Life movie is about a space expedition in the hunt of finding life on planet Mars. It is science fiction/ horror movie that takes a bunch of scientists on a tour that they will remember forever.

The story of Life is a dormant creature from a sample of Mars’s soil that comes back to life. The entire movie is about how these space scientists work around finding the source of life and eventually get trapped. This piece of life actually attempts to kill them all. With a sudden turn in the plot, things become unpredictable and exciting. You can watch life free online now on many websites.

Life Movie Introduction:
This movie was directed in America by Daniel Espinosa. The script writers of this movie are Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The world premier was on March 27, 2017, through Columbia Pictures. It happened in South by Southwest. It was announced almost two years ago that Espinosa will take up the script and turn into a brilliant movie. Paramount pictures were the production house that dealt with its production and distribution rights initially. However later in 2016, the deal was closed with the Sony pictures. The shooting of this movie started last year in July in London. Since the movie has released, you can watch Life free online.

Life Movie Synopsis:
The International Space Station as the movie calls it, decides to start an expedition of the six-member crew that is on their way back with a soil sample collected in Mars. They are to study and prove the existence of life on the dead planet Mars. Once the cell sample is under the microscope, an exobiology by the name of Hugh Derry brings the dormant piece of the sample back to life. This grows day by day into a complete organism. As suggested by Dr. Miranda North it is “all muscle, all brain all eye”.This makes it a multicellular organism that can breathe, move, eat and possibly reproduce. It starts to move and react to stimuli on daily basis. In other words, it has myocyte, neuron and photoreceptor packing into one single mold.

The crew comes up with a name for this being. They call it Calvin, which keeps growing in the small petri dish inside the lab. Soon after a while, Calvin goes dormant again. This is due to some incident that happened in the lab. Now the crew is worried about how to make it live again. Therefore, Hugh decides to bring Calvin back to life by giving a series of electric shock to the dormant creature. The creature comes back to life but has repercussions that no one predicts. It is no more the friendly happy being. It is hostile and dangerous. It spins its tentacles around Hugh’s hand and pulls it tightly to crush it as hard as possible. Hugh is not able to escape and Calvin manages to leave the tiny space which was called the containment cube. IT goes around and eats a lab rat and grows even bigger. Rory Adams the American engineer thinks quickly on his feet and tries to help Hugh. However, this did not really help Rory, as Calvin now grabs hold off Rory’s leg. David Jordan who is the Crew Doctor now enters the mess and tries to remove the species. He cleverly uses fire and rescues them. It was believed that since there was no air in Mars, this creature remained dormant. However, on exposure to earth like atmosphere, it came back to life. You can watch this exciting climax on your own. Watch Life Free online.

To add on to the chaos, they notice that their communication with Earth is now off. Ekaterina Golovkina is the commander who tries to establish the communication back by trying to fix the antenna. ISS coolant, which is the only way to feed these people now lies in the stomach of this monstrous being. Katerina is now attacked by Calvin that ruptures her suit and she begins to drown. Now they try to get back to the standard orbit by using the little fuel that is left. They get inside one tiny module of the spacecraft, away from Calvin. In isolation, they find that Hugh’s tracker was consumed by the creature. Who now feeds off Hugh and tracks him at the same time.

The earth station sends SOS calls as the communications were cut-off. They try to come up with a way to rescue the crew. They try to dock their module near the standard orbit. While doing this they lose a member, Sho. David and Miranda are the only ones to make it back to earth.

Life Movie Star-Casts:
Jake Gyllenhaal plays Dr. David Jordan who is the senior medical officer. Rebecca Ferguson is the Quarantine Officer by the name of Dr. Miranda North. The character of Rory as the pilot is played by Ryan Reynolds. Hiroyuki Sanada is the system engineer by the name of Sho Murakami. Ariyon Bakare is the biologist by the name of Hugh Derry. The Russian Katerina Golovkina is played by Olga Dykhovichnaya.

Life Movie Review:
IMDb has rated this movie with 7.1/10. The Metacritic on the other side has only given it 55%. The entire movie has one suspense element pertaining to the living creature. To give this movie some credits, it does not use all the space movie cliches. The plot line resembles a lot of science fiction movies. The character of Calvin has gained a lot of positive reviews. There are very few minor characters and therefore the entire movie helps you get familiar with characters. Therefore, we are inclined throughout the movie to root for their survival.

Life Movie: Focus and News

“ ‘Life’ Offers a Sci-Fi Thrill ride on the Space Station”
The movie is inspired by the research that is going on pertaining to Mars. This movie takes on a journey that is almost unforgettable. The space-horror-thriller sets its pace very carefully. Mistakes of the characters lead to consequences just like any other horror movie. Each missing puzzle of the story is explained very cleverly by the director of Deadpool. One also needs to see how it is doing in the box office. It has grossed about 12.6 million dollars in the US alone. In nearby regions such as Canada, the movie has grossed another 16.2 million dollars. Worldwide it has grossed about 28.7 million dollars. The budget of this movie is 58 million dollars. Which means it did not yet earn its money back. Since it has been only a few days into the theaters, the producers expect to make a profit as well.

“ ‘Life’: How Sci-Fi Horror Gives Scientists a Bad Name”
There are so many movies in the name of science fiction that making sci-fi movies has also become very mainstream. Therefore, critics look at the scientific details more closely and the execution matters more. Just like the movie Frankenstein, a creature due to some scientific experiment grows to be a beast taking people’s life. This is also looked upon as a bad objectification of science and scientists. The idea of creative is more appropriate in the fields of the machine when it comes to living being and its creation, it seems slightly unrealistic.

Life hit the screens along with many other great movies – Power Rangers, CHiPs, Wilson. It had openings in almost three thousand screens which are a big number. It has finished fourth at the box office just under the movies Beauty and the Beast, Kong: Skull Island.

Life, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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