Shults once again put together a perfect story with extremely talented actors and gives us another leading horror film of the decade. With every visual, score, script and all the performances on point, Edgerton makes for a perfect rock solid lead who seem to be the person to depend on crisis but also is this vulnerable soul because he is a descent, relatable human being. Though Carmen Ejogo and Riley Keough does not get the spotlight in the film’s story, they both manage to portray the strong character of a family’s main building unit and deliver a great work contributing in making this film a quick success. But the two of the most outstanding performance of the film are of Christopher Abbott and Kelvin Harrison Jr. Abbott, known for his work on the famous HBO show Girls, yet again manages to surprise us by giving a strong captivating performance. He showed that whatever he do, he always gives his 100 %. Harrison Jr. overwhelms us with his performance. With all the experiments that Trey Edward Shults have done with his character, he have taken them in an adventurous way and turned them into a role that is most affected by the turn out events of the film and his story is the most impactful. The Core plot has managed to send chills down everyone’s spine with its intensity and suspense. We will rate the movie 8 out of 10.

It Comes At Night Movie: Focus on News

“The Best Horror Movie of the Year so far”
It Comes at Night is without doubt the most chilling psychological thriller that gives you an unsettling, outstanding experience and is a must watch for anyone who enjoys this genre movies. This story about the fight to save your loved ones from the terrors of this world and the limits to which you will go is terribly beautiful, unforgettable and haunting.

It Comes at Night, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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