Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party

A situational comedy drama where office colleagues put up a party together and things get out of control.

The old age idea of Hollywood to make comedy with drunk or stoned people is still in fashion and somehow this idea always succeeds. But unlike those successful attempts, this one brings a slight disappointment. As the name shows, the movie is something about a party. Now what type of party it is and how it turned out, let us find out.

Office Christmas Party Movie Introduction:
Dreamworks Pictures and Reliance Entertainment have collaborated with directors josh Gordon and Will Speck for their new release on this years christmas. Distributed by Paramount, the movie has a screenplay from Justin Malen, Dan Mazer and Laura Solon. The rated R film is of 105 minutes and is produced by Scott stuber, Daniel Rappaport and Guymon Casady.
Despite of having a strong cast, the comic element of movie is not that effective. All in all, it is a party you would never want to go. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman are both ace performers in comedy and who are again united after The Switch.

Office Christmas Party Movie Synopsis:
The story is about a tech company of Chicago named Zenotek that is poorly managed. The president Clay played by T.J. Miller is not at all good in corporate department but he gets the job from his dad. There is nothing he can do about the small bottom line matters. His sister Carol (Aniston) is the Scrooge of Christmas Carol. The hot headed Carol is hard on every employee whereas Clay is offering bonuses to every employee.

Carol is trying to sweep the office but Clay tries every possible way to stop it. Finally, Carol gives him an offer of bringing a huge deal in few hours otherwise she will fire half of company’s staff. She also cancels holidays on same afternoon being just the Scrooge of the story. To show that company is doing well, the staff plans a party to impress their potential client Mr. Walter played by Courtney B. Vance. There is everything in the party including a DJ, a Bulls star, a live nativity scene but it was actually started when a malfunctioned snow-machine throws cocaine straight into Walter’s nasal doors.

There is also a romantic angle to the movie that is opened right from beginning between the chief technical officer of Zenotek Josh played by Bateman and the lead engineer Tracey played by Olivia Munn. She has been shown as the key to save the office with her innovative risk taking techniques. She makes a web access system that might help everyone but there are glitches to be fixed which she has to fix in certain time.

Office Christmas Party Movie Cast:
All the movie performers are well effective on their character. Aniston has that edge in her acting to be rude but funny at the same time. We can never doubt on Jason Bateman’s comic timing and the clumsy T.J. Miller is also very good at his sweetness. There is Randall Park who is a new hire having some mommy issues and then there is Clay’s assistant Alison who is a single mother played by Vanessa Bayer.

The best joke in itself is the head of customer service Jeremy that is played by Rob Corddry. There are laughs from the driver from Deadpool Karan Soni who is the IT supervisor and his hired imaginary girlfriend who is actually a hooker played by Abbey Lee.

Office Christmas Party Movie Review:
There is a crew holding the capability of sharp and perfect comic timing. There is a party that every other comic hollywood hit ha got. But overshadowing this all is a street level action and top level settings. The production designer Andrew Laws has a brilliant combination of chi-town and Atlanta sets but the only thing missing is a steady and sensible comedy groove. On every other part, when we think that movie will take this fun to the end, it pummels.
Anyways, this movie needs a Santa gift to keep heading on the charts otherwise this christmas party will end in pain. This movie is receiving average reviews from critics and it is estimated to last two or three weeks. We would like to rate this movie 5 on scale of 10.

Office Christmas Party Movie: Focus on News

“Christmas Party Shines on Friday”
Paramount’s new release has made a good opening on charts covering 3210 theaters and earning $6.6 million from it. But as per the reviews are coming, an animated movie Moana on the other hand might make it loose the weekend. Directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck, the office christmas party is starred by Jason Bateman, T.J. Miller, Olivia Munn, Jennifer Aniston and other with a total making cost of $45 Million.

“Moana” Takes Over The “Christmas Party” with $18.8 M in The Accounts
Disney Animation came with a strong outing this time as Moana surpassed Paramount’s Office Christmas Party with $18.8 million revenue after the weekend whereas Christmas Party was also impressive with $17.5 million overall after weekend.

Office Christmas Party, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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