Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks

An adventure of a high school senior along with biology-loving Meredith who tries to save his multi-legged friend from the bad guys who want it exterminated as they see it as a threat to their company.

This is the story of a high school senior who is passionate about trucks. He has made his own truck from scrapes to get away from the life he is currently leading. He soon finds out that a monster has escaped from a nearby area and has powers which can serve as the source of his truck’s engine. But the creature is hunted by goons of an oil drilling company. He tries everything that he can to save his monster friend from the evil guys.

Monster Trucks Movie Introduction
Produced by Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon Movies and Disruption Entertainment in 2017, Monster Trucks is an American action comedy movie. The film is directed by Chris Wedge, his Blue Sky Studios produced the popular “Ice Age” franchise. It is written by Glenn Berger, Matthew Robinson, Derek Connolly and Jonathan Aibel. The film’s principal photography began on April 4, 2014, in Kamloops, British Columbia. The release date was initially decided for May 29, 2015, but it was delayed and shifted several times. It was pushed back to December 15, 2015, and again to March 18, 2016, and finally, the movie was released on January 13, 2017. The movie was released in the United States and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Monster Trucks Movie Synopsis
The movie features the story of a high school senior, Tripp Coley (Lucas Till), who lives in a small North Dakota town. He wants to get away from the life and town where he was born and manages to build a truck from bits and pieces of scrap cars.
The town people have benefitted from the oil drilling company, Terravex Oil. The CEO of the company, Reece Tenneson (Rob Lowe) is unhappy as one of the areas cannot be drilled. On further investigation, it was found that the potential pockets of oil were separated by an unusual and extraordinary water-bound ecosystem. Though it was prohibited, they still tried to access the oil reserves in that area.

Unfortunately, a drilling accident occurs and three majestic creatures escape from that water-bound ecosystem. They somehow manage to capture two of them but the third creature escapes. Trying to escape the Terravex team, the creature slithers towards the junkyard where Tripp works. Tripp works for Mr. Weathers (Danny Glover) and does night shifts.
Meanwhile, the Terravex team presents the two captured creatures as specimens of scientific experiments to the top scientist of their firm, Dr. Jim Dowd (Thomas Lennon). The scientist studies the two captured specimens and performs several experiments on those poor creatures. The boss assembles a secret security force and assigns them the task to search for the third and missing creature.
In the meantime, Tripp discovers the subterranean creature. He gets panicked and calls the town sheriff, Rick (Barry Pepper). The sheriff is also his mom’s new live-in boyfriend. Before the cops arrived, the creature escapes again.

Soon, Tripp realizes that the creature is not dangerous at all. Rather is quite cute and friendly. He names it “Creech” and further finds out that the creature consumes oil. The many-legged creature can even power up his custom truck. The creature has a talent and taste for speed. As Tripp and Creech get along, it is revealed that Tripp has some domestic problems. After Tripp’s dad, Wade Coley (Frank Whaley) left Tripp and his mother, Cindy (Amy Ryan); she went on to have a live-in relationship with the local sheriff, Rick. Tripp turns into a rebel due to his domestic situation.
With Creech in his life, Tripp transforms from a rebel into an eco-warrior. He takes help from the most intelligent girl in his class and his tutor, Meredith (Jane Levy). She is a biology-loving geek and has a crush on Tripp. Together they set out to save their pal. The shady and greedy Terravex Oil Company feel Creech is an evidence of their wrong-doing and try its best to secretly exterminate Creech and its natural habitat. Watch Monster Trucks Free Online and be a part of the adventure and fun that Creech and Tripp have together.

Monster Trucks Movie Star Cast
The movie features Lucas Till as Tripp Coley who is a high school senior and the main character of this movie. Jane Levy plays the role of Meredith who Tripp’s tutor as well as a love interest. Rob Lowe portrays the character of Reece Tenneson, the movie’s main antagonist. Amy Ryan stars as Tripp’s mother, Cindy Coley, and Barry Pepper plays the role of Rick, the local sheriff and Cindy’s new live-in boyfriend. Danny Glover plays the part of Tripp’s paraplegic boss, Mr. Weathers. The film also stars Holt McCallany as Burke, who is one the film’s villains and Reece’s henchman. There are a few other characters in the cast. Watch Monster Trucks Free Online and discover for yourself whether the cast has done justice to their characters or not.

Monster Trucks Movie Review
The movie has received negative reviews from the critics. Based on 67 reviews, it has an approval rating of 31% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 4.5/10. The movie has received a score of 42 out of 100 based on a total of 22 critics on Metacritic, which simply indicates “mixed or average reviews”. CinemaScore surveyed the audiences and gave an average grade of “A”, the scale ranging from A+ to F. The movie mainly suits children and is voted as average by the general public. Watch Monster Truck Free Online and judge it yourself whether the movie is good or not. We will rate the movie 4 out of 10.

Monster Trucks Movie: Focus on News
Monster Trucks has grossed $10.5 million in the US and Canadian box office and $10.2 million in other territories. It has grossed $25.7 million worldwide. These are the stats as of January 15, 2017. The movie was made out on a budget of $125 million.
In North America, the movie is released in 3,119 theaters and is expected to gross $8-10 million in its opening weekend.

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