An action packed Drama movie evolving around the car culture of LA. The movie shows the relationship between a father and his two sons one of whom is a graffiti artist and the other an ex convict.

Lowriders shows how a relationship between a father and son gets complicated when their interests change. Miguel the father is showed to be an old fashioned East LA person who runs a garage where as his son Danny is a graffiti artist. The movie gets even more dramatic when Danny’s elder brother Francisco gets out of prison and forced Danny to pick a side.

Lowriders Movie Introduction
The movie is directed by Ricardo De Monteruil while the script has been written by Elgin James and Cheo Hodari . Gabriel Chhavaria, Demien Bichir, Theo Rossi and Eva Longoria play the lead roles of the family around which the movie is shaped. Toni Revolori and Melissa Benoist are also In the Film.

Lowriders Movie Synopsis
Demien Bichir plays the role of Miguel, a man who runs an auto shop. The man is showed to be living in the car culture of LA as he is shown fixing cars in his free time too. Then Danny appears who is a graffiti artist and has no interest in joining his dad’s work. Danny had lost his mother a long time ag. Miguel has remarried and the character of his current wife Gloria is played by Eva Longoria.
Danny’s father worries for him as the extents to which Danny goes to express himself is illegal and this worries his father a lot. Miguel often tries to persuade his son to leave the graffiti art and join him at the auto shop.
In his craving for expressing himself Danny goes to pain a bridge but it is caught and arrested. The tension between the father and son increases even more as Danny requires someone to bail him out. Danny Is given a chance to legally practice his skills but this too does not sit well with his father.

A new character is introduced by the name Francisco or the Ghost who is Danny’s elder brother. The ghost has just returned home from a long prison sentence due to his anger based fighting issues. Francisco and Miguel don’t get along because o f his past.
Francisco eventually forms a rival car club and plans to challenge his father at a major annual low rider competition. Danny has a heated argument with his father regarding his work which eventually makes him snap and he decides to join his brother and his rival car club.

The movie moves along counting days towards the big competition. Meanwhile new characters are introduced. It is revealed that Danny has a step sister named Isabel. A classic boy wants to become man scene erupts as Danny’s best friend Chuy tries to blend in with his elder brother and his friends.
Danny gets involved with a street photographer and they start dating. It is quite clear that both of them are not from the same background. Lorelai has a very different social setting than Danny. She tries to help Danny by getting him to an art gallery but it is quite clear it wasn’t something Danny was comfortable with. Danny tries his best to fit with Lorelai’s pretentious friends but is just not able to. The movie goes on to show what happens at the competition.
The movie depicts what it is to be a family in the east culture of Los Angeles and beautifully portrays a familial Saga.

Lowriders Movie Star-casts
The casting for this movie is amazing. All actors have brought life into their characters. The trio of Gabriel Chhavaria, Demien Bichir and Theo Rossi bring out a perfect dysfunctional family with the right amount of Melodrama. Throughout the movie there were scenes which showed that the casting was done perfectly. The cast have had a lot of praise from the media and critics, some even stating that the casting is the best attribute of the movie.

Lowriders Movie Review
The movie has a rating of 76% on rotten tomatoes and 55% on other platforms. Lowriders has had a mixed response from the audience. One major reason for this that some people expected the movie to an action packed racing thriller whereas it was more of a family Drama. However, the movie has got the expected box office return so far.

Lowriders Movie: Focus on Media

“Far more creativity went into the car’s hood murals than into the screenplay” by AV Club
This review states that the storyline required some work. The movie is eye pleasing when it comes to amazing cars but when the intention of the movie was to portray family drama it should have concentrated more on that. The AV Club has given a negative review.

“Excels in its depiction of the Los Angeles of 2017. A fascinating cultural exposure, but lacks a truly impactful story.” by Tribune News Service
The execution of the scenes was done perfectly, both in the case of the cars as well as the culture that the characters had to show but at the end it is about the story line of the movie which lacks conviction and requires work.

Lowriders, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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