The LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie

A line of plastic construction toys, owned by The Lego Company, based in Denmark. The company began manufacturing interlocking plastic toys in 1949. Since then Lego supports movies, games, and amusement parks etc., which are made under its brand.

In the year 2006, Lego Batman was introduced as the theme and product range by The Lego Construction toy. The toy is based on a superhero, Batman. Though some of the features of the toy have been retained, for example, the Batmobile retains its fins and the stylish sleek format, though other features have received the innovation of their own, for example, “Bat-Tank”. In 2008, a video game was launched named Lego Batman, which later inspired The Lego Batman movie.

The Lego Batman Movie Introduction:
Lego Batman: The Movie, 104 minute long 3D animated action comedy movie based on the video game Lego Batman 2. The film is produced by Warner Animation Group and directed by Chris McKay and the voice direction is been done by Cam Clarke. The story and screenplay in charge for the movie are Seth Grahame- Smith. The voices for the major characters are given by Will Arnett, Zach Galifianakis and Michael Cera for the roles of Batman, Joker and Robin respectfully. The movie’s distribution rights lie with Warner Bros. Pictures. It would be released in Australia, Denmark, and U.S. after which it will be possible to watch the Lego Batman movie free online.
In the movie, Batman goes on a journey to unfold the lessons of teamwork and importance of having friends in one’s life. Bruce Wayne not only wishes to save the Gotham City from the vicious plans of The Joker but also has to take care of the boy he adopted and loves so dearly.

The Lego Batman Movie Synopsis:
The movie begins with Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor sitting at an award function, where both are nominated for the Man of the Year award, Wayne wins leaving Luthor envious. As Wayne receives the award, Joker crashes into the function with the Riddler, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and many others and steals the award, money, and gems. At that very moment, Batman arrives and defeats everyone except Joker who manages to escape on his boat. But Robin’s helicopter arrives at a right time and picks Batman to follow Joker. As the rope holding batman breaks, Batman calls for the Batwing and successfully catches Joker. In the meantime, Luthor stands for president elections, but his polls stand a chance to lose. To defeat superman Luthor unites with Joker by escaping him from Arkham Asylum. He asks Joker to produce kryptonite and the gas by which he could make people love him and in favor, he offers the Joker his De-constructor weapons to destroy all of Batman’s gadgets and defeat him.

Soon after they leave the asylum, Joker uses his De-constructor on the Riddler, Harley Quinn, Catwoman and other villains to rule them out. As the other villains escape on their vehicles, robin gets the Catwoman and defeats her, while Batman goes after other villains. Two Face’s coin gets stolen by Batman leaving him unable to decide which direction to take and he crashes. Similarly, Bane goes underground where he gets taken over by Batman and crashes finally.

All the villains get back to prison and on investigation, Batman finds out about Ace Chemical Plant, where Joker is gathering material to prepare Kryptonite. Even though superman rescues Dynamic Duo, Batman gets rude to him and leaves, clearing that he doesn’t require any help from Superman. Batman tracks down Luthor’s mobile lab and seizes their kryptonite. He returns to his Batcave only to realize that his Batmobile has been deconstructed. Joker tracks down Batcave with the help of kryptonite. He uses the explosives to completely destroy Batcave. Joker escapes with Kryptonite Vault that belongs to Batman. Even though the Batcave gets destroyed, heroes are saved by the Superman.

On the Election Day, Superman and Batman visit LexCorp and faces a giant joker-robot filled with kryptonite. The Luthor explains their plans to heroes, defeats them and returns. Superman and Batman exchange their costumes to know Luthor and Joker’s plan and then follow him after exchanging it back. They chase the robot but fail since Superman’s power gets drained and Batman doesn’t have his vehicle. They are both forced to take the bus to city hall where they find Luthor making a speech and Luthor instructs Joker to spray the gas. Luthor realizes that Joker has tricked him when the crowd starts cheering and calls out Joker’s name instead of Luthor’s. This whole scenario is visible from up on space and The Justice League arrives to help Batman and Superman.

After a long fight, The Justice League manages to acquire the robot. Cyborg and Batman open the robot’s chest and unloads the Kryptonite in Wonder Women’s invisible jet, successfully switching off the robot. Joker and Luthor are put behind the bars. Commissioner Gordon congratulates The Justice League on their much-earned victory. Cyborg helps Batman in rebuilding the Batcave. Finally, Green Lantern fires a magnificent light into the space to celebrate their massive win. Brainic spots the green light and realizes that he finally found the green energy. The movie would give you much enriched experience if you watch the lego batman movie free online.

Marketing and Release of The Lego Batman Movie:
Up till date, four teasers of the movie have been released. The first came forth on March 24, 2016, and the last one on July 23, 2016.the first trailer contained its very first song ‘Black and Yellow’ song by Wiz Khalifa. The movie is scheduled to be released on February 10, 2017, alongside Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick: Chapter2 but this on is uniquely getting an IMAX release. It will have a six level story campaign that would also include playable toys of Batgirl and Robin along with a drivable Batwing.
Soon after the release, it would be possible to watch the Lego Batman movie free online.

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