Raees is a crime thriller movie based on real-life story of a person.

Raees is a fictitious story of a man considered to be a crime thriller. The entire story runs in background scope of Gujarat during early 1990’s. It is considered to be a life story of one of the famous gangster in Gujarat.

Raees movie Introduction:
This film is directed by Rahul Dholakia, written by Ashish Vashi and Rahul Dholakia. The film was produced by Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar, Gauri Khan and music was composed by Ram Sampath. “King Khan” of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan is playing leading role in the film also Mahira khan and Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui is co-stars in the film. One of the attractions of the film is an item song by Sunny Leone. The main film yet to be certified. Not only the production company but also the distribution was also by red chilies entertainment.
The King Khan famous for his roles in the Bollywood right from Deewana to Raees. SRK won many awards such as Filmfare, best debut actor etc. For the film, Raees Shahrukh khan is the reasonable role among the actors in Bollywood. In Anjaam movie Shahrukh khan acted as a negative role and nominated as best actor in the negative role during the film fare awards.

Raees Movie Synopsis:
During early 1990’s in Gujarat, there is a famous gangster named Abdul Latif. The story runs similar to his lifestyle. The way Sharukh khan acted in the role of Abdul Latif must be seen only through the movie and so watch Raees Free Online. In the real life of Abdul Latif considered being one of the suspects in Mumbai bomb blast during 1993. But the question is that is Sharukh khan starring a Negative role? Or Positive role? If Negative does fans and audience is ready to accept the role. So to know the suspense the movie should be released. There are many questions arising about the role Sharukh khan played in the movie.

As in the real-life story of Abdul Latif was most wanted criminal and did some criminal activities such as murder, kidnapping etc. Do these are encouraged by the SRK? If encouraged and it is due good cause then the audience accepts it. To know about these facts so do watch Raees Free Online.

Mahira khan which role does she play in the movie? Is her role also have any similar character in the real life of Abdul Latif. Another key role is Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui considered as an eminent person in the Bollywood. Also, some other famous actors are starring in the movie. The songs which were already out in the market were a sensation. It has Soundtracks of 3 songs with feel good lyrics and one among song which is so popular because as this song has a special appearance of sunny Leone song named “Laila Main Laila”, This is the most trending songs these days. The remaining two soundtracks are Zaalima sung by famous singer Arjit Singh and the last song is Udi Udi Jaye. All the three songs were quite good for listening. The soundtrack was released by Zee Music Company.

According to the information was given by producers that Sharukh khan acts as Raees, Mahira khan as Aasiya, Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui as an inspector, Sheba Chadha as Raees mother and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Raees friend. Most parts of the shooting of the movie were done in Mumbai and some crucial scenes were shooted in Gujarat. Ankita Shorey was considered as the leading female role but the director requires a perfect Pakistani look girl and in search of that Mahira khan from Pakistani got the chance to play a lead role in Raees. The shooting of the thus film started in April 2015 and the last schedule was taken place during January 2016. Due to some reasons the movie has been postponed.

Raees Movie Star Cast:
This movie created so much hike before releasing because after the release of the theoretical trailer everyone immediately strikes to the life of Abdul Latiff. Everyone was in a state of confusion whether King of Bollywood doing any negative shades or else a good cause. The filmmakers declared that the film was not based on any living or dead person and was completely fictional. To know the film must be seen so do watch Raees Free Online.

Who is Abdul Latif? Used to serve liquor in dens and later he became whiskey peddler and slowly growing his business became illegal liquor supplier all over the world. So many say that Abdul has direct contacts with Dawood Ibrahim, how much truth lies in this sentence doesn’t know. Abdul was the main suspect in Mumbai bomb blast. In 1997 he was shot dead by Ahmadabad police for escaping from the jail.

So many rivalry issues raised either after launching of a movie or after theoretical trailer launched from Gujarat especially from Abdul Latif side. Overcoming the issues problems finally the shooting of the movie was completed. The main key issue is that whether the movie is going to be launch in Gujarat? Even though the filmmakers of this film specified there were no raising situations or scenes of Abdul Latif in the movie. Finally overcoming the issues the producers decided to release the movie in the year 2016 but due to some issues the movie has been postponed. Everyone are eagerly waiting to watch the movie.
Abdul was shot dead in November 1997, is this scene in the movie? If there and if SRK played the role of Abdul will he be shot dead in the movie which results in a tragedy for the movie? So to know these facts the main film should be seen, do watch Raees Free Online.

Raees Movie Review:
So is the story real life of Abdul Latif? SRK can turn the negative role also into a positive to the role in satisfying everyone. Is the story is really life story or commercial purpose film? All the answers can be known only after releasing the movie. Do watch movie online so watchRaees Free Online. The main film is going to be releasing on JAN 25th 2017.

Raees Movie: Focus on News
“SRKraises heat in new dialogue promo”
Sharukh khan seems to be delivering punch dialogue ‘Battery nahi bolneka’ and fans are very energetic and enthusiasm to watch the movie.

Raees, 7.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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