An action thriller about a mother who must fight against all odds to save her son who, has been kidnapped in front of her eyes.

This is the story about to what extent a mother will go to save her child. A promising afternoon trip to a park turns into a nightmare when the child is kidnapped. What follows is the resolve of the mother to get her child back safely.

Kidnap Movie Introduction
Written by Knate Gwaltney, the movie which began its journey on 27 October 2014, was completed on December 7, 2014. It almost got shelved when its original producer Relativity Media went bankrupt. However, things took a turn for the better when Aviron Pictures bought the rights to the film for $3 million. The film’s premiere was held at ArcLight Hollywood on July 31, 2017. On August 4, 2017, it was released in the United States courtesy Aviron Pictures. The film is directed by Luis Prieto. Prieto is best known for having directed the 2001 short film” Bamboleho” which received more than 45 international awards. The music for the movie has been provided by Federico Jusid.

Kidnap Movie Synopsis
The story revolves around a single mother Karla Dyson involved in a legal tussle with her husband for the custody of her child. She leads a near perfect life with her son Frankie and works as a waitress at a diner.

However, her life takes a turn for the worse when she visits the local carnival with her son. She leaves her son, for a few moments, to answer a call from her divorce lawyer. Little does she realize how fateful those moments will turn out to be? Upon returning to the spot she is unable to locate her child and finds his toy voice recorder lying on the ground. Her eyes suddenly fall on a woman who is dragging Frankie into a car.

While trying to stop the car she ends up losing her cell phone. She gives chase in her own car at the same time trying to take help from passersby. She isn’t successful in getting help due to the kidnappers, who force her to change her direction. In spite of this, she never gives up on chasing.

Karla suddenly spots a police motorcycle just behind her. She tries her best to stop the kidnapper’s car but is outwitted. The kidnapper rams the police motorcycle into her car knocking out the police officer.

The woman kidnapper Margo’s identity is revealed from her voice recorded in Frankie’s voice recorder is joined by a male accomplice.  Karla tries to reason with them to release her son in exchange for $10,000. Margo decides to ride with Karla and orders her accomplice to lead the way.

Margo tries to attack Karla while she is driving but get thrown out of the car instead. The male abductor spots this and prevents Karla from following his car by threatening to throw out Frankie on the highway. After a few anxious moments, Karla finds the kidnapper’s car stuck in a jam due to a road accident. A motorist informs her seeing a man and a boy get out of the car.

Karla deciding to take the help of the authorities goes to the police station. Here on seeing the pictures young children missing for more than 10 years makes her fear for her son. She firmly resolves to get him back safely and eventually manages to locate the black colored Volvo used by the kidnapper. She starts gaining on him but her car runs out of fuel. She convinces the passerby to chase Volvo in his car. The kidnapper on spotting that he is being followed attacks the car.

When Karla recovers she tries to find Frankie in the Volvo but Frankie isn’t there. Suddenly, the kidnapper emerges shoots at Karla. In desperation, she reverses the car which slams into the kidnapper. Realizing he is about to die Karla asks the whereabouts of her son. The attempt is futile as he dies without answering.

Searching his pockets, Karla finds out that the kidnapper is Terrence Vicky and a possible address to locate her son. She immediately calls 911 and goes to the address.  She finds her son and two young girls were also kidnapped.

Before she can escape with them she is confronted by an enraged Margo seeking vengeance for her husband, Terrence, death.

Will Karla be able to escape retribution from Margo? Who ultimately emerges the victor the mother or the wife?

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Kidnap Movie Star Cast
The cast of the movie has been chosen with great deliberation. Halle Berry transforms herself admirably into a troubled mother, Karla Dyson, doing all she can to save her son. Lew Temple and Chris McGinn do justice to their role as husband wife kidnapper duo of Terrence Vicky and Margo Vicky. Frankie Dyson, the kidnapped son, is played by Sage Correa.

Kidnap Movie Review
The movie was rated only 39% on the Tomato meter and the Audience Score was 58% by Rotten Tomatoes. IMDb gave it a score of 6 out of 10. The cast has given an awesome performance. Halle Berry, as well as Lew Temple and Chris McGinn, are very convincing however the film has a wafer thin plot with a predictive ending. We will give it a score of 5.5 out of 10.

Kidnap: Focus On News

“Kidnap Movie Finally Hits the Big Screen”
Kidnap, originally slated for a release on December 2, 2016, was rescheduled for a March 10, 2017, release. However, due to certain unavoidable issues the date got pushed further back. The film was finally released on August 4, 2017, in U.S.A.

“Halle Berry Salvages Kidnap”
Halle Berry with her stellar acting is the only saving grace in the movie Kidnap. The audience response has been lukewarm. Mostly pointed fingers at the weak storyline however they gave a thumbs up to Halle Berry’s performance.

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