Power Rangers

Power Rangers

A superhero movie based on 5 high school students who are recruited to form a team to stop an alien threat.

The story of Saban’s Power Rangers (or simply Power Rangers) is that of five high school students who are recruited by a mentor called Zordon, to prevent an alien threat by a witch named Rita Repulsa. The movie mainly focuses on the threat posed by the evil witch Rita rather than how the rangers got their superpowers.

Power rangers Movie introduction:
Power rangers is a 2017 superhero film directed by Dean Israelite (of the Project Almanac fame) based on the television series of the same name by Haim Saban. The movie script was written by John Gatins and is a reboot of the characters which are featured in the television series. The movie has been produced by production giants Lionsgate along with temple hill entertainment and has been distributed by Lionsgate themselves. It was released on March 22, 2017 in the regency village theatre and on March 24, in the United States. Watch Power Rangers movie free online.

Power Rangers Movie Synopsis:
The power rangers are originally a group of prehistoric warriors who were tasked with protecting the earth and the life on it along with the zeo crystal, which was an extremely powerful object which produced enormous amounts of energy, constantly getting stronger as time passed by. The then green ranger, Rita Repulsa, betrays them and so the red ranger, Zordon (who goes on to become the mentor of the present power rangers) takes the rangers’ power source, which are the power coins and conceals them. Simultaneously, he instructs his assistant Alpha 5 (a multifunctional, semi sentient automation) to perform a meteor strike which kills himself (zordon) and sends the betrayer, Rita to the bottom of the sea, and destroys the dinosaurs.

In the present day Angel Grove (a fictional town), Football star Jason is taken off the team and subjected to house arrest after a horrible prank goes wrong. As usual, he undergoes the punishment of detention, where he meets Billy and Kimberly. Jason and Billy become acquainted with each other and decide to set off to an abandoned gold mine to explore, where Billy detonates some explosives to destroy a huge rock. This attracts the attention of Kimberly and 2 other students named Trini and Zack, who, together discover the power coins. Their car meets with an accident right after and the next morning, they find themselves home only to realise that they have been bestowed with superhuman abilities. Parallely, Rita’s body is found, who rises and goes on a rampage, stealing gold from everywhere in order to raise her minion Goldar (who is second-in-command) to find the Zeo Crystal.

The teens return to the mine, and find an ancient spaceship and meet Alpha 5 and Zordon’s consciousness. They tell them the ancient story and warn them about Rita and how they have only 11 days until she acquires her full power. Zordon pleads with Jason to convince the team to fight for him against Rita. The new rangers cannot morph and in an attempt to motivate them, Alpha show them the zords, which are machines which can be combined to form a megazord. Zack almost immediately crashes his zord in the cave. Jason gets pissed and both of them get into a combat and in an attempt to separate them, Billy involuntarily morphs into his battle armour. Zordon dismisses the group due to lack of progress. While confronting zordon, Jason discovers that Zordon can get back into a physical body when the rangers morph. Jason, accusing of Zordon of betrayal, walks off and the team camps over the mine and bond.
Meanwhile, Rita attacks Trini and tells her to bring the rangers to the docks, where they battle, and the rangers are defeated easily. Rita forces Billy to disclose the location of the Zeo crystal (under a Krispy Kreme) and kills him. The rangers ask zordon to resurrect Billy, and Zordon tells them he cannot. When the rangers morph, instead of resurrecting himself, Zordon resurrects Billy. Rita, in the meantime creates Goldar and raises an army of so called putties. The newly morphed rangers set off to Angel Grove, where Rita attacks, in their Zords. Goldar pushes the rangers into a fiery pit. The rangers combine their zords into a Megazord and kill Goldar. Rita refuses the rangers (Jason) offer to surrender and springs at the megazord, which thrusts her into space. The rangers are then praised for their bravery. The post credits scene has the teacher telling them that Tommy Oliver would be joining them, but his desk is empty, except for a green jacket. Watch Power Rangers movie free online.

Power Rangers Movie Star-casts:
The movie showcased quite a unique cast, with one of them being autistic and another character who is in the LGBTQ.
Dacre Montgomery plays the role of the red ranger (Jason Scott). He will also be seen in the television series Stranger Things, later this year.
Naomi Scott as Kimberly Hart/Pink ranger, playing Jason’s love interest. RJ Cyler, as Billy/blue ranger, a power ranger who is autistic. Becky G as Trini Kwan/Yellow ranger, questioning her sexuality. Ludi Lin as Black ranger/Zack Taylor, who is bilingual.
Bryan Cranston as the voice and motion capture of Zordon and Rita Repulsa played by Elizabeth Banks, were the main characters and cast members.

Power Rangers Movie Review:
The movie was given a score of 7.1 out of 10 by IMDB 48% by the review giant Rotten Tomatoes. The movie had hit the screens with great expectations but did not live up to them. But to be fair, the movie did not bomb in the box office. The movie was produced at a budget of 100 million dollars and within the first few days managed to get 61.8 million dollars at the box-office. Watch Power Rangers movie free online to get an insight into the reviews.

Power Rangers Movie: Focus on News

“Power rangers mixes up the ethnicities of certain power rangers, thus making it much more creative and non-stereotypical”.
Mixing up ethnicities of certain power rangers having Billy on the autism front and Trini as one of the LGBTQ community were among the movie’s creative choices.

“The audience also wants the sequel of the movie to have a “feminine twist.”
Possibly after a reasonably good performance by Elizabeth banks as Rita Repulsa, the audience expect the sequel to be more feminine. The feminine twist the audience expect will only be revealed in the sequel, if there is one.

Power Rangers, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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