This movie comes under the genre of Drama and based on a true story of a boy lost while travelling, adopted by Australian couple and how they help the boy to reach his parents.

The movie revolves around a boy who was lost in Calcutta far away from his home and is adopted by a couple in Australia before which he faces many problems and finally finds his lost family.

Lion Movie Introduction:
The story is all about a five year old boy who was lost from his family when he went on a trip with his brother and the boy was named Saroo all of sudden feel himself very alone and was got struck in the middle way the train that actually was going to reach place called Calcutta which he never visited earlier. Even though he was not so old to find himself their in the very urban city as he was from a very poor family lives in village atmosphere but was really a happy family. So he could not be able to find either himself or else the home town from he is as he is too young to tell someone to make reach his place. He used to suffer a lot facing huge number problems at that age living on the roads as he was homeless. Then after he was taken into an Orphanage where he started living happily along with the other people living over there. And one day a Brierley comes to the same Orphanage to adopt a child and Saroo was adopted by them. From that day, Saroo was grown in an environment where he can get lots and lots of love .but still he remembers his family that he had lost long back a several years ago and was in vain but was happy with both families love and affection along with her girlfriend’s love. Inspite of that his own family’s love made him thinks to search them to go back to his home place.

Lion Movie synopsis:
As the Australian Brierley family decided to adapt a child into their family they find a five year old Indian boy named Saroo in an orphanage and adapts him who actually was lost in Calcutta decided to search for his birth family. In this film, Dev Patel played a role as the main member of the Brierley family which movie was actually directed by the director named Garth Davis. And there were many other co-stars in this film such as Nicole Kidman, David Wenham, and Rooney Mara .
Saroo who was also called as Sunny Pawar went to a railway station to pick his brother named Guddu also known as Abhishek Bharate who was coming home from his work and this boy Saroo could find his brother and he gets into a train in search of his brother but could not get of the train as it started moving and he could get out of it in the next stop which was Calcutta where Bengali was spoken an unknown language for Saroo. Then he stayed at that place in passage with some other children and moved away from that place as few people made them run away from that alley.

Saroo continues to search for his family and, meanwhile a woman takes him to her apartment and takes care of him and promises him to make him meet his family but the boy feels it messy and runs away and reaches a hotel where the hotel owner handover him to an authority which led him reach an orphanage where he made friendship with the kids over there and fell in love with a girl named Amita. They became quite closer and they were talking about running away from the place .At that time Mrs.Sood informs Saroo that they have given an advertisement in country’s newspaper whether someone could claim him but of no use. Then one day he was said that an Australian couple named Sue and John adapted him. And then he learns English and moves to Australia. Then when he was grown up he moved to Melbourne to do his Hotel Management course where found a girl named Lucy and he falls in love with her .Then one day Saroo, Lucy and Mantosh(Saroo’s brother in Australia)go for a dinner which is an Indian cuisine where Saroo remembers his childhood and birth family memories when he shares his thoughts with the Lucy who suggested him to search for his home place on Google Earth but one day unfortunately he had to break up with her and he continued to Google earth to find his place and then Mantosh was hardly beaten by his father john for his mischievousness where Saroo didn’t help him get rid of his beatings. Then while searching his place he founds a rock where his mother used to visit very frequently. Then Lucy meets Sue and says her whole matter when Saroo mingles with Mantosh and says sorry. Saroo learns that sue is not infertile but was to help others by adapting knowing the fact the there is lot of population. Then saroo say about his searching with his mother sue who was feeling ill but still supports his efforts even when she is in grief and accompanies Saroo reach his home place.

Finally he finds his mother and sister in an very emotional situation as they see him after a very long time who always had hope of his return explains Saroo how his brother Guddu left them at station and Saroo’s biological mother is very thankful for sue for caring her son. At last Saroo learns the fact that his name was not pronounced correctly all these days and his name was Sheru which actually meant Lion in Hindi.

Lion Movie Star Cast:
The major roles of the Lion movie are Dev Patel as Saroo,Rooney Mara as Lucy, David Wenham as John Brierley, Nicole Kidman as Sue Brierley, Divian Ladwa as Mantosh Brierley,Priyanka Bose as Kamla Munshi.

Lion Movie Review:
The Lion movie was rated as 7.4 on an average scale of terns of percentage it has got 88%.The movie was quite commendable and extraordinary. Many viewers suggested to watch Lion movie free online. I personally have watched movie Lion free online and I would like to suggest you to watch Lion movie free online.

Lion Movie: Focus On News
Discussing on the point of profit then movie has reached a level of receiving a profit of $13.3 million in United States and Canada. It reached $17.2 million worldwide. These records are up to date. Rotten Tomatoes site reviews always suggested viewers to watch Lion movie free online.

Lion, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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