Raw is a horror-drama movie which revolves around a vegan girl, who is forced to eat raw meat, and the unfortunate consequences as a result of that.

Raw is a 2016 French-Belgian horror movie written and directed by Julia Docornau. The movie is based on a veterinary school student, a vegetarian her whole life, who is forced to eat meat after she joins the school. The movie showcases various disturbing scenes showcasing the after effects of the consumption of raw meat by the protagonist. Watch raw movie online free only if you have the “guts” to.

Raw Movie Introduction:
The movie has been directed by Julia Docornau, who is the director of the acclaimed short film Junior which released in 2001, and found its place in the Cannes film festival. The movie has been produced by Frakas productions along with Petit film and Rogue international. The movie was distributed by Wild Bunch in France and by Focus world internationally. Raw hit the theatres in France (Cannes) on 14 May 2016 and released elsewhere on 15 March 2017. The movie has gotten great acclaim especially from the critics.

Raw Movie Synopsis:
Garance Miller, who plays the role of Justine, the protagonist was a vegetarian all her life. She joins the vet school to pursue her career in treating animals. A hazing ritual (technically ragging) takes it to the next level when one of her senior sister, Alexia (played by Ella Rumpf) forces her to eat rabbit kidneys raw out of a container placed on a table. This results in the obvious puking and throwing up. Strangely enough, that incident also reveals a previously unknown desire in her for raw flesh. The craving, oddly enough, starts off with a painful rash and she is seen itching her whole body in various scenes. The craving then builds up over time. Justine, unable to control this hunger and craving for raw flesh, displays it by eating Alexia’s body part that gets cut off in an accident involving the use of scissors during a Brazilian wax. Alexia, then reveals to her that what she feels is a familial trait. She also shows how she forces people to crash their vehicles and die just so that she can have the meat and fulfil her craving. The overwhelming nature of the craving that alexia haves is shown also in Justine as she limps through college, as a socially immature person, and also one who isn’t ready for the adult acts of college, such as wild parties, getting wasted and sloshed, involving in drunken acts of violence, teachers who don’t care and, most prominent of all, romantic sexual feelings for her gay roommate Adrien (played by Rabah Nait Oufella). The siblings start to grow apart through verbal bouts and it escalates very quickly. The craving leads to Justine eating various kind of raw meat and also blood mixed with it. The sibling rivalry grows so much leading to Alexia killing Adrien. Justine discovers that Alexia not only killed the gay roommate, but also ate most of his right leg off, right from his body, being the cannibal she is. She does this because her craving for raw meat is so high, she cannot think about anything else. Alexia is taken to prison for the murder of Adrien. Their father (Laurent Lucas) reveals to Justine that their mother too had the same cannibalistic desire. He also tells Justine that he himself had discovered that side of their mother when he was in school with her. Watch raw movie online free to experience the brilliant direction of Julia Docornau, which is the main reason for its accolades.

Raw Movie Star-casts:
The cast of the movie isn’t very well known internationally. The movie isn’t star studded, yet everyone put up a decent performance.
The movie had Garance Miller play the role of Justine, Ella Rumpf as her sister Alexia, Rabah Nait Oufella as the gay roommate Adrien and Laurent Lucas as the father.

Raw Movie Review:
The movie has received a lot of acclaim from the critics’ side, but not as much from the audience side of it. It managed to scour only a little more than 35000 dollars at the box office, after being produced at a budget of 3.8 million dollars. IMDB has rated this movie 7.3/10 and the review giant Rotten Tomatoes has given the movie 89%. The movie is extremely gory scenes which, unlike other war movies, which have gory war scenes too, are difficult to watch. The gut reaction to puke is almost overwhelming in some scenes of the movie. The movie is brilliantly directed by Julia Docornau, and has found its spot in various film festivals of the world. It is surprising how a movie of this sort ended up so high on the prided movie festivals’ list. The cannibalism in the movie seems to be deliciously real and the ambience of the movie gives Goosebumps of sorts. The movie also closely resembles the 2009 supernatural thriller “Jennifer’s body” at times. There isn’t any chemistry to be talked about neither is there anything to mention about the screen presence of the various actors. All the movie seems to have achieved is because of the director. Watch raw movie online free if you want to experience the “deliciously real” cannibalism.

Raw movie: Focus on news

“Horror film is so gory a cinema sick bags to the people watching the movie”
The predominantly discussed topic related to this movie is how gory it actually is. Right from consuming the rabbit kidneys raw to drinking what appears to be blood on her hands, the movie showcases some really puke-worthy scenes. It was also reported that when it was being showcased at a film festival, some people vomited and also some of them fainted during some scenes.

“The red band trailer itself was too much to take”
A red band trailer for the movie was released on YouTube which left people searching for barf bags. The movie performed well on the critics’ stage but bombed at the box office.

Raw, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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