Phoenix Forgotten

Phoenix Forgotten

A science fiction mystery which puts light on the mysterious disappearances in phoenix, Arizona 20 years ago after some unexplained lights appeared in the sky through recorded tapes that have just been found.

The story is about a girl who on returning home to Phoenix finds some of her brother’s old tapes that he had recorded right before his disappearance all those years ago. She starts watching the tapes with her mother. The tapes reveal what exactly happened to the three teenagers who had gone chasing the lights.

Phoenix Forgotten Movie Introduction:
The movie has been written and directed by Justin Barber. It is a mystery about the unexplained lights in the sky in Phoenix, Arizona. Earlier the movie was promoted with the name Phoenix but was later turned into Phoenix Forgotten. The prominent characters are played by Matt Biedel, Jeanie Jackson, Florence Hartigan,Ana Dela Cruz and Justin Mathews. The music is provided by the Mondo Boys.

Phoenix Forgotten Movie Synopsis:
The movie begins by showing an old video tape of a little girl Sophie’s birthday party being shot by Josh Bishop (Luke Spencer Roberts). Josh Bishop is seen to record everyone’s birthday wishes for her sister in Phoenix, Arizona. He is suddenly interrupted by lights in the sky which he records. These lights later became to be known as Phoenix Lights. The lights suddenly vanish which leads to speculation as to what they were. This is followed by military jets flying over the house and startling everybody. This made everyone ask the question what were those lights.

Then the movie turns to the present where an adult Sophie played by Florence Hartigan appears. She reveals that her brother Josh and two of his friends had disappeared shortly after that video was shot. She wants to shoot a documentary regarding her brother for which she is returning to her home town.

Sophie has returned to Phoenix where she has to help her mother to pack up her childhood home which she is selling. To film her documentary, she asks her mother for Josh’s old tapes and finds a shoe box full of them.
The tape shows how Josh wanted to make a documentary of his own regarding the lights but was unable to convince people to talk to him about them due to the mysterious nature of the lights. He finds another high school student interested in journalism named Ashley who helps him interview people.

In present time Sophie is seen interviewing Ashley’s Family. Ashley’s mother tells Sophie that she was a bright young child ad despite her father’s efforts to push her towards a career in law, she was clearly interested in Journalism. She also said that Josh had a crush on Ashley.
Josh and Ashley interview two astronomers who strongly believe that those were military flairs and not UFOs. When Josh thought that Ashley was agreeing with them, He got annoyed. Later they interview a native American man who didn’t see those lights this time but claims to have seen them in his childhood and tells them the location. Both the teenagers are seen heading towards a library to find more about UFO sightings where they decide to check out the place the native American had told them. As they didn’t have a vehicle Josh invited his friend Mark(Justin Mathews) to drive them.

Sophie is seen interviewing police officers that were looking for her brother. She believes that the teens must have had another camera and checks the school records only to hit a dead end.
After a while, she gets word that the school has found a camera which is slightly melted and was mailed to them after the incident. Sophie watches it and sends it to an Air Force official who after watching it doesn’t want to speak to her.
The tape plays. We see the teens driving towards their destination while chatting and park the truck and walk towards the place the native American had told them about. They were enjoying themselves up until the time they find some markings. When they decide to return to the truck and go home Mark seems to have lost his way. His nose starts bleeding. Ashley and Josh tries to help him but he just starts getting paranoid and running wildly until he disappears. Debris got up in the air as the flashing lights came in the sky. Josh and Ashley see a house and run towards it to get help. The thing happens to the Ashley until the lights come and she too disappears. Josh makes it to the house where he is scared to death. He started feeling the same things, bleeding nose, Paranoia and rising debris. He knew what was coming. The roof came off and the ship with the green lights sucked him in.
The movie ends with the words that the Phoenix lights were never explained and the teenagers were never found.

Phoenix Forgotten Movie Star-casts:
The cast seems to have done its job pretty well even though the movie wasn’t a complete hit at the box office.

Phoenix Forgotten Movie Review:
Phoenix Forgotten has a rating of 5.5 out of 10 which according to me is correct. The movie is a good watch but could have been better.

Phoenix Forgotten Movie: Focus on News

Phoenix Forgotten has the two following reviews.

“Phoenix Forgotten is the perfect Friday night escape ….titillating.” By Coming Soon.
The movie is slightly different than the rest of the movies at the box office and according to coming soon after a long week it is the perfect way to start your weekend.

“Phoenix Forgotten is expertly-paced and immersive” by Film School Rejects.
The movie is laid out perfectly and does the plot justice. Every incident in the movie makes you more interested into knowing what happens next.

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