Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island

Kong Skull Island, a monster movie which is revolving around a God of the natives of Skull Island named Kong and how he save them from monsters and how he saved other people who visited there from monsters.

This is a story of a group who visited Skull Island for getting the information about unforgettable monsters staying there. But this group attacked by the monsters there. A lot of people of the group were killed but some of them were saved by Kong who also saves the natives of Skull Island from the monsters living there.

Kong Skull Island Movie Introduction:
Kong Skull Island, an American movie hit the cinemas on 10th March 2017 in the United States. This movie is a story of John Gatins, written by Max Borenstein, Dan Gilroy, and Derek Connolly. This movie is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Photography of the movie was started on 19th October 2015 in Hawaii and the shooting has been done at a lot of places of Vietnam. The film has received almost positive reviews and has collected till now 151 million dollars against its budget of 185 million dollars. You can watch Kong Skull Island free online.

Kong Skull Island Movie Synopsis:
The story of the movie starts in the year 1944 that is during second world war, one American and one Japanese, two fighter pilots after a dogfight parachute onto an island in the South Pacific. The Japanese pilot got an upper hand in their fight. A large monster suddenly interrupted their fights and both the pilots looked them with surprise.

Now the movie came in 1973, Bill Randa, an agent of US govt. hired Captain James Conrad to guide an expedition to find out an island which is known as “Skull Island”. He also hired a Vietnam veteran helicopter squadron, Sky Devils led by Preston Packard who was a lieutenant Colonel. Captain Earl Cole and Major Jack Chapman escorted them to the island. Mason Weaver, a photojournalist soon joined the group.

When they arrived at Skull Island then they dropped explosives to find whether the ground is hollow on the order of Packard, however, Conrad was against it. 100 foot-tall bipedal ape which was known as Kong attacked the helicopters and the survivors split into two groups. The only hope for rescue for them was the resupply team that was going to meet them at the north end after three days. Then Randa revealed the real purpose of this work of sending them there: they were sent to get the proof of the monsters as he was afraid that they could come back and destroy the humanity. Packard and the men who were with him buried their dead comrades and started to find their remaining colleagues. They found a spider on their way and that spider killed their man before Packard finished the spider. Meanwhile, Conrad with many other people met that Hank Marlow, American pilot who was crash landed on the island in the year 1944 with the Japanese pilot.

Marlow revealed that Kong is worshiped as God on that island by natives as he was saving them reptilian, skull crawlers, and various other underground monsters. He also reveals that he had attacked the helicopter for the prevention of bombs to awaken largest skull crawler named as “Big One” to save locals from it. Survivors soon connected with Packman and group but he instead of going insisted on looking for Chapman. The same skull crawler who had devoured Chapman attacked the group. A lot of men were killed and Packard blamed Kong for their death and tried to kill him but Conrad resolved their problem so that they could meet the resupply team as soon as possible. Now suddenly, Big One attacked the group but injured Kong tried to save as many people as possible and asked the surviving persons to leave the island. Marlow returned home and he reunited with his wife and his family. This is how the movie is revolving around Skull Island and Kong. You can watch Kong Skull Island free online.

Kong Skull Island Movie Starcast:
Tom Hiddleston has very beautifully played the role of James Conrad. The role of Preston Packard is played by Samuel L. Jackson. John Goodman played the role of William Bill Randa. Brie Larson played the role of Mason Weaver. Toby Kebbell played as Jack Packman. The star cast of this movie was having a lot of professional actors who had completely justified their roles in the movie and their hard work was paid after the release and the success of the movie.

Kong Skull Island Movie Review:
Kong Skull Island movie got 7.1/10 IMDB ratings which clearly indicates the success of the movie. Times of India gave it a rating of 3.5 out of 5. The movie was successful in winning the hearts of a lot of people. All the actors justified their role and the storyline took their outstanding acting to the success of the movie. We will give it 7/10. You can watch Kong Skull Island free online.

Kong Skull Island Movie: Focus on news

“Kong: Skull Island review – unsubtle adventure”
This movie Kong Skull Island is full of adventure. The working of a monster in this movie is shown different from other movies where monsters kill persons by bringing them under their feet. In this movie, it is the territorial nature of the humans and hubris to believe that the answer is violence. This different way of dealing with monsters has attracted people a lot. The thrill of the movie started with the bombs they blasted when they arrived on Skull Island. And this thrills continues in the movie as monsters keep on adding in the movie.

“How Kong: Skull Island’s Opening Weekend Stacks Up With the Modern Series”
Kong Skull Island topped the box office on the weekend with the earning of 61 million dollars. And this is a very amazing thing that how a monster movie left behind various movies of the new era. Skull Island needs to earn 500 million dollars to be said as a complete success. One point that is in the complete favor of the movie is that movie has not yet released in China which is a very large international market of the movie. Hope that movie would get the success it deserves.

Kong: Skull Island, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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