Ouija: Origin of Evil

Ouija: Origin of Evil

Alice Zander a widowed mother has to invite an evil force into her house under unavoidable circumstances to add a new stunt to improve her business. The spirit takes over Doris, the youngest daughter of Alice. The family must overcome their fear to save the daughter and send the demon back to its origin.

The movie Ouija is a supernatural horror flick directed by Mike Flanagan. This film is a prequel to the film Ouija that was released in 2014. The movie was released on October 21st, 2016. With a budget of 9 million dollars the movie received a good response grossing 21 million dollars.

Ouija: Origin of Evil Movie Introduction:
Elizabeth Reaser, Lulu Wilson, Doug Jones, Annalise Basso, Henry Thomas and Parker Mack are the main actors of the movie. The movie Ouija is directed by Mike Flanagan. Production duties of the film are shared among Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brian Goldner, Trevor Macy, Bradley Fuller, Jason Blum and Stephen Davis. The story of the movie is written by both Jeff Howard and Mike Flanagan.

Ouija: Origin of Evil Movie Synopsis:

Alice Zander is a fortune teller and hosts certain shows with the help of daughters Paulina and Doris. Paulina is the elder one and Doris is the youngest one of the family. Alice makes it clear to her children that their intent is only to help people in distress and their readings are not real. Alice induces an Ouija board in her readings upon the suggestion of Paulina. Alice manipulates the board with magnets and during the testing of the board, a spirit named Marcus is contacted without their knowledge. Doris becomes possessed by this spirit and Alice comes to know of it when Doris submitted homework in cursive handwriting, even though she was not taught.

Doris believes that she is in contact with her father who passed away a few years back and uses the board alone. Doris finds a stash of money in a secret compartment with the help of the spirit. After showing her mother what she found, all of the three women sit on the Ouija Board to confirm that the spirit was of their father’s. When the board answered a question that only Roger (the father) knew, their suspicions were confirmed. Dora is possessed by a shadowy figure making her speak in other person’s voice and there was a sharp pain in her neck.

Paulina finds her sister has written a paper in Polish and takes it to Father Tom to translate it. Father Tom proved that Doris is able to read minds of people and answer their questions in the Ouija session on the pretense of talking to the deceased. Doris snaps the neck of Paulina’s boyfriend Mikey thereby killing him.

Father Tom advice an exorcism to be conducted for Doris. Mikey body drops suddenly when he, Alice and Paulina come downstairs. Tom realizes that have broken the rules of the game by using the board in a graveyard after finding a stack of skeletons behind the wall. The board is thrown into a furnace and Doris makes loud noises. Tom is partially possessed after he confronts Doris and chases Alice and Paulina with a blade. After regaining himself he locks himself in the basement but Doris enters the room upside down and screams. Tom breaks his neck while trying to escape from her.

When Alice and Paulina return to the room the find the board is neatly arranged on the table on both of them are attacked by Mikey’s corpse. Alice is attacked brutally after she pleads the spirit to take her in place of her daughters. Paulina understands that if she binds the doll’s mouth that is lying on her bed then Doris would shut her mouth and the evil can be stopped. Lina succeeds in doing so but they lose Doris. Lina stabs Alice after being momentarily possessed.

Later, Paulina is treated in a sanitarium. A doctor questions her to understand what happened to Doris’ body. Paulina tries to contact her sister’s spirit by building an Ouija board in her room. She wrote letters using her blood and the planchette is constructed using an eyeglass lens. When the doctor passes from Lina’s room he sees Lina with Doris. He is confused and looks back again in the room. This time Lina is alone in her room. In the next scene, Doris is seen running towards the doctor in the hallway behind the door.
Lina is still in the asylum in her old age in the present day. Lina is visited by some person claiming to be her niece. With this scene, the movie ends.

Ouija: Origin of Evil Movie Star-casts:

Elizabeth Reaser is portrayed as Alice Zander the widowed mother. Lulu Wilson acts as Doris Zander, the girl who is possessed by the evil spirit. Annalise Basso plays as Paulina Lina Zander. Henry Thomas is given the character of Father Tom. Parker Mack acts as Mikey in the film. Doug jones is shown as the devil’s doctor in the movie. Sam Anderson plays the role of Mr. Browning and Kate Siegel is given the character of Jenny Browning.

Ouija: Origin of Evil Movie Review:

The movie received positive reviews from the critics. The movie Ouija is said to be an improvement compared to its previous film and is praised by many. The movie is well received by the audience. The film Ouija is given a ‘certified fresh’ rating of 6.2 out of 10. It is the highest rated film till date that is produced by Hasbro Studios.

Focus on News: Ouija: Origin of Evil

The reviewers of Metacritic have given a very favorable review of 65 out of 100. This is a normalized rating according to the critics. When a poll was conducted in CinemaScore the film scored a C grade on a scale ranging from A+ to F. The film is said to be genuinely scary and it satisfied the flow of its predecessors. The film Ouija was expected to gross 15 million dollars and surprised everyone with a collection of around 14.1 million dollars in the opening weekend.

Ouija: Origin of Evil, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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