A science fiction space story of two people who wake up 90 years earlier from hibernation on a spaceship that is going to a new planet.

This is a story of passengers in a spaceship traveling from earth to colonize a new planet. Fantasy story of the movie is very much focused on the journey between two life supporting planets. All of a sudden something happens which was not supposed to be. So unfortunately their happy journey turns into a tragic and a much of a space struggle.

Passengers Movie Introduction:
Written by Jon Spaihts, the story of Passengers happened to be lost in deep space of blacklist (high value unproduced screenplays) in 2007. However, finally it appeared as movie in 2016 directed by Morten Tyldum, Who is also the director of “The Imitation Game”. Passengers is distributed by Columbia Pictures and production companies include LStar Capital, Wanda Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures, Company films, Original Film, and Start Motion Pictures. It was released on 21 December in US theaters. Background score of movie comes from Thomas Newman,

Passengers Movie Synopsis:
Story of the movie “Passengers” includes a starship named Avalon that is sent to a planet named Homestead II. The reason behind it is colonialism of that planet through the 5000 colonists. Journey will take 120 years but one of them Jim preston (Chris Pratt) who is a mechanical engineer wakes up 90 years earlier.

After an year spent with an android bartender named Arthur, he feels lonely. Then his eyes stop on a beautiful girl Aurora Lane in one of the pots. Aurora who is played by Jennifer Lawrence, looks quite humorous from her video profiles. Jim, after a little hesitation, wakes Aurora up. She is frustrated but Jim tells her that due to a malfunction in her pot, she is awake before time.
She thinks that she will die before reaching Homestead II and that’s why, she tries to get inside her pot again but it turns out to be a failed attempt just as Jim has tried once. So she starts writing about her experiences and eventually both of them fall in love with each other.

After an year more, Aurora gets to know that her awakening was due to Jim. She was quite unhappy and starts getting rude on him physically. Just as they were in a fight, another malfunction in a pod woke Gus played by Laurence Fishburne who was a Chief deck officer.

He was actually failed in pod’s automated medical diagnostics and the waking up from hibernation has only given him few hours to live. Before dying, he gives both Jim and Aurora access badge to wander in different parts of the ship so that they can repair it because ship was getting damaged day by day.

Two years earlier, an asteroid damaged ship’s hull. This resulted in the damage of a computer that used to control the reactor. Fixing that computer will create nothing but more damage to the reactor. So Jim, being a mechanical engineer, sorts it out by fixing things manually. Aurora helps from all the means she can as she admits how alone she will feel if she loses him.
Jim later on finds it out that there are privileges provided to crew that can re-hibernate one person through Autodoc. He wants Aurora to take her sleep back and live life in Homestead II. She don’t wants to lose him and that’s why refuses the choice. Later on when everyone wakes up with few years left to Homestead II, they get to know how they both saved everyone through Aurora’s book that had whole story written in it. You can watch Passengers online free to find out how things turned out after all the crew woke up.

Passengers Movie Star Cast:
The casting for the Passengers is definitely a win-win with very few members in the list. Jennifer lawrence looks beautiful as a Journalist and writer Aurora Lane. the mechanical Engineer played by Chris Pratt is also promising. Michael Sheen has played that android bartender named Arthur. There are few more people involved but they don’t have much of roles to impact the screenplay. Watch Passengers free online and discover out the cast performance yourself.

Passengers Movie Review:
Film was rated only 33% based on a total of 199 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Average rating on RT is 4.9 on a scale of 10. Overall, cast has done a perfect work. Chris and Lawrence gives perfect chemistry to audience, however, a weak story overshadows everything. The core plot has failed to impact and it went all wrong when a creepy start turned out in a romantic comedy. We will rate the movie 4 out of 10.

Passengers Movie: Focus on News

“Passengers Hardly Recovers Its Production Budget”
Passengers was made out of a total $110 million budget on which it only managed to get $122 million worldwide as of 2 January. It made $66 million in Canadian and US box office whereas $56 million in rest of the theaters.

Passengers, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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