Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea

The movie revolves around a father, who lost his children in a house fire and got all alone as his wife left and how he gets the responsibility of his nephew as a custodian after his brother’s accidental death. It also shows how his remorse and guilt does not allow him to take the responsibility and finally gets his custody into right hands. However, he manages to become a good and caring uncle for his Nephew.

Manchester by the Sea Movie Introduction:
The movie is written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan and is produced by Matt Damon, Kimberly Steward, Chris Moore, Kevin J. Walsh and Lauren Beck in the production house of K period Media Pearl Street films and distributed by Roadside Attractions and Amazon Studios. The movie was released on 23rd January this year. You can watch Manchester by the Sea free online at a two hour running time.

Manchester by the Sea Movie Synopsis:
The movie starts with the introduction of the lead actor, Lee who works as a janitor in Quincy, Massachusetts. As the movie shows, he is a calm and simple person. One day he gets a call from a family member about his Brother Joe’s accident who fell off his boat and his critical condition in the hospital. Lee in no time rushes and leaves for Manchester however, till the time he reaches Joe had already died leaving Lee with a responsibility of his son, Patrick as his only guardian. Despite of the great responsibility of his nephew, he was scared to stay back in Manchester because of a sad history he shares with the city. Earlier, he was married to Randi and had three kids, whom he lost in a fire due to which, he got into shock and eventually into alcoholism. His extreme alcoholism and attempt to suicide led to his divorce with Randi. He meets her at the funeral, who was now married to someone else and later Randi being all emotional try to get into good terms with him but, Lee decides to move on.

Meanwhile, Patrick tries to get close to his girlfriend Silvie and even tries to fix a date of her mother who shows interest in Lee. Later on Patrick meets his mother whom he didn’t talked for years due to her over involvement in alcoholism. He being alone tries to get close towards his mother but things does not work out and he gets a notice from her fiancé to not to meet her again without prior permission. Lee searches for a family which can be better custodian for his nephew and can take good care of him as he feels he can not be a good parent. In the end, when Patrick confronts Lee for giving his custody away to some responsible parents, Lee briefs him how his guilt will not let him become a responsible parent for him. At the last rites and burial of Joe he asks Patrick to visit him whenever he feels like. He even get Joe’s boat fixed for Patrick by buying a new motor for the boat after selling the hunting guns of his brothers which were of no use to anyone. At last they both goes for fishing on the same boat as they used to when Patrick was a child and the movie ends on a happy note.

Manchester by the Sea Movie star cast:
The movie stars Casey Affleck as lead actor Lee Chandler and Michelle Williams as his wife Randi. Kyle Chandler plays as Joe, the brother who died and Lucas Hedges plays as the nephew Patricks. The other casts were C.J Wilson as George the adopting parent of Patrick and Kara Hayward as Silvie playing the role of Patrick’s mother.

Manchester by the Sea Movie review:
The movie has got a lot of popularity and is worth it, the amazing performance by the actors and the perfect filming of the story by the crew. We would like to give the movie a rating of 8 on the scale of 10. The story much more resembles the reality and not just fabricated and predictable, which makes the movie a success on box office. Watch Manchester by the Sea free online for its perfect sequence of emotion, drama and justice to the characters as well to the story. Williams has got a mentionable scene in this movie when she shares extreme emotions with Affleck. The scene takes both the characters in a different and opposing expression styles.
It was set that producer Matt Damon will be doing the lead role, however, due to commitments somewhere else, it went to Affleck. It might have been a positive on the box office but results coming on charts are still in the favor of Manchester by the Sea.

Manchester by the Sea Movie: Focus on News

“Vancouver Film Critics Circle Names Manchester by the Sea as The Best Picture”
Manchester by the Sea was all over on the Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards where it bagged many awards. It was declared as the best picture of the year. Other than that, film took best screenplay also. kenneth lonergan was named as the best director for the movie, Casey Affleck was named as the best actor and Michelle Williams was best supporting actor.

Oscars: Keep It “Real”
The Academy Awards are around and as the picture seems, movies like Manchester by the Sea and La La Land are going to perform quite well this time. Key for that is what we call a truth based performance. There are actors who never put much efforts in the characters and live it as the recording goes. Both these movies have exactly what we usually feel in real life.

Manchester by the Sea, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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