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Morgan is a fiction horror film, directed by Luke Scott as his directorial debut. The film is a science fiction and features a humanoid which causes havoc after it goes out of control.

Morgan is a 2016 movie featuring ‘Morgan’ a hybrid; a humanoid which is made from synthetic DNA. The movie is a science fiction horror film, directed by Luke Scott as his directorial debut. The character Morgan is played by actor Anya Taylor–Joy. Writer Seth Owen’s imagination has gone to such extent that he has given a unique blend of personalities to the character of Morgan. Some call her a human while for some she is laboratory experiment. The character is perplexing yet interesting and exciting. An interesting character Skip Vronsky is played by Boyd Holbrook.

The movie begins with an investigation of an experiment by a company called “L 9 Prototype, which deals in artificial human development. Risk assessment expert Lee weathers (Kate Mara) is called up for assessing a new experiment done by the company. Morgan has did an untoward act by hitting hard with a pen in the eye of a scientist of the company named Dr. Kathy Grieff (Jennifer Jason leigh), so the specialist has been sent to the remote location to enquire about the unexpected behavior of the newly developed Humanoid.

The responsibility of saving the image and profit of the company is now on Lee. There she meets the projector leader Simon Ziegler (Toby Zones) shows her videos of development of morgan. Lee perceives morgan as an mismanaged assets while other staff there have childly feeling for the humanoid, as she is just five chronological years old for them. The whole staff does not want to hurt morgan while Lee is going to encage morgan, but they do not want that thing to happen. So they make a plan to escape with Morgan from the place but she kills everybody except Dr. Amy Mensor (Rose Leslie), whom she kidnaps along. Dr. Lui Chang and the team are feeling apologized for making such a disaster humanoid.

The build of the Lee is sleek and pale and she attires herself in sneakers and a hood jacket. The movie is full of more breathtaking incidences just like the first one. Lee chases morgan and there are scenes of scuffle between the duo. How the situation comes under control is a question you may answer after watching the movie.

The movie is jointly produced by Ridley Scott, Michael Schaefer and Mark huffam. The music of the horror thriller is composed by Max Richter. The production company of the movie is Scott Free Productions and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

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