An adventurous and fantasy story of a princess Moana putting all her efforts to save her people.

The movie Moana is about the main lead Moana who is a daughter of chief of the tribe and princess of the tribe starts her search for demi-god Maui in order to find the fabled island to save the people of her clan. The movie is full of adventure that she meets in her way to the fabled island and overcomes all the hurdles together. The movie have tremendous music that acquaints the story perfectly.

It is a legendary story, though, not the whole legend is followed but just the idea is derived from it. The story revolves around the lead character of the movie and her fearless and thrill-seeking journey to save the people of her clan. With no fear the girl sets off to the adventurous journey to fabled island with the demi-god of sea and wind as her guide. The girl come across numerous hurdles and adventurous in her way to reach her destination. The movie is motivating and entertaining at the same time.

Moana Movie Introduction:
A Walt Disney animation studio presentation Moana an American 3D animated movie which is to be released on 23november this year by Walt Disney Pictures. Moana is a fictional adventure film directed by Ron Clements and Jhon Musker and is co-directed by Chris Williams and Don Hall and produced by Osnat Shurer. In the movie Auli’I Cravalho is featured as Moana the princess of the clan as the lead character of the movie, while Dwayne Johnson as Maui the forgotten demi-god who is a guide to the girl.

Moana Movie Synopsis:
The movie starts with the happily living clan on a mystic island though the unforeseen danger was still to hit. There is a spiritual connection between the ocean and the princess of the tribe Moana. However, her father, the chief of the tribe, Chief Tui, is really protective towards her child and never lets her beyond the protection. However, when the village crops are badly damaged one year, then Moana’s Grandma comes up with a truth that Moana is here in this world for a reason. She tells that correcting what was done wrong in ancient times is important so that there is a balance in the world.

The chief of the clan had only daughter Moana who was chosen by the ocean to save her people and to join the heart of Te Fiti. Her journey starts with a rainbow colored chicken Heihei who is not the brightest bird in the group.

As the legend tells that a hero will save them from the coming danger with the help of demi-god. When she turns 16 she take the responsibility of saving her people and set for a long voyage to a fabled island. Before leaving she was asked to meet the once forsaken demi-god Maui as her guide to her destination. She meets the demigod and convinces him to accompany her. They first come across the island of Kaka Mura than to the tomb of monster and a lot of adventure. While the voyage continues she makes a lot of friends and learns the importance of friends in life. She even identifies the cause of her existence which she always was curious about.

Moana Movie Voice Cast:
The new comer Auli’l cravalho is quite impressive in giving Moana’s voice and on the other hand, we believe that there is nothing Dwayne The Rock Johnson can’t do as he puts a range of his crisp voice from delivering comic lines to singing himself in Maui’s character. There is Alan Tudyk for Heihei’s voice and the beautiful Rachel House is the encouraging grandmother of Moana.

Moana Movie Review:
The movie came out today and the thrilling trailers have had taken our expectations to a new height. Though, it turned into an entertaining story for kids but all those adult people who love animated movies might not digest this disney production. The story is legendary and adventurous and surely going to be popular among kids and youngsters. The amazing graphics and the hilarious music will is ready to excite the viewers. The movie is releasing today on 23rd of November and is a present to the kids this thanksgiving.

It is appealing to ears, eyes, as well as heart. Moana is among one of Disney’s best works. There is colorful presentation of characters, then there is brilliant CG animation for a proper way of storytelling. Voice cast is the main highlight of the movie. If someone have to imagine what folk culture Pacific island people would’ve followed, then this is a sweet explanation to it. The songs of the movie are worth mentioning. Mark mancina is the score composer and Lin-Manuel Miranda is giving soul to the songs.

There have been times when Disney ruined many cultural storylines. But here, from voice cast to storytelling, everything has been kept quite amazingly.

Focus On News: Moana Movie:

“Moana ready to Leave Allied and Rules Don’t Apply Behind”
This thanksgiving, another animated movie is what will take down the box office with an estimated $75Mplus expected bow. Disney’s Moana is looking to be the top competitor for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

“Disney Changes Moana’s Title For Removing a Confusion in Italy”
The brand has renamed Moana as Oceania to remove the confusion with a porn stars name in Italy. Disney Italia though didn’t confirmed but a source from Disney in California came with this news.

Moana, 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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