Kevin Hart: What Now?

Kevin Hart: What Now?

Kevin Hart What Now is a comedy concert movie of popular stand-up comedian Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart What Now is based on Kevin’s Stand up Tour in 2015 with the same name.

Kevin Hart: What Now is among the most of his comedy concerts but it is a better one. He is here with another concert film after his two successful concert films, Laugh at My Pain and Let Me Explain. In this movie, he talks about moving his family on the periphery and about schooling of his children. He provides the amusing approach into politics, current events and daily life.

The movie is assembled by or directed by Leslie Small who already made Tim Story with Kevin Hart. It is a stand-up comedy film. The show was filmed live on August 30, 2015 in Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. The movie is released by Universal Pictures on October 14, 2016. The whole movie is actually nothing but a structure made of shattered diamond pieces. So you cannot give much credit to anyone else than the man himself- Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart What Now Movie Synopsis:

The movie is open with scene of a decent satire of James Bond praise making way to introductory shenanigans. This part is about a 15 minutes parody in a houseful casino. It’s nothing but a feature length spy comedy
The movie also gives attention to its celebrities also. His gestures are amazing in the movie. It also depicts the fear of Hart as he shows the women without shoulder and a man without knee cap. Hart also uses the scenes such as toilet scenery and the big shark in the sea behind him.

It is good to have something like this when you have had movies that were only a horrible experience in theaters and when some movies are making the horror history written again. When some superhero movies are only great work of VFX. Amidst all these rushed and virtual world, Kevin Hart brings a journey that was real, that had original reactions from people and a journey which was unknown to many.

Kevin Hart What Now Movie Starcast:

Kevin Hart make his way with many stars such as Halle Berry, Don Cheadle. They realise the audience that the work or performance of Hart on the stage of Philadelphia is really a big task. Kevin Hart has now bagged some superhits of Hollywood, in which latest entry was Central Intelligence with Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”.

Kevin Hart What Now Movie Review:

There is nothing much to write in the review of this movie. We all know how Kevin has become one of the best comedians in the world. Surely this concert film will tickle your funny bones if you haven’t seen his concerts. May be you will laugh at his jokes again if you are a Kevin Hart fan.

Focus on News: Kevin Hart What Now

‘Kevin Hart Got Down Hard on Second Week’

Ben Affleck’s The Accountant had taken over all other older movies on second week this Friday. Kevin Hart came down by 72% from its first week collection. The Accountant whereas showed an increase of 52% in its first weeks collection. On the opening weeks, Kevin Hart was at number 2 after Accountant but the new releases have faded away the concert films spark.

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