La La Land

La La Land

La La Land is a romantic drama which revolves around the two aspiring artist who fall for each other but because of the different tracks in life for the success gets apart however, achieve their dreams at last as Mia being a successful actress and Sebastian owning a jazz bar. Called as one of the most unique ways of presenting a movie, La La Land is impressing a lots of faces even after releasing in very few theaters.

La La Land Movie Introduction:
The super hit romantic movie La La land is written and directed by Damien Chazelle, which is produced by Fred Berger, Gary Gilbert, Jordan Horowitz and Marc Platt and distributed by Summit Entertainment. This is Damien’s third feature and Lionsgate is distributing it. The amazing music which is the soul essence of the film is given by Justin Hurwitz. Watch La La Land free online with your partner to experience how complications can be turned down in love.

La La Land movie Synopsis:
The movie starts with the introduction of an aspiring actress Named Mia, who was performing in an audition. Failed in the audition she approaches to the restaurant in which, Sebastian was fired by his owner for playing Jazz again. After some time, both the lead characters meet each other at a party, Both gets attracted towards each other and one day, Sebastian takes Mia out to show his dream of owning a jazz bar one day. Meanwhile, the two protagonist of the movie fall for each other and in no time decide to move in together. However, happy days doesn’t last longer, Sebastian decides to shift his focus from jazz as his friend introduces him to a high profile band and suggest him to switch to pop music and offers a lot more money. Mia watching him doing what he does not want to, gets all furious and ends up having an argument.

Adding up to their souring relation, on Mia’s show opening night, Sebastian being busy with the band fails to reach. By receiving poor reaction for the show, she feels heartbroken and eventually ends up things with Sebastian . After couple of months, a director who was there in Mia’s show calls Sebastian and offers her an audition. Sebastian rushes to Mia’s place and ask her to go for the chance. She goes to the audition and by her amazing performance gets selected for the movie, which was to be shot in Paris. Sebastian and Mia being glad of the occasion promise each other lifetime love towards each other and Mia leaves for the journey of stardom. After five years, Mia being popular and married to someone else and mother of a child come back to Los Angeles. She and her husband approaches a jazz bar, which was owned by Sebastian where he was playing jazz. Both of them shares each other’s glance and Mia leaves as the performance ends.

La La Land movie Star Cast:
The romantic movie La La land star casts Ryan Gosling as the lead actor Sebastian who plays as a jazz pianist. Playing as struggling actress in the movie is Emma Stone as Mia. When it comes to a romantic boy and girl love story, it all depends on the on-screen charm of the couple. Ryan gosling and Emma Stone are fitting perfectly in the scene with their exceptional looks as well as chemistry. Other than them, when you will watch La La Land free online you will have John Legend, Finn Wittrock,Rosemary DeWitt, Callie Hernandez, Jessica Rothe, Sonoya Mizuno, Tom Everett, J.K. Simmons and Josh Pence playing their parts finely in the movie.

La La Land Movie Review:
The movie received a good response from the viewers making it a success and earned a lot of popularity and indeed money. One thing because of which movie was a well received from audience is that there is nothing extra in a simple love story. There is a simple boy who meets a girl then they fall in love and everything. We surely have every idea of how it would have worked out. But where it gets different is its uniqueness in every frame. From the opening scene of the movie, you will have something very distinctive and dazzling served in your plate. It is a revival of Hollywood’s love story memories. We will rate the movie 8 on a scale of 10 and as it seems, this musical and romantic treat will have a special place in everyone’s heart.

La La Land Movie: Focus on News

“Boston Society of Film Critics named La La Land the Best Picture”
As it turned out, La La Land has taken down every other film at the end of the year. It was named as the best picture by Boston Society of Film Critics for the year 2016. The musical romantic film also made Damien Chazelle the best director. It looks like this movie will bag a lot more awards as it has been already chosen for Best Musical Score Award at the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival.

“La La Land Expected to Shine at Oscar”
The Oscar nominations might not be out yet but the feel good musical movie is looking to make it at the highest stage of movies. Oscar nominations will be out on 24 Jan and as La La Land is breaking records, there is no doubt that this movie will fail to rock the Academy.

La La Land, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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