Live by Night

Live by Night

The movie features the story of Joe Coughlin who becomes the boss in the rum business of the underworld. The journey of Joe contains tragedy, romance, betrayal, and revenge.

The Prohibition is not able to stop the alcohol business in the underworld, and anyone man who dares to grasp this chance can become the most powerful man in the underworld. However, there are rules in the underworld as well. Joe breaks the important rule by stealing money from a gang leader as well as his woman. Joe walks in the path of revenge, romance, and betrayal to become Tampa’s head of the alcohol business.

Live By Night Movie Introduction:
The movie based on the novel “Live By Night” by the writer Dennis Lehane in 2012 is about the 1920’s or the 1930’s underworld rum business. And the novel got screened as a movie in 2016. The director of the film is Ben Affleck, and the Warner Bros are the producer of the movie. On 13 December 2016, the film premiered in the New York City. Before screening the film widely, on 13 January 2016, the movie started limited release in the U.S. on 25 December 2016. The background music was the work of Harry Gregson-Williams. Watch Live By Night free online for experiencing the thrill and intriguing plot offered by the movie.

Live By Night Movie Synopsis:
Thomas Coughlin is a veteran of World War I of Irish descent and the captain of Boston Police and is the father of the prodigal child Joe Coughlin. Emma Gould is mistress of the gang leader of the Boston’s Irish gang, Albert White. Thomas warns about him and advice that the criminal wrongdoings will haunt him someday. Thomas is clearly against their relationship.

After being blackmailed by White’s rival, the Italian Mafia leader Maso Pescatore to murder White, Joe and Emma plan to escape to California. Along with his partner Dion Bartolo, Joe robs a bank for the funding of trip, and three police officers died in the chase. Emma lures Joe into a trap set up by White. Joe is beaten by White’s men until he was half dead after which the police arrives and arrest Joe for the murder of the police officers.

Thomas informs to Joe that Emma drowned while they were in the chase by police. Thomas dies of a heart attack before two weeks from Joe’s release. Joe volunteers to work for Pescatore as the enforcer for his business of rum in Tampa and swear for revenge from White. The Tampa rum empire of Pescatore is under attack of White. Joe rejoins with Dion, and together they run the Pescatore’s rum business. Joe gets married to Graciela Corrales who is the sister of a local businessman from Cuba.

Joe promises Sheriff Irving Figgis to bring back his heroin-addicted and prostitute daughter Loretta to Ybor City and get rid of her addiction. And in exchange Irving has to betray R.D. Pruitt, his brother-in-law who has been killing Joe’s men and bombing his club. Joe’s plan leads to him killing Pruitt and weakening his gang Ku Klux Klan.

Joe wants to build a casino in Sarasota, and he is not willing to follow the order of Pescado to invest in drugs. Loretta is against Joe’s persuasion to the Government for legalizing the gambling. Under her father’s firm punishment Loretta becomes the devout Christian and preaches that gambling and alcohol soil God’s words. Moreover, she is popular for her ministry, and the government decides not to accept Joe’s proposal. Joe is in trouble since he refused the narcotics investment which enraged Pescado.

Loretta confesses to Joe that her sin is unforgivable and she does not believe in God. The next day she committed suicide. After Joe met his brother-in-law, who is an amateur photographer he finds Emma’s recent photograph with him. He decides to look for Emma in Miami after informing his wife.

Pescatore wants to kill Joe for his failure and hence forms an alliance with White. However, Joe anticipated the betrayal from Pescatore and used Emma’s photo to get White distracted from the plan. White had also believed Emma’s death. Meanwhile, Dion along with his men killed Pescatore’s people through the tunnels. Joe killed White, Pescatore, and his son, Digger as well. Joe found Emma in Florida at a brothel, and she tells him that her death was fake and she never loved him.

Graciela and Joe have a boy and live happily in Miami. Figgis gets insane after Loretta’s death and shoots up Joe’s house. Figgis kills Graciela before getting killed by Joe. Joe makes arrangement to bury his wife in her homeland, Cuba. He spends his life by raising his son, Tommy and dedicating himself to charity work. And Tommy tells his desire to be a police officer.

Live By Night Movie Star Cast:
Watch Live By Night free online to experience the incredible acting skills of Ben Affleck who is also the director of the movie. The role of the strict father played by Brendan Gleeson is promising and Chris Messina as the helpful friend Dion Bartolo as well. Sienna Miller looks gorgeous in the movie as Emma and Zoe Saldana plays her role as Graciela beautifully. Robert Glenister did amazing acting as the ruthless gangster Albert White. And Remo Girone did the character of Maso Pescatore. There are other characters which made the film excellent.

Live By Night Movie Review:
The film got 6.7 rating out of 10 in the IMDB rating by 6196 IMDB viewers. According to 160 rotten tomatoes viewers, it got 34% ratings and the 1,856 Letterboxd viewers rated it 5.6 out of an overall rating of 10. The novel is excellent and like in most of the cases the movie does not turn out to as amazing as the book. Ben Affleck has done a fantastic job as both actor and director. We would rank the film 6 out of 10. We would recommend you to watch Live By Night free online to judge it by yourself.

Live By Night Movie: Focus on News
“Live By Night lacks the factor which makes it memorable.”

The movie managed to earn $9.5 million in the U.S. and Canada. It made $6.5 million from the other territories making it the worldwide total amount of $16 million. However, the movie failed to make the $65 million used for the production of the film. This report is for till 22 January 2017.

Live by Night, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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