Mechanic Resurrection

Mechanic Resurrection

The death artisan rouses again.

The upcoming movie is the sequel of fantastic entertainer ‘the mechanic’ 2011 movie and is scheduled to be released in the month of august this year.

While watching the climax of the movie ‘The Mechanic’, the audience were perplexed and was under a thought that now ‘what will happen next?’ the movie was left open ended. After the path breaking success of the first part, director ‘Dannis Galsen’ is ready with his team to entertain the world with a sequel of this widely recognized action thriller. The movie is power packed with breathtaking action scenes and the mysterious storyline categorize the movie in a superb thriller. Phillip Sheby and Brian Pittman along with their esteemed team have put life in ‘the mechanic’ with their words and now the ‘mechanic resurrection’ is ready to thrill you.

Without Jason Statham, the sequel is like dead man walking alive. After the death of his partner turned foe ‘Steve Mc Kenna’ (Ben Foster), Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) who deceived the deadly clutches of hell in the last movie is back again with more entertainment and drama. He has now decided to live a simple and casual life. Nevertheless, can he do so? Is this is his destiny indeed? Thankfully, the answer is not affirmative. His most sinister foe has now kidnapped his beloved girlfriend Gina (Jessica Alba) and presented him again to the doors of hell by forcing him do three more murder cum accidents for him. The task seems impossible but there is no escape route and Arthur is under heavy compulsion.

He is forced to travel around the world and act as per his new master’s guidelines. He has given him some more deadly tasks. Now Arthur has to kill three more targets, but the killings must be in the same manner as he did in the past. This is the most thrilling and interesting part of the movie as it seems impossible but nothing is impossible when Jason is there. He culminates three assassinations in his signature style of secret killing and the killing appears like an untoward accident. While watching the artwork of the famous director Dennis Gansel, it is manifest that the audience never feel isolated and always keep on wondering, ‘what will happen next?’

The starcast of the movie is Jason statham as Arthur Bishop, Jessica Alba as Gina, Tommy Lee Jones as Max Adams, Michelle Yeoh as Mae, Sam Hazeldine as Riah Crain, Rhatha Phongam as Courier and Natalie Burn as Natalie Stone. Hope you have chosen your favorite among the starcast.

The movie is mostly shot in Bangkok, Thailand and shooting began in November 2014. Shooting also took place in Bulgaria, Georgea Town, Penang, Brazil and Sydney, Australia. The movie was scheduled to be released in January this year but latter postponed to April and hence due to clash with some other blockbusters, the producers decided it to unveil it on 26th of August 2016.

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The action thriller is waiting for you and if you are busy in your daily chores than get attentive, because anytime Arthur Bishop can come and execute his skills over you, in which he is the most the perfect, ‘the accidental murder’.

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